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Hypothetical question: 911/Gulf War2 etc a cover up for Armageddon?

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:04 PM
This is a Hypothetical Question, a 'what if' senario. But i saw a TV series in the UK called 'The Last Train' it was about a group of passengers on a British Rail train caught in Armageddon as an asteroid hit the Earth. In the story the nations of the world decided to have a nice nasty little war to hide the fact the Earth was going to get it's 'nads kicks out by an asteroid.No one knew until it was too late.

Question: 9/11, Gulf War 2 and a million other things not nessesarily bad or violent, but things to keep the populations of the Earth busy to hide the fact we were going to be wiped out as we knew it at least. Would they do that or not. Its up to you to discuss.

Please i dont want it to turn into a... Doonsayers 'were all going to die, i told you so!' Please explain how you came to that conclution.
Same with the debunkers/skeptics dont just say. 'You suckers!' this or, 'you fools that'. Again explain, why you are right and others are wrong.

Right question posed its now over to you.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:18 PM
Whether you believe in God and the bible or not, an astroid is predicted in the bible to hit earth during the last days. It is one of many things that will happen long before the beast 666 etc. Maybe those in power know about it, maybe not. Even more interesting is the current Iraqi War, not for being a distraction, but for possibly being in the Bible and foretold! Read the book of Habbuk, and try and read the King James speaks of a cruel nation, called the land of the Chaldeans waging an unjust war. This is stated in the bible as happening in the last days, end time. Also in Daniel it speaks of the Goat rushing from the West. Its all in there. Few believe it but God is 100% accurate EVERY time. Which makes sense seeing as he created all things, including time itself!

Comet hitting earth scriptures in the Bible:

Rev 8:7 (2532) The3588 first4413 angel32 sounded,4537 and2532 there followed1096 hail5464 and2532 fire4442 mingled3396 with blood,129 and2532 they were cast906 upon1519 the3588 earth:1093 and2532 the3588 third part5154 of trees1186 was burnt up,2618 and2532 all3956 green5515 grass5528 was burnt up.2618

Rev 8:8 And2532 the3588 second1208 angel32 sounded,4537 and2532 as it were5613 a great3173 mountain3735 burning2545 with fire4442 was cast906 into1519 the3588 sea:2281 and2532 the3588 third part5154 of the3588 sea2281 became1096 blood;129

Rev 8:10 And2532 the3588 third5154 angel32 sounded,4537 and2532 there fell4098 a great3173 star792 from1537 heaven,3772 burning2545 as it were5613 a lamp,2985 and2532 it fell4098 upon1909 the3588 third part5154 of the3588 rivers,4215 and2532 upon1909 the3588 fountains4077 of waters;5024

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:23 PM
I think god made prophicies so we could avoid them

He promisted it would happen (Such as an Asteroid hitting earth) but it could of been told so we could avoid it (a what if)

Also you could see the predictions as warnings to make sure you dont pass this "Point" ect

Such as if you "promise" somthing but then some 1/something else intervenes that makes it impossible for you do this "Promise" then tecnically you havnt broken your promise some 1 else has just made sure you dont forfill it as you had all intentions of forfilling it

[Edited on 23-5-2004 by Crash]

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 05:52 PM
I don't really see the point in trying to cover anything up by keeping ourselves busy with terrorist attacks or wars. With communication today, it's not like we don't have the capacity to focus on many different things at once (thru 24 hour news stations, or the internet, or whatever). So I don't see what good it would do really to try and inundate us with all these other news stories.


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