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Soldier risks all to tell of secret military UFO unit

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by ignorant_ape

Sorry you find this thread idiotic - I thought it was an interesting story and worth posting in a UFO Conspiracy forum where someone with similar experiences may have substantiated the account.

When it comes to speculating about UFOs and the USAF who knows WTF goes on?

The only thing I do know for sure is that the USAF has produced an awful lot of documentation about this 'non subject' and many of their 'official' UFO explanations just simply don't add up.

USAF 'Force Fit' Debunks

UFO Government Documentary Evidence

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 04:42 AM

Originally posted by karl 12
Some interesting reading about UFOs,Nellis Air Force Base and the C.S.S.P - does anyone out there know any further info about the school or help substantiate this soldiers comments?

Hi karl 12, it is an interesting story and this info from again Clifford Stone supports at least the existence of such a school.
However, Clifford Stone was not aware of where it was located.
Clifford Stone is a man for whom I have the greatest respect and I am convinced that he tells the truth.

“Covert Service on Project Moon Dust and UFO Crash Retrievals”

M.S. (Dr Michael Salla)
C.S. (Sgt Clifford Stone)

M.S. And that was always done with crashes? Your skill was not used in some classified project to communicate with EBEs; it was always done in terms of any EBEs on a crashed disk?

C.S. Well with me, the two things the military did with me, for example, I would always have a guardian that would always, because I thought I should have a higher security clearance for some of the stuff I was doing. Oh no, no, they shut you up if you do push for that. Well any time I needed a security clearance, I had whatever security clearance to do whatever it was they wanted me to do. You were debriefed afterwards and you sign the non-disclosure agreement, but it’s not supposed to work that way. It’s supposed to be that they give you that on a one time basis, on a “need to know” and that’s where it stops short of getting the actual clearance and being fully briefed into the job.

Well one thing they [military controllers of UFO information] wanted me to do was to go to ‘school’, to go to ‘school’, to go to ‘school’. Well this would be the ‘school’ that taught many factors about UFOs, I’m certain of that. It was never explained to me why I had to go. Well I thought hard not to go to that school, and I was very good at not going.

The closest I came was when they sent me to the advanced NCO course when they were thinking of going ahead and sending me down to Fort Belvoir. At the end of that course, they would have to hit up on it being an intelligence course and that would create a problem with me going back when I’m supposed to be nothing more than the administrative specialist there at my unit – personal services for non-commissioned officers….

M.S. With that ‘school’, what information were you aware of in terms of what was taught there, where it was located and the sort of people they sent there?

C.S. I was not aware of where it was located, what was taught. I got to meet some people who went there and to me they were scary. It was like, you know, even enlisted people were above reproach. I mean, it was like “your station in life is less than mine because I know secrets that no one else knows.” It’s hard to explain but there’s something sinister about the people when they came back from the school.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:53 PM
I know there is a Naval space command that is dedicated to outerspace. You can see this in this video from 15 years ago (1994).

The question is how deep does this go?

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by Mr_skepticc

Out of curiosity, what is real proof in your eyes?

No one believed the Wright Brothers had actually built a flying craft. It wasn't until they gave a demonstration for President Roosevelt and Roosevelt vouched for the aircraft that the rest of the country and the world then believed.

Until the President said it was true, most did not believe the photos were real or that the witnesses to the tests were telling the truth.

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