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Aliens make Crop Circles, Best Evidence Ever - Cosmic Wakening

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:46 AM
that is really bad

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:58 AM
What boggles the mind is many people come forward over the years to admit they have been making crop circles after having a few drinks, but still people think aliens did it. There is good evidence for aliens, but not in crop circles.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by CosmicWakening
Brilliant video showing crop circle evidince from all over the world

there has been a crop circle that has been made this year that measures 1738 x 1476 feet, this is HUGE you have to see the picture in the video to understand how big the actual thing is, it has to be next to impossible for man to create some of the crop circles out there

Living barely 20 minutes away from the 'human butterfly crop circle', I just did some research in local newspapers and that resulted in the following conclusion: the butterfly is man-made.

UPDATE: Formation is stunt 200 anniversary Wilhelmina Polder

We have just been called by Peter Vanlaerhoven, who with his colleague Sjaak Damen of DCCA, pool knowledge to take in Goes. They found that formation and is therefore not photoshopped, as some suggested in advance. Sjaak and Peter have talked the owner of the cornfield and told them what exactly is going on.

It turns out to be a designer of a project office, which uses GPS in 2 days have made this formation, especially for the 200th anniversary of the Wilhelmina Polder. In honor of this event will find a place where several demonstrations and performances are given.

There are 'witch class and even a labyrinth sown crop circle and there is also a part of and as a' surprise 'meant. The website able to read the following:

"With the long awaited Land Art project we close our celebration year. As of October was specially made artwork on display in part of the beautiful landscape of Zeeland."

The site states that BNN involved in this "stunt", but they do not say what the purpose is. The farmer denies strongly that BNN has something to do.

Why the makers have chosen this image is as yet unclear, but their inspiration anyway fits perfectly in the picture this time.

Peter and Sjaak will also perform well for their research to identify differences between real and fake formations.


According to Peter Vanlaerhoven is the butterfly, but preferably 530 to 450 meter counts, made by Remco Delfgauw, with a team of 55 people in one night the band have produced, which preparations are made which took a half days.

The newspaper PZC from Zealand has just posted a message on:

"Through our shall I do '

BLUE AREA - Yes, it exists. And no, he is not authentic. The crop circle in the shape of a butterfly in the Blue Quarter Goes around in the night from Thursday to Friday by a designer named Remco Delfgauw.

He has received permission from the Royal Partnership the Wilhelmina Polder.

On the Internet this weekend a big smear campaign created the crop circle, after reports in the Coen & Sander show on BNN on Radio 3. Media were "this important event from the news to keep". But crop circle expert of Dutch Damen Sjaak Circle Corp Archives in Steenbergen, yesterday on the spot conduct research, confirms that a "nepcirkel'' (hoax) is.

Monday in the PZC: "The most authentic crop circles'

+ UPDATE 2: Reaction of Designer
Dear Editor,

The Artwork in the Grain Wilhelmina Polder XL is made by D-Sign. A (yet) existing company, by 3 friends, including Remko Delfgaauw.

Project "Atlas" as the butterfly man real name is an initiative of 3 men and comes from the desire to Remko once the largest crop circle in the world. The preparations had already started in October 2008,

where the message or the symbol "has been a very important principle.

Atlas is the beauty of the human and its vulnerability. XL D-Sign would like everyone to leave our planet better than she found it.

The Wilhelmina Polder is an initiator in this, but showed a very enthusiastic partner from disclosing the plans at this time. That most likely has to do with the 200th anniversary of the partnership is logical, but the insiders had been without this fact probably contributed.

There is absolutely not a publicity stunt. There are no income and expenses are paid out of pocket.

It has already been a very positive experience been with the closure in the field may be called a stunning climax.

I will try to keep you informed.

Many good and best regards,

Manfred Koeleman

XL D-Sign


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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:07 AM

Originally posted by Mdv2

Originally posted by CosmicWakening
Brilliant video showing crop circle evidince from all over the world

there has been a crop circle that has been made this year that measures 1738 x 1476 feet, this is HUGE you have to see the picture in the video to understand how big the actual thing is, it has to be next to impossible for man to create some of the crop circles out there

Living barely 20 minutes away from the 'human butterfly crop circle', I just did some research in local newspapers and that resulted in the following conclusion: the butterfly is man-made.

Nice find but the post you replied to says it's impossible for it to be manmade, so how can it be manmade?

I guess some people have really silly notions about what's impossible. like men can make a 100 foot circle but not a 1000 foot circle or whatever. I don't see where there's a limit if you add people. Also I read somewhere that some circles are NOT all done in one night. If it's in a place where it's not easily discovered the next morning then that seems possible, but at some sites visible from the road that might not be practical.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:10 AM

Originally posted by Sean48
reply to post by CosmicWakening

Nice job on the video m8

I am open to the idea that not all crop circles are man made

I have always thought a Contest , giving people 12 hrs , to make

the best Crop Circle with prize money , could end this debate rather


S and F m8

done at night...making no sound, and without using lights right

we need to have all of the factors in order to be a true comparison...

I would like to see the expulsiated joints on the wheat stocks, the tiny metallic spheres, as well as electronic interference that has been reported at several real crop circles being created

I AM NOT dismissing the contest idea...but I want ALL of the crop circle phenomena reproduced...otherwise it's just some people playing in the dirt

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:22 AM

Originally posted by elysiumfire
Look guys, crop circles, agriglyphs...etc, are man-made, especially the ones in England, because it is a nice cottage industry for the area, it brings in the tourists year round.
As for the size of these things precluding man's artist in Nevada has just drawn a very elaborate pattern 3 miles wide in the desert. A thousand foot crop circle is nothing.

how much commerce was produced in the early 1800's when crop circles were being reported...not too much tourism in the fields of England back then...and aside from not having to harvest that particular "thousand foot" circle in the entirety of the crop...I can see NO benefit that would have been gained

an artist in Nevada has just drawn a very elaborate pattern 3 miles wide in the desert

done in a few total darkness...with out any form of light source...and fundamentally changing the makeup of the sand...having mathematical properties in the design...and verifiable electro-magnetic affects...right

or is this comparing the sand castle I built when I was a the Great Pyramid at Giza

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:40 AM

Originally posted by aorAki
You don't give humans very much credit, do you?
Why is something like that butterfly 'next to impossible' for people to make?
We've sent people to the Moon and vessels passed the extremities of our solar system, so why can't we make measly little crap circles? (intentional typo

They don't do 'the aliens' much justice either, if they have travelled through interdimensional space to the only known place in the Universe where there are special grains grown on canvasses for their artistic 'flair'.

Bah humbug.

Yes, I did watch the video, by the way. I just disagree with the premise.

[edit on 20-12-2009 by aorAki]

No, humans don't deserve a whole lot of credit. You are actually impressed by our pathetic spaceships that took us to the moon and the clunky, one-shot deals that are speeding away from the solar system? Those were decades ago. Why haven't we advanced any further than those embarrassing examples of limited human thought? We still, after over 100 years, use as our primary form of transporation a vehicle that rolls on 4 rubber wheels. They break down constantly, use oil to keep them going, and no matter how slick they look, they still use the same basic, profoundly primitive technology as the first internal combustion-driven car. Then there are the diseases we still, presumably, can't lick, no matter what we do or how many billions we pour into research. We can't even keep track of those who are in power in order to ensure that they would inform us of any discoveries that might be made to truly advance humanity.

So, short answer to your premise that humans can make similar crop circles: no, we can't. We are an incredibly stupid species, unimaginative as a whole and stuck in our thinking -- too fearful to venture out any farther than our little, primitive world. Despite your misguided faith in humanity, our species has fallen pitifully short of freeing the spirit of those who would be the creators of a new and better future. The spirit of those few individuals who have a fantastic vision of human potential and the intellect and creativity to make it happen is ALWAYS crushed. Were that not so, we would be traveling to other stars and galaxies, not on ridiculous contraptions that need constant refills of an oil-based flammable liquid. If I were you, I wouldn't give humanity much credit for anything until it proves otherwise.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by CosmicWakening

I know a lot of circles are man-made, but I am in no doubt that many are NOT.
I subscribe to Michael Quinsey channellings and todays message just happens to mention crop circles.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 04:17 AM
Woah, lots of critics here.

Seriously, I saw a tremendous documentary about crop circles some weeks ago, at this site. Many posting in this thread should see it.
Besides, if you really do some research about the subject, you wouldn't abstain the whole matter as man-made.

What was that little sentence I see here a lot...something with 'ignorance' and 'deny'...

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by Walkswithfish

Destroying a life form (in this case grain crops) for artistic gratification is disgusting. Don't these "artists" domestic or alien know people are starving in Africa?

The message is clear to me, first they destroy our crops and then they will be coming after us.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by Arbitrageur

Originally posted by hermantinkly
Now recall how last year when the British government released UFO files, one of the reports was about how a woman walking her dog in Wiltshire encountered a "man with a flight suit" who confessed that he was from another planet similar to earth, and that "his race was responsible for creating crop circles."

Assuming for a moment she's not hoaxing or making up the story, the guy she met sounds awfully human right down to the earthly accent:

She described the man as 5'9" fair hair with a Scandinavian type accent and dressed in a light brown garment....

So maybe the real prankster was the guy in the brown suit and she was just a victim. I would have thought you needed to do more than just put on brown clothes and have a Scandinavian accent to get people to believe you're an alien, but I guess for the more gullible among us, probably not.

[edit on 20-12-2009 by Arbitrageur]

I agree the description and accent might not get it...but the orange-yellow ball he was driving was kind of a sure give away

plus the additional part of the story where the "Scandinavian" said he was from another planet...

Now, I don't know the RP personally, I kinda tend to believe what someone has to say until the facts don't add up, and I have reason to dis-believe

now maybe when you and I add 1 and 1 we may not get the same answer...but you have the right to be wrong sometimes too

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 04:35 AM

Originally posted by SuperSlovak
Crop circles= 2 drunk guys + boards + string

Dont forget the multi million dollar cyclotrons to create the rare radionuclides found at genuine crop circles, and the years it would take to create them, of the abundance found at the crop circles sites.

unless your's was sarcasm it would be a good thing to read up on genuine crop circles to get an idea why it can't be 2 drunk guys with a board and string..

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 05:28 AM
I'm having trouble figuring out how this can be labled, "BEST EVIDENCE EVER." Not only have I already seen every circle in that video (multiple times), but half of the "evidence" provided was bunk. The large circle supposedly formed in a very short period of time, related to a bright flash of light? It has already been heavily discussed and debunked both here on ATS and elsewhere. The "orbs" dancing around while a crop circle magically appears underneath? That's an admitted hoax. It's nothing but a simple overlap. The video is posting nonsense as fact, and therefore is not credible. I'm not even much into crop circles, but I can most definitely suggest you do a bit more research before claiming this as the "best evidence" of aliens making them.


posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 05:40 AM
come on! anyone of you has ever cut the grass in the garden? how difficoult is going just straight with lawncutter on a flat low grass lawn by day??
These patterns and draw are too complicate to be so precise, if are made by men.
With tractors is impossible too to be so precise..

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by CosmicWakening

Great video you compiled together

I do believe that most of the unexplained crop circles are not man made.
But there are those who try to undermine this by making them by hand.
As the butterfly this crop formation has been heavily discussed before and the outcome was that this was man made for about lets say 97 percent to my oppinion. here's the thread it you want to read it over.

S&F for making the crop circles reminded, for this is indeed something that can not be unnoticed!

Butterfly formation thread

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by Strype

In my opinion, this is a weak post. There is much more evidence than the evidence you mention. Besides, I don't see you posting any references.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 06:05 AM
The video gave me chills in my spine. I had an encounter once, and the message I received was exactly the same as the translation of one of the crop circles.
This really removes many of the doubts I had about this thing I experienced, I am more convinced something is about to happen soon.

The biggest proof is that the media never speaks of the many circles that appear, only the few made by people. They are the of the deceivers trying to hide the truth from us.

Their time is counted.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 06:42 AM

Google Video Link

"What a good joke : heyyou folks : could you sell me your device : you know your small space/time machine or helicopter this is so cool !"

The truth is out there : or next to you.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 06:53 AM
People keep pointing out the fact that people have claimed to make crop circles for many years using a rope and boards...

Then a link to natural ways accelerated growth can occur popped up but did nothing to explain the way how the stalk could be bent, all in uniform angles and in a direction in direct relation to the ones around it.

There is a website of circle makers that show nothing in regards to how phenomenal patterns are created in the precise conditions that were documented.

With all the debunkers and professional circle makers out there (not to mention great methods in which to document the effort), we have not seen a single video showing groups of people creating an intricate and complex glyph in broad daylight, let alone one under the cloak of darkness.

The black and white video depicting a fast motion period where some people create a crop circle...

Seriously? The only elegant component of the glyph that group created was the circle. Unless their design was meant to have random thickness in the shapes within and, in turn, random negative spaces in between... their creation was crude and laughable and that is being extremely generous.

Even using that ridiculous circle they created, were they capable of bending the crop causing uniform accelerated groth and swishing the bent crops in a spiraling pattern, then proceed to give it a charge of energy? Then, under the cloak of darkness, proceed to erase the evidence of their intrusion into the crop field?

I have no doubt people, given the right technology and, perhaps, even manpower, could replicate even the most intricate and grand glyphs that we have ever seen. Again, given the proper technology, I believe that people could do it in the dark given ample amounts of time.

The idea that a rope and boards created all of the glyphs...

Guys... gals... seriously?

The "proof" we have seen that crop circles are man-made explain a very microscopic portion of the plump collection of accounts and testimonies and genuine mysteries.

I support the challenges put forth for ANYBODY to pick a famous crop circle with backup testimonies in regards to the time and place (for example, in the middle of the night within 3 hours) and hit all of the attributes a majority of the authentic glyphs exhibit.

With that said, the idea presented earlier in regards to the crop circles being a technology of man (charlyv's post) makes a lot more sense to me than ETs being behind the glyphs. Though I admit I wouldn't be able to understand the potential depth to the glyphs and the messages they bring, I would imagine that they would not resort to putting images in the crop fields of farmers. Why not do it in rock and make it a bit more permanent and astounding?

These peculiarities are based on the mindset of man but are sufficient to lean me towards human technology (not rope and boards though
). Especially the circle with the alien depicted in 3D... though I would like to entertain the notion of an alien with a sense of humor

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 07:07 AM
Anyone for a dose of reality?
Crop Circles are Man Made! And here is why!
This thread exposes the "researcher" in the OP's video.

And the Companion thread.

Crop Circles are man made Part 2

Check all your beliefs in at the door!
You won't be needing them anymore.

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