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NWO infiltration

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 10:32 PM

What do these "letter" and "number" combinations have in common? Let me tell you. Be warned though, because you may be shocked at just how deep the infiltration goes.

The small list up there is made of numbers and letters. In fact, EVERY SINGLE ILLUMINATI/NWO NUMBER AND ORGANIZATION uses letters and/or numbers! This points to something so clear that it is virtually invisible: Numbers and letters have been infiltrated by the NWO.

New World Order letters
Freemasonry -> letters
Council on Foreign Relations -> letters
1917 -> numbers

Should I even go on?

Not only does the NWO use people, but they use letters and numbers too!

Did you also realize that the NWO control water, air, global temperature regulation, radio waves and even time (time zones) ???

I'm not sure what to do here! I need to get away from the NWO, but everywhere I look I see letters and numbers staring me in the face as if the NWO is mocking me no matter where I look.

I also have reason to believe that the NWO has infiltrated pixels, but I'll leave that theory for another time.

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