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The United States future

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 02:22 PM
I'm extremely confused with all this political stuff going down. I don't know what to believe and what NOT to believe. Republican or Democrat.... it doesn't matter anymore. I do know there will be changes, whether it's for the better or decide.

President Bush will lose the elections and John Kerry will be our next president. The United Nations will now have a major involvement in Iraq and Kerry will pull our troops out. The newly formed Iraqi government will be taken over by the people who were against it, in the first place. More and more bloodshed will occur mainly against U.N. troops and the Iraqi people who worked with the U.S. Many French and Germans will be killed. Total chaos will break out and new infrastructures will be destroyed. There will be a cry for help for U.S. involvement, but will fall upon deaf ears. Kerry promised Nevadans that NO nuke wastes will be transported and stored at Yucca Mountain, however that falls to the wayside. Many jobs will be created including laying the tracks and building the railroads to store nuclear wastes. The question is.......Will this be the turn for the better? I guess only time will tell............from my 'eye of insight' to you.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 02:28 PM
the future of the world, not just US, is extremely bleak. unless a hero rose up and save the world, then i guess surviving 21st century would be a dream

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:02 PM
I think Kerry will definitely become president. Howard Dean might be his running-mate because Kerry's looking for a "non-conformist" democrat to woo the Nader voters. I think we won't get out of Iraq, though. Iraq isn't really about liberation, it's about the US getting a foothold in the Middle East for oil and other national resources. Iraq is about the US extending its "empire" -- and in the end its something that any status-quo Republican or Democrat would pursue.

I think we as a nation will experience a period of optimism after Kerry is elected--because of all the stress we went through during the last 4 years. The Iraq war will continue but we will be distracted from it. Some sort of draft seems likely, even with Kerry. But we will continue to believe that things are getting better. A lot of distraction will be going on, and the US will feel as if things are getting better & better. But will it be a long-lasting optimism?

In the further further future, I think the US will be absorbed into a bigger "mega-nation." I think in the way-out further future, there will just be the super-mega planet nation of "Earth," with a bunch of edgy fringe-type little faction-nations stirring up stuff. In the extreme long-view, I see humans moved off-planet and this planet being "used up" & inactive in some way.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:04 PM
Nice prediction
... I agree with most of it.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:15 PM
That was actually a rather insightful post

So is the blog!


Made me wonder something..*grin*

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:23 PM
Isa 47:1 Come down,3381 and sit3427 in5921 the dust,6083 O virgin1330 daughter1323 of Babylon,894 sit3427 on the ground:776 there is no369 throne,3678 O daughter1323 of the Chaldeans:3778 for3588 thou shalt no3808 more3254 be called7121 tender7390 and delicate.6028
Isa 47:2 Take3947 the millstones,7347 and grind2912 meal:7058 uncover1540 thy locks,6777 make bare2834 the leg,7640 uncover1540 the thigh,7785 pass over5674 the rivers.5104
Isa 47:3 Thy nakedness6172 shall be uncovered,1540 yea,1571 thy shame2781 shall be seen:7200 I will take3947 vengeance,5359 and I will not3808 meet6293 thee as a man.120
Isa 47:4 As for our redeemer,1350 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 is his name,8034 the Holy One6918 of Israel.3478
Isa 47:5 Sit3427 thou silent,1748 and get935 thee into darkness,2822 O daughter1323 of the Chaldeans:3778 for3588 thou shalt no3808 more3254 be called,7121 The lady1404 of kingdoms.4467
Isa 47:6 I was wroth7107 with5921 my people,5971 I have polluted2490 mine inheritance,5159 and given5414 them into thine hand:3027 thou didst show7760 them no3808 mercy;7356 upon5921 the ancient2205 hast thou very3966 heavily laid3513 thy yoke.5923
Isa 47:7 And thou saidst,559 I shall be1961 a lady1404 forever:5769 so that5704 thou didst not3808 lay7760 these428 things to5921 thy heart,3820 neither3808 didst remember2142 the latter end319 of it.
Isa 47:8 Therefore hear8085 now6258 this,2063 thou that art given to pleasures,5719 that dwellest3427 carelessly,983 that sayest559 in thine heart,3824 I589 am, and none else beside657, 5750 me; I shall not3808 sit3427 as a widow,490 neither3808 shall I know3045 the loss of children:7908
Isa 47:9 But these428 two8147 things shall come935 to thee in a moment7281 in one259 day,3117 the loss of children,7908 and widowhood:489 they shall come935 upon5921 thee in their perfection8537 for the multitude7230 of thy sorceries,3785 and for the great3966 abundance6109 of thine enchantments.2267
Isa 47:10 For thou hast trusted982 in thy wickedness:7451 thou hast said,559 None369 seeth7200 me. Thy wisdom2451 and thy knowledge,1847 it1931 hath perverted7725 thee; and thou hast said559 in thine heart,3820 I589 am, and none else beside657, 5750 me.
Isa 47:11 Therefore shall evil7451 come935 upon5921 thee; thou shalt not3808 know3045 from whence it riseth:7837 and mischief1943 shall fall5307 upon5921 thee; thou shalt not3808 be able3201 to put it off:3722 and desolation7722 shall come935 upon5921 thee suddenly,6597 which thou shalt not3808 know.3045
Isa 47:12 Stand5975 now4994 with thine enchantments,2267 and with the multitude7230 of thy sorceries,3785 wherein834 thou hast labored3021 from thy youth;4480, 5271 if so be194 thou shalt be able3201 to profit,3276 if so be194 thou mayest prevail.6206
Isa 47:13 Thou art wearied3811 in the multitude7230 of thy counsels.6098 Let now4994 the astrologers,1895, 8064 the stargazers,2372, 3556 the monthly2320 prognosticators,3045 stand up,5975 and save3467 thee from these things that4480, 834 shall come935 upon5921 thee.
Isa 47:14 Behold,2009 they shall be1961 as stubble;7179 the fire784 shall burn8313 them; they shall not3808 deliver5337 (853) themselves5315 from the power4480, 3027 of the flame:3852 there shall not369 be a coal1513 to warm2552 at, nor fire217 to sit3427 before5048 it.
Isa 47:15 Thus3651 shall they be1961 unto thee with whom834 thou hast labored,3021 even thy merchants,5503 from thy youth:4480, 5271 they shall wander8582 every one376 to his quarter;5676 none369 shall save3467 thee.

Jer 51:8 Babylon894 is suddenly6597 fallen5307 and destroyed:7665 howl3213 for5921 her; take3947 balm6875 for her pain,4341 if so be194 she may be healed.7495
Jer 51:9 We would have healed7495 (853) Babylon,894 but she is not3808 healed:7495 forsake5800 her, and let us go1980 every one376 into his own country:776 for3588 her judgment4941 reacheth5060 unto413 heaven,8064 and is lifted up5375 even to5704 the skies.7834
Jer 51:10 The LORD3068 hath brought forth3318 (853) our righteousness:6666 come,935 and let us declare5608 in Zion6726 (853) the work4639 of the LORD3068 our God.430
Jer 51:11 Make bright1305 the arrows;2671 gather4390 the shields:7982 the LORD3068 hath raised up5782 (853) the spirit7307 of the kings4428 of the Medes:4074 for3588 his device4209 is against5921 Babylon,894 to destroy7843 it; because3588 it1931 is the vengeance5360 of the LORD,3068 the vengeance5360 of his temple.1964
Jer 51:12 Set up5375 the standard5251 upon413 the walls2346 of Babylon,894 make the watch4929 strong,2388 set up6965 the watchmen,8104 prepare3559 the ambushes:693 for3588 the LORD3068 hath both1571 devised2161 and1571 done6213 (853) that which834 he spoke1696 against413 the inhabitants3427 of Babylon.894
Jer 51:13 O thou that dwellest7931 upon5921 many7227 waters,4325 abundant7227 in treasures,214 thine end7093 is come,935 and the measure520 of thy covetousness.1215
Jer 51:14 The LORD3068 of hosts6635 hath sworn7650 by himself,5315 saying, Surely3588, 518 I will fill4390 thee with men,120 as with caterpillars;3218 and they shall lift up6030 a shout1959 against5921 thee.

Rev 18:1 And2532 after3326 these things5023 I saw1492 another243 angel32 come down2597 from1537 heaven,3772 having2192 great3173 power;1849 and2532 the3588 earth1093 was lightened5461 with1537 his848 glory.1391
Rev 18:2 And2532 he cried2896 mightily1722, 2479 with a strong3173 voice,5456 saying,3004 Babylon897 the3588 great3173 is fallen,4098 is fallen,4098 and2532 is become1096 the habitation2732 of devils,1142 and2532 the hold5438 of every3956 foul169 spirit,4151 and2532 a cage5438 of every3956 unclean169 and2532 hateful3404 bird.3732
Rev 18:3 For3754 all3956 nations1484 have drunk4095 of1537 the3588 wine3631 of the3588 wrath2372 of her848 fornication,4202 and2532 the3588 kings935 of the3588 earth1093 have committed fornication4203 with3326 her,846 and2532 the3588 merchants1713 of the3588 earth1093 are waxed rich4147 through1537 the3588 abundance1411 of her846 delicacies.4764
Rev 18:4 And2532 I heard191 another243 voice5456 from1537 heaven,3772 saying,3004 Come1831 out of1537 her,846 my3450 people,2992 that2443 ye be not partakers4790, 3361 of her848 sins,266 and2532 that2443 ye receive2983 not3361 of1537 her848 plagues.4127
Rev 18:5 For3754 her848 sins266 have reached190 unto891 heaven,3772 and2532 God2316 hath remembered3421 her848 iniquities.92
Rev 18:6 Reward591 her846 even2532 as5613 she846 rewarded591 you,5213 and2532 double1363 unto her846 double1362 according2596 to her848 works:2041 in1722 the3588 cup4221 which3739 she hath filled2767 fill2767 to her846 double.1362
Rev 18:7 How much3745 she hath glorified1392 herself,1438 and2532 lived deliciously,4763 so much5118 torment929 and2532 sorrow3997 give1325 her:846 for3754 she saith3004 in1722 her848 heart,2588 I sit2521 a queen,938 and2532 am1510 no3756 widow,5503 and2532 shall see1492 no3364 sorrow.3997
Rev 18:8 Therefore1223, 5124 shall her848 plagues4127 come2240 in1722 one3391 day,2250 death,2288 and2532 mourning,3997 and2532 famine;3042 and2532 she shall be utterly burned2618 with1722 fire:4442 for3754 strong2478 is the Lord2962 God2316 who judgeth2919 her.846
Rev 18:9 And2532 the3588 kings935 of the3588 earth,1093 who have committed fornication4203 and2532 lived deliciously4763 with3326 her,846 shall bewail2799 her,846 and2532 lament2875 for1909 her,846 when3752 they shall see991 the3588 smoke2586 of her848 burning,4451
Rev 18:10 Standing2476 afar off575, 3113 for1223 the3588 fear5401 of her848 torment,929 saying,3004 Alas,3759 alas3759 that great3173 city4172 Babylon,897 that mighty2478 city!4172 for3754 in1722 one3391 hour5610 is thy4675 judgment2920 come.2064
Rev 18:11 And2532 the3588 merchants1713 of the3588 earth1093 shall weep2799 and2532 mourn3996 over1909 her;846 for3754 no man3762 buyeth59 their848 merchandise1117 any more:3765
Rev 18:12 The merchandise1117 of gold,5557 and2532 silver,696 and2532 precious5093 stones,3037 and2532 of pearls,3135 and2532 fine linen,1040 and2532 purple,4209 and2532 silk,4596 and2532 scarlet,2847 and2532 all3956 thyine2367 wood,3586 and2532 all manner3956 vessels4632 of ivory,1661 and2532 all manner3956 vessels4632 of1537 most precious5093 wood,3586 and2532 of brass,5475 and2532 iron,4604 and2532 marble,3139
Rev 18:13 And2532 cinnamon,2792 and2532 odors,2368 and2532 ointments,3464 and2532 frankincense,3030 and2532 wine,3631 and2532 oil,1637 and2532 fine flour,4585 and2532 wheat,4621 and2532 beasts,2934 and2532 sheep,4263 and2532 horses,2462 and2532 chariots,4480 and2532 slaves,4983 and2532 souls5590 of men.444
Rev 18:14 And2532 the3588 fruits3703 that thy4675 soul5590 lusted after1939 are departed565 from575 thee,4675 and2532 all things3956 which were dainty3045 and2532 goodly2986 are departed565 from575 thee,4675 and2532 thou shalt find2147 them846 no more at all.3765, 3364
Rev 18:15 The3588 merchants1713 of these things,5130 which were made rich4147 by575 her,846 shall stand2476 afar off575, 3113 for1223 the3588 fear5401 of her848 torment,929 weeping2799 and2532 wailing,3996
Rev 18:16 And2532 saying,3004 Alas,3759 alas3759 that great3173 city,4172 that was clothed4016 in fine linen,1039 and2532 purple,4210 and2532 scarlet,2847 and2532 decked5558 with1722 gold,5557 and2532 precious5093 stones,3037 and2532 pearls!3135
Rev 18:17 For3754 in one3391 hour5610 so great5118 riches4149 is come to naught.2049 And2532 every3956 shipmaster,2942 and2532 all3956 the3588 company3658 in1909 ships,4143 and2532 sailors,3492 and2532 as many as3745 trade2038 by sea,2281 stood2476 afar off,575, 3113
Rev 18:18 And2532 cried2896 when they saw3708 the3588 smoke2586 of her848 burning,4451 saying,3004 What5101 city is like unto3664 this great3173 city!4172
Rev 18:19 And2532 they cast906 dust5522 on1909 their848 heads,2776 and2532 cried,2896 weeping2799 and2532 wailing,3996 saying,3004 Alas,3759 alas,3759 that great3173 city,4172 wherein1722, 3739 were made rich4147 all3956 that had2192 ships4143 in1722 the3588 sea2281 by reason of1537 her848 costliness!5094 for3754 in one3391 hour5610 is she made desolate.2049
Rev 18:20 Rejoice2165 over1909 her,846 thou heaven,3772 and2532 ye holy40 apostles652 and2532 prophets;4396 for3754 God2316 hath avenged2919, 2917 you5216 on1537 her.846
Rev 18:21 And2532 a1520 mighty2478 angel32 took up142 a stone3037 like5613 a great3173 millstone,3458 and2532 cast906 it into1519 the3588 sea,2281 saying,3004 Thus3779 with violence3731 shall that great3173 city4172 Babylon897 be thrown down,906 and2532 shall be found2147 no more at all.2089, 3364
Rev 18:22 And2532 the voice5456 of harpers,2790 and2532 musicians,3451 and2532 of pipers,834 and2532 trumpeters,4538 shall be heard191 no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671 and no3956 craftsman,5079 of whatsoever3956 craft5078 he be, shall be found2147 any more2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671 and2532 the sound5456 of a millstone3458 shall be heard191 no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671
Rev 18:23 And2532 the light5457 of a candle3088 shall shine5316 no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee;4671 and2532 the voice5456 of the bridegroom3566 and2532 of the bride3565 shall be heard191 no more at all2089, 3364 in1722 thee:4671 for3754 thy4675 merchants1713 were2258 the3588 great men3175 of the3588 earth;1093 for3754 by1722 thy4675 sorceries5331 were all3956 nations1484 deceived.4105
Rev 18:24 And2532 in1722 her846 was found2147 the blood129 of prophets,4396 and2532 of saints,40 and2532 of all3956 that were slain4969 upon1909 the3588 earth.1093

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Wow someone had a lot of time and no medication today. lol

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 09:36 PM
WTF? Could you break down the numbers for those of us that are a little less mathematically inclined?

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:15 AM
The numbers are from a KJV bible software program Strong Dictionary which I cut and pasted the verses from.

You should at least read it ..check it out. Its all in there.

If im wrong then I am one fool stand corrected. If I am right? Then there is a nation of fools awaiting correction.I think those odds deserve research!!

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:36 AM
nice. I just love reading overwrought biblical verses mixed up among meaningless 4-digit numbers. nice.

Here's what i see about mega-nations: The EU will beomce one and the N American trade alliencae or whatever its still in the works probly one in asia centered around china.

We were better off in hunter/gathering clans....

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:45 AM

Originally posted by MountainStar
Kerry promised Nevadans that NO nuke wastes will be transported and stored at Yucca Mountain, however that falls to the wayside. Many jobs will be created including laying the tracks and building the railroads to store nuclear wastes.

As a Nevadan, I can only dream that Kerry, if elected, will actually fulfill his promises to those of us who live in the state of Nevada. Bush is trying very hard to get Yucca Mountain done going as far as ignoring the actualities of the entire project.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:52 AM
kerry will win when a snowball can last more that the blink of an eye in hell or when the detroit tigers win the world series. it wont happen. his old war buddies have said to people,"do not vote for john kerry." and he has even admited ao flip flopping on issues. hes on of the worst poloticians i have seen. no if john glenn ran, id vote for him, even as a republican.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by 2009
the future of the world, not just US, is extremely bleak. unless a hero rose up and save the world, then i guess surviving 21st century would be a dream

well then hope people are willing to pay more for bush his space vision because this will lead to peace and a better 21 century.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 05:19 PM
Well since this seems to be the place on these boards for "The Abstract", I'll just throw out my own little piece of dementia

An action either against our interests abroad or here on U.S. Soil will ensure Bush is around for another term.

More violence and heavy handedness will reign down on other nations in our "fight against terror".

The palestinian people will be near totally enclosed in that wall of evil that the israelies are building. We'll have to re-define the term "Humanitarian Crisis". They will be the most oppressed and downtrodden race in all of history.

There will be increased violence throughout that region, agains the Israelies as well as the U.S. As we will be "policing" much of the area in the coming years, and it will not be welcome by the natives there.

We will see the "Terror Alert" rise to red, and experience a primer of things to come in our new life as Americans. The fear instilled in us by the government will be our greatest oppresser.

Roadmap to palestinian statehood( code word for peace plan) will be violently pushed on both sides. Palestinians will be so trodden on, that they will be more willing to accept the "Roadmap" than Isreal, although both will not be happy with their rulers who back it fully. Much fighting and unrest over this.

America will adopt the current trend of "Big Brother" in europe(installing cameras everywhere, strange propaganda in public places and on public transportation systems i.e. "We are watching you!" etc), while Europe will go even further into the police state mentality, as their rulers try more technology out on them, and gain the acceptance of it's populace.

The media will portray that the "common american" is thankful to have such "strong leadership" in such trying times. Although the reality will be that most will oppose the changes around them, yet be too afraid to stand up against it. Those who do try will be hissed at by thier countrymen, and may face a different type of legal process/ intrusions. As history is said to repeat itself, I'd estimate the cliamate to be close to an "Early Hitler Germany".

National I.D. will be all the rage, and R.F.I.D. will begin to become a common term in the new household of this thing that is called "America". The borders of both Canada and Mexico will be eased even more, and the governments will appear less and less "independent" of eachother. Various licensed trades (Cosmetology, Medical assistants, etc) will begin standardization of thier licensing and requirements.

The economy will grow weaker but will be explained off as "birth pangs of an new form of society, for our good, for our security". The average joe will be told to "bear with us", and they will grudgingly do so.

Opposition will have less and less of a voice in the already overly tame media outlets. The internet will begin to either be heavily regulated (read: censored) or will start to experience fits of instability due to "hackers" (read psyops). This will be to stop the flow of information, and to keep any who would stand against the oppressors fragmented....divide and conquer so to speak.

I can't say it'll all go down in just the next year, as "they" usually move slow, as to garner as much acceptance as possible. But it will be during Bush's next term to be sure. And with as blatent as they are getting in some things, it may move faster than any of us would guess at the moment.

Of course I hope I'm wrong(no really, I do), maybe it won't be as bad. But I won't be holding my breath.


P.S. May run this through a spell checker in a bit ( I know how some do love a well manicured post
), but I just wanted to type this, so I did.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 06:15 PM
If Kerry is elected not much will change. They are both Skull and Bones, brothers until the end. It is a widely held that Bush stole the 2000 election in Florida with the aid of Bush Senior. I do not see him giving up with so much on the line, as his father did. But then again, his Skull and Bones name is Temporary...........The next few years, if we survive them, should prove extraordinary.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 07:01 PM
Eventually our liberalistic society will collapse under its own weight and throw the Us into a state of chaos. Soon after society has a complete meltdown the government collapse as well, starting with a economic crisis either from falsly infated currency values suddenly falling or banks and other institutions demanding the government pay off its debts. To help this process of economic demise along will be the millions of baby boomers retiring and attempting to collect their social security checks.

After the economic crash (think dot-com bubble times 10) the government will quickly lose all enforcing power it has and to ensure stability american citizens will welcome UN and NATO military involvment to, "insure stability until this crisis becomes managable". This will be the start of the NWO takeover of one of the most impt countries in the world. Of course, the US government will never be reinstated fully. Instead, it will remain in the background of the political landscape, kind of like the Iraqi governing council.

From there, as the economic crisis becomes worldwide, the NWO takeover will follow a step or two behind, "managing this global crisis." The only areas that might concievably remain free of this BS are economically idependent nations who were not dependent on the US for much. Their governments will have no reason to submit to the NWO "managment" of their countries so they might remain free, at least for a while.

Of course, when the NWO took over the US they got access to the most advanced military research on the planet and promptly made use of it in their conquest of the world. Like HAARP will most likely be used for planet-wide brainwashing and disruption of communication for rebellious areas. Once the NWO is in control of the nukes of the subjugated nations, they will most likely make use of these weapons to put down any country that puts up meaningful resistance for any period of time. The poplace will be able to do nothing about it, because our rights have been stripped away. Of course, after a few generations, the schooling system of the NWO will make the younger generations think that the right to think for yourself and rights such as free speech are dangerous and frightening things. And they will have plenty of examples to prove that these rights were a bad idea.

Well that's about it. I came up with this as I was writing it and I think it's likely to happen in some form or another. Note that this may not represent my actual worldview, it just made for an entertaining topic. Enjoy!

A couple of edits:
1) this scenario throws into glaring relief of why diversity is needed to insure a NWO takeover does not happen.
2) Umm I forgot....hold on....

[Edited on 5/24/04 by NothingMakesSense]

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 07:15 PM

TextIf Kerry is elected not much will change.

I can not agree with you more.

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