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10 ways to get back at Corporate Jackals

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 01:48 PM
Hi, greedy-corporates haters.

Here are some ways we "get back", and, we mostly learned it in here, ATS. . .

== Eat BIO. We almost COMPLETELY STOPed buying from "normal" groceries
like IGA, METRO, MAXI. . .etc. . . we buy 98% of our stuff there:

== Stop using poisonned "commercial" tooth paste !

== Stop buying junk/entertainment food with MSG.
If we want a little junk, we buy it BIO ! ! B-)

== Stop using anything with "artificial $ugar".

== We ONLY look at TV programs that are ***educational*** !

We don't want to be "vegets", it's useless.
What we do is eat **BIO** ( even bacon ), because you know WHERE what you eat

EDIT TO ADD: I have seen the question.
BIO = biological/biologicaly. It means to do the things teh way we did them
in the '50s.
BIO bread = made with BIO stuff,
BIO meat = tha animals go outside of their farms and eat in fields.
BIO anything = Made WITHOUT ANYTHING chemical, as we do it today !!

DO any knows about the ***CRAZY*** "Roundup-ready" stuffs ?????
That company is totaly crazy, psychopath, and $$$$$$$$$$$$ oriented.
I mean: Monsanto !

There is NO Mon$anto, in BIO stuff. . .

Blue skies.

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 02:00 PM
Ok I must be stupid , what is BIO?

Edit to add: Nice page on fluoride , I wish people would wake up to this. They are putting poison in the water you drink, mass medication of the people without there consent. And on one seems to care.

Oh yeah, why did Hitler give it to the prisoners? Can someone answer that question?

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 02:49 PM
Yeah, without chemicals . Thats hard to do. You can try but thats not easy for most people...

I have a rule, if it takes me more then three seconds to read an ingredient label I don't buy it...

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 02:44 PM
Hi, Stick-it-to-them fans.

Another segment of money-making-companies, is the films/movies industry !

STOP seeing stupid films like "The X-man" "2012" "Independence day" and the like,
being **negative ** films ! !

For the youngest, see NICE films like the good old "ET", or "2001 a space odyssey", "2010",
"Contact" ( Judy Foster), "Cocoon", "District 9" and the like, being **positive** films !
Films that makes you LEARN something, films that lifts your spirit.

That way, we stick it to the negative-film-makers ! ! !

Blue skies.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 05:55 AM

Originally posted by Hypntick
As far as part one, you signed the mortgage, you should pay it. Even if your rate got jacked up 20% it's your fault for signing an adjustable rate mortgage. You should have read the fine print. Any time money is involved, read the damn fine print.

How about just adding the word "Agent" after your signature & the phrase "All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice" under your signature...Since Federal Reserve Notes are not legal money (the Constitution demands gold/silver backed currency, ya' know), you can always challenge the validity of payment & the form of payment.

Never sign onto any contract that bears your name all in capital letters; that's not you, it's an artificial corporate entity that is named after you. Learn how to use the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) in your own defense; it contains entire sections on what constitutes a legally valid contract & how to recognize your Remedy & Recourse when the terms & conditions of a contract are being enforced beyond the limits of the law. Regain your inherent legal power over that corporation in your name with the use of affidavits & the UCC-1 form.

Don't pay off your bills when they send a Notice or Statement...These are not valid Bills. If they can't supply a valid, verified Bill or Invoice, then tell them, "I'll pay if you can verify." Tell them in writing & send your writing by registered mail so that you can stand it up in court, if it goes that far. There's another thread (admittedly, it's a long read) that discusses what the laws are & how you can use the Due Process of Law in your own defense; also there are lots of links to further research. I also suggest taking a look at this website for ideas & research into the laws that are more specifically geared towards defending yourself against corporate jackals.

As far as the government (& especially the IRS) is concerned, if they send you anything in the mail & it has your zip code on it, don't open it or keep it. Just write on the envelope "Return to Sender; No zip code required." The Post Office cannot lawfully refuse to deliver mail with no zip code, but the IRS (& other government agencies) uses zip codes to place your address under Federal Jurisdiction for collecting taxes. Simply by accepting such mail, you have "entered into contract" with your agreement to accept their jurisdiction, which is indicated by the zip code. You really have to know about the Post Office Reorganization Act to find the answers behind these concepts. Again, I stress--Research & critical thinking.

There are more details involved in the legal process for these suggestions & you really must research those details...If it comes down to a court battle, you really must know exactly what you're doing. Information is power & you'll need all the ammo you can get, because the corporate jackals have spent decades of time & vast sums of money on their own lawyers.

Originally posted by charlie0
Let us talk practicality. lst get organized, belong to a group. What ever that group decides, all must follow it blindly.

Yeah, organize & gather; It is a fundamental Right in America. But never follow "blindly." Better to learn the value of a long-lost skill known as "critical thinking." You can only develop that skill by research & contemplation on what you learn.

Originally posted by truskeptic
I hate to tell but you do live in a third world country! You do not and can not own "anything" in the US. You don' t pay your real estate taxes it is sold on public action, you car, boat and everything is never owned. You can not legally raise live stock to be eaten by you and your family!

A third world country may have more freedoms in the end.......sad.

All of this happened because people grew complacent & let the government twist our own laws against us through deception & enforced ignorance; We stopped being vigilant against the corruption. This is why I'd rather spur people into learning & thinking for themselves.

For example, anyone who "thinks" they own some land should look at their Deed. A Deed does not prove ownership, only that the Deedholder owns some "equity interest." The Deed describes its Holder as a Tenant. The strongest title on land is known as the "Allodial Title, fee simple." There is a Due Process of Law that can get a Deedholder to that point; once arriving at that point, no more property taxes are owed.

The whole concept of property taxes is that you are really leasing that land from the true owner. Once obtaining the Allodial Title, the only Laws that can be enforced on the owner & the land is Constitutional Law & Common Law; the UCC & Statutory law enforcement have no jurisdiction. Research & critical thinking will reveal the path to true ownership.

Originally posted by C-JEAN
== Stop using poisonned "commercial" tooth paste !

I use Baking Soda...Not Baking Powder, that's entirely different. Just wet your brush, get some Baking Soda stuck to it & there ya' go.

Originally posted by C-JEAN
== Stop using anything with "artificial $ugar".

Especially Aspartame; Toxic stuff. I'd rather face the health problems associated with processed sugar, rather than that crap.
As far as someone else had previously mentioned using a filter on the faucet instead of buying bottled water, I agree...I'm not sure if such filters remove the Flouride from the water, but that's toxic too. Why else would your dentist tell you to spit it out instead of swallowing it? The Dentist knows it's toxic when ingested.

So, who's hungry for pizza?
As for me, I'll make my own at home.

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