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Foreclosure and ethnic/religious/economic discrimination?

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 01:27 PM
Have there been any studies that show which groups of people are losing thier homes?

Are the banks more or less likely to work with certain groups of people?

Are people conspiring against the banks with the intention of getting a lower house payment?

I'm not sure I even believe that people are losing thier homes as I don't see anyone living on the streets. I hear about people losing thier homes. People tell me everyday that they are or that they know someone who is. But I'm not sure I beleive them. I see empty houses, stickers on doors and for sale signs everywhere but people just seem to disappear. Or maybe the for sale signs and stickers are just disappearing? New people reappear, in said property, as if like magic. I don't see alot of moving trucks so I'm not sure if people ever existed to begin with or if they are just disappearing into the night.

The same goes for business'. Lots of empty spots in strip malls. But I wonder if the business ever existed to begin with. Are business owners getting paid by the federal reserve to go out of business and lie low so that they can make space for new people?

It does seem as if lots and lots of people get paid to sit around and watch TV all day or just drive around town. Could it actually be more profitable to sit around and do nothing instead of working?

The various governments and hundreds of government agencies, within said governments, that we find ourselves under seem to have hundreds of programs available to give people free money.

Is it possible that the economic meltdown could all be propaganda pushed by the wealthy so that they can steal even more money from the poor and ignorant?

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