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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 09:15 PM
When you read anything from any religion, there is usally meaning in it. as you live longer, that meaning keeps getting more depth, more emotional, a larger picture of the meaning. The old saying, "You never really find out until its too late" really has meaning.

Don't go into a religion, don't join a group, but you, really think about life. think about what you naturally do, and what could you do to become greater than that. looking at our world, it's obviously not working out. there has to be change on the smallest level, us. if others are smart they will not follow, but do as we did. something very basic.

Just like any math equation, any long story, and experience, there is always a sum up. a shorter answer that means the exact as the long answer. its easier to understand, and it makes our lives a lot easier. some of us just haven't found out it can make out lives easier on the inside as well. mentally, spiritually, looking at the big picture is truly where wisdom comes from. its understanding how systems work. and its only complicated if you make it so.

example, i will some up our world.

Technologically advanced, morally primitive.

Because we are using our human nature, with things other than nature, bad things come of it. we need to learn to truly be responsible, not just acting it, but on the inside, being responsible. I really have not seen anyone in my life physically, truly responsible. i think i have on the internet, but who knows. i cannot read their mind. but reading intentions is more than easy.

Now, its no doubt that all religions have been corrupted. but looking at the big picture, they say the same thing but also contradict it. grow to god, stay the same. this is where we realize we need something better, something that can allow us to grow.

Religion in a sense was needed for progression, but the generation coming now is definitely ready for the next step. I no i am. my soul intention is to give, to fulfill others as i would fulfill myself. in order to truly feel happiness that will not go away, you must get past what i call the "hump". what i did was give all i had away, and i was past it. im 17 so i only had maybe $8,000 dollars worth of stuff, but its a start.

Ignore peoples primitive opinions on what you should do, and find out your Self.

It seems Jesus, Moses, and alot of other people tried to say this, but the current perspective took it too radical. thats natural though. as long as we leave room for correction.

So, religion isn't something to devote yourself to, but to learn from. read the stories, the words of wisdom, if its biased throw it away, if its oneness keep reading.

People like to think they are always right. It's until one truly realizes their only enemy, their devil, demon, is himself. the ego, the part of you that revolves around you. Sound like a fun thing to do? not at all. the rewards are unspeakable. its forbidden to even explain it. meaning, impossible.

But if you want to truly see what the real system is, not this illuminati crap, look within. Thats what the "illuminati" does not want you to do. there is no ritual, no action, just intention. no meditation, just giving. it hurts at first, but if the law of attraction means anything, which so far has played out pretty good for me, its very rewarding in all ways.


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