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Two Jarring Visions

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 01:40 PM
I had a very jarring dream last night, which I really hope is not a prediction, but is definitely a "message,":

On my lunchbreak I pass by this busy city area where a bomb has just gone off...members of this "wedding party" (shades of the bombing on a "wedding party" in Iraq?) are particularly hard-hit...I remember lots of women on the ground, some with sheets over them, one had her face blown partially off and I could see her eye just hanging out, another woman lost her left arm but was still conscious and freaking out. I was horrified, but then I heard a message in my head that my "job" was to pray for the dead & injured, that the power of my prayers would help the dead go onto the afterlife and bring comfort to the injured. So I immediately sat down and started to pray real hard.

I had a similar dream a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to move out of the city I was living in (screw urban terrorism...I was going to live out in the country where it was safe)--I dreamt that I had to stay in that city because if something terrible happened, there would be the need for spiritually-inclined people to help the dead & injured. The vision I had was of all these people lying dead & injured on a huge flight of steps leading to a large public building, there were dead & injured people lying to either side of me, and I was spiritually administering to them.

I hope that these dreams were not predictive but symbolic...but in the light of other posts on this forum, I figured I mention them. At any rate, I feel I have all the reason I need to continue my studies into spirituality, shamanism, and the power of prayer. And I think I'm not the only one who has been having these "spiritual calling" dreams like this at this time in world history. I dreamt that there is a whole group of people who are getting these "callings," the meaning of which is to help people & their souls (regardless of their religious denomination). Reason being: because of our modern society, we have all but obliterated the shamans in our communities--but with so many potential changes coming to this world, we need them more than ever.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 01:48 PM
They sound more like messages from your inner self. I can't tell if they are predictive. By the way those visions are going, it looks like you are advancing towards some end with your life, to say the least. They are interesting and I enjoyed the spiritual significance of them. These visions will be needed and are needed today to help people advance beyond the brute reality of our lives. Awesome visions.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 06:38 AM
I certainly do not mean to take anything away from the power of your dreams, but I would suggest that it is a very noble determination in your own mind, rather than a mandate from beyond.

I had a dream of my own related to terrorism, but it was all pretty clearly from my own sub-conscious.
The dream was that a lion (Osama means big cat) was trying to attack the middle school youth group from my church, and I was the only one not losing my cool, and I fended off the lion.
That was all from myself though. I've always been the sort to think and act strongly under pressure. I've always had the instinct to attack when I probably ought to be running away. It wasn't divine direction though, it was me knowing that I'm a fighter, and that I had an opportunity to do something worthwhile. You may have had the same realization of your gifts.
And if I'm wrong, I'm waiting for the lightening to strike, because unfortunately I didn't last very long in the Marine Corps. I just couldn't stay out of trouble. (funny thing... I spent 8 months practicing to kill people and shouting "Kill" "Die MuthaF*cker Die" etc, then they give me the boot for fighting).

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 06:41 AM

Originally posted by Cassie Clay
Reason being: because of our modern society, we have all but obliterated the shamans in our communities--but with so many potential changes coming to this world, we need them more than ever.

This is not quite true, it is too culturally specific, and there is hope after all.

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