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"District 9" Speculative Discussion Thread

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 08:26 AM
While I agree that we should show the ailiens equal rights and all that stuff. There is part of me that thinks differently.

For example; What is the smartest thing that the Native Americans could have done to the first Europeans that came over? The smartest thing, I think, would have been to kill every last one of them. Nobody to return home to tell what happened. Do this enough times and they stop sending boats over.

Now I don't usually go saying stuff like this, but sometimes you gotta think in the long run. If left to their own means the prawns would probably outbreed the humans. If they were just a different race (white, black, whatever) then they could interbreed and all. But they are totally different, completely alien.

I think that the world has plenty of room for different viewpoints and cultures. But there is only room for one dominate species on this planet. And if it's not us, then we are in trouble.

Now, if the aliens weren't stuck here, if they just came for trade, and definitely not to live here and colonize. Then it might be a different story.

I could be wrong. Just what I'm thinking today.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 08:44 AM
Springer: I totally agree with you that the aliens of District 9 are intelligent beings.

You can see they are intelligent by their use of a mech-suit, speech, emotion, body language, the many weapons that are in District 9, yet not used to war against us. There's no past accounting of alien tech used to war betwixt aliens and humans. The little guy, Chris's son it seems or daughter is able to fix a very complex 3d rendering holographic alien tech device at a very young age. It could be debated that Chris rubbed off on the little guy, but I for one doubt it. Imagine Scientists starving on a ship out of power, with just refuse to burn in pots for heat, those sick from malnutrition would spread disease. Their ship floating through space on dust, until it slows down into our atmosphere.

I think of it this way, District 9 is a group of mostly subjugated scientists and engineers. Imagine a ship full of these intelligent people on a peaceful exploration. Just as the ship is opened there are fires in what look like barrels huddled masses of starving people around these fires. Light shines on them and they panic, this happens when prolonged darkness effects retina, their power was so low even the light of the ship were out, cold space so they made fires. What if the ship was made for 60 million or 1 billion, and the power failed do to some event caused by fuel leakage? Chris is searching for a powerful Biological fuel while others are just fighting to stay warm and eat.

Maybe it isn't fuel or maybe it is but in Startrek Dilithium Crystals are a medium(stabilizer middle material) for anti-matter and matter conversion to power starships. Maybe this black stuff is a biological medium for them. Thus why it trans-mutates it's a Biological fuse of sorta, sort of like a Cellulosic biomass conversion for ethanol bioenergy. Wikus was bleeding the same black color of the cylinder's liquid that was collected? It makes sense as to why their tech only works with them. Maybe they can grow their own special biomass for conversion given arable land? Africa has very little Arable land. Maybe the reason the control ship dropped was because it or the ship was out of fuel.

Did the minus 1 million alien weight to fuel ratio make a trip to their home planet with 7 moons possible?

How do I see the events in District 9 might play out in the "real world" of 2009? Well given that it was 20 years ago, back then they portrayed what would happen well. I'd rather like to answer this with a question. How many people know District 6?

Neill Blomkamp adapted "District 9" from "Alive in Joburg"(both directed by him), a 2005 short film that deals with the issues of xenophobia and social segregation. The title and premise of District 9 were inspired by events that took place in District Six, Cape Town during the apartheid era.

Xenophobia is fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or anything strange or foreign. District Six, Cape Town, South Africa is something any fan of this movie should look into as is Neill's 2005 short "Alive in Joburg". I myself believe that if District 6 can happen and be so unknown to the masses today, then District 9 with aliens would play out the same way until people woke up & stood up for them, only now are some people of District 6 getting homes back.

What I'd like Sony Pictures to understand for the sequel is that the same premise must be kept, xenophobia, now their here to meet US from above, and we know jack about them. We've done similar things to other human beings. In respect to ideas, we knew little of the Aliens of District 9 upon cutting open their ship, however now even with arrogant and xenophobic comments made by post situation friends of Wikus, there are those that have been affected/effected by Wikus and may in a 3 year period be able to help enough aliens stage a uprising, talk to those that come of those humans that helped them. Still I think were buggered, maybe...give up 1 million of our people converted

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 10:20 AM
Part 1 of the movie left me wondering:-

a. Should an alien craft be seen hovering over a city, and then made discoveries with the subsequent ugly mankind actions as enacted in the film, - will we as a human race react the same way after 20 years of diminished anticipation, turning into even hatred for the supposedly useless aliens who hid their tech superiority well?

b. Following the 'Disclosure' angle, or conspiracy theories that govts knew the existance of aliens since Roswell, that had landed on Earth but are uncooperative, then kept them confined in hidden places, - would the govts or depts became disillusioned and even hate such species?

Should the govts then disclose the existance of such aliens, so as to prepare the world inhabitants for the alien rescue ships that are bound to come as time had run out, used as a metaphor by the escapees fleeing Earth ?

c. What would responses be like from the common masses of a returning alien fleet? - using as study group the ready 'clueless' or rather 'definitive evidence lacking' volunteers, - common and educated folks in ATS with high interest on supposed alien 'mythologies'?

A call of storyline for Part 2 of the movie would make great research, with confidentiality and freedom to freely speak, without disclosing the actual purpose of the study prior to Disclosure - to find out, how will we humans react to a returning fleet, which is an unknown behavioral factor, unlike part 1 which historical evidences are good enough to be used to determine typical human behaviour.

I must add, this is purely my conjecture, and I have NO evidence or any capability to prove my hypothesis on why the call for a sequal storyline from ATS.

My logic, or the lack of it, is only based on presumptions of supposed 'Disclosure' as well as the rather strange request from a film-maker. Perhaps there may be more than meets the eyes. Truth is often stranger than fiction...sigh.

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 10:23 AM
Honestly, this movie was a real disappointment (please don't ban me!).

I mean, as I was watching it, I assumed the main alien was the bad guy sent to earth to take it over. But the humans took them over. And then the black goo turned the protagonist into an alien.

To me, the story would have been more interesting if the black goo was to genetically "colonize" the earth/ humanity so as to prevent the exact sort of thing described in the movie, enslavement of others that are different. If everyone is the "same" then there would be no enslavement. The weak aliens could move in and humans would welcome them, since humans would now be aliens.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 10:59 AM
Yes, slipping into a state of control. . .that's the way of humanity. Kill and hate anything that make one question their belief systems. It's the same mentality required to subdue all races. To the aliens in the film, humans are the Nazis. So many people are against Hitler for what he's done. . .but if you're a minority race, space alien, illegal alien, then the majority race, religious stance or way of being will be against you.

This is how humanity is. . .judge, but don't judge. Feel free to be, as long as it's the way I want you to be. Pro-choice, as long as I agreee with your choice. Best of all. . .you are FREE!. . .to abide by the laws that I make.

This is why I think there have been NO alien interventions in our government. . .we're still screwing up, and killing innocent people. BAH!!!

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by Extralien
Very good post and I commend your humanitarian heart.

Now one question not just to you but to every single person out there that believes they would either reject the way these alien creatures were treated or even assist in their liberation:

Have any of you contributed money, or time to the following issues:

Darfur Genocide.
Human Trafficking
USA wars of aggression.
Torture (anywhere including America)
Rwandan Genocide
Armenia Genocide
Injustice in Haiti
Child Soldiering
HIV/AIDS in Africa
South African Apartheid
The Land Rights of Women all over the planet
The War in Vietnam
The Civil Rights Movement in America
The Homeless Situation
World Starvation
World Peace
billions of people who lack the very necessities of life, such and adequate food and clean water.
Human Trafficking / Slavery (There is more now than ever before in the history of man/research this issue)

The lists of all the injustices perpetrated on millions of fellow human beings at this very moment would read a mile long and this is being done to people fellow human beings, the exact same species as you and I.

If powerless aliens landed here, heaven help them. If they were "ugly" according to our human standards they wouldn't have a prayer.

Many people want to be kind and decent and believe they are, however if you are not giving either your time or money to at least one of the many injustices in the world today you are just mouthing the words and not walking the walk.

I'm not talking throwing a couple bucks into the goodwill pot or handing a homeless person a McBurger.

We have billions of humans that have no health care, no housing, the basic necessities of life while we allow our leaders to manipulate us through fear to let them spend billions on war machines. (This alone is insane).

Most people talk a good game but like in the movie, don't want to know and don't care about what is going on all over our planet right at this very moment.

I think D9 tried to show how injustices happen. The pawny bug aliens are segregated off (out of sight / out of mind) and than the PTB abuse and use them for their own evil purposes. This is being done right at this very moment all over the world.

We allow and even idolize people who arrogantly spend thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes or purse while millions go barefooted and starve to death.

We have a District 9 here on earth right here and now in real time.

There is no middle of the road here: we are all either a service to self or service to others type of person and words are cheap.

I help out at a Soup Kitchen and have donated (time and money) to the:

ASPCA (money / time)
World peace (money)
Goodwill (money and clothes)
Soup Kitchen (food and time)

There is no middle of the road here you are either a real humanitarian or a service to selfer period.

We have right now right here real "District 9's" all over this planet and the victimized are earth born. Many are fellow human beings, many are babies, and many are "animals".

Let this movie raise awareness of the many injustices that are occurring and let this movie show us what type of humans we really are.

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 11:46 AM
I haven't read all the replies to this post but here is mine:

I loved this movie and to me, it was a great new add to the movie world!
The fact that it starts with some amateur with an Unusual accent (to me) makes it very unstable, but when gotten used to, makes him a strong character to follow!

I liked the idea of Aliens ALREADY here and makes the movie start as soon as you see that which is great. No waiting for the whole ENCOUNTER of a spaceship and makes it seems normal that Aliens are on Planet Earth.

The Aliens look great, FX are great! The Aliens remind me of us, but more kind. They actually resemble us very much, just they don't turn on eachother! Maybe that is only because they KNOW they are the minority and sorrounded by "Foreigners".

It's some time since I watched it, but the acting of the Human Race didn't surprise me, but still made me pissed off!
It is that fear we have that wants us to CONTROL. Everything has to be controlled in our world or else it's a "potential hazard".

They could've been our best friendly race (only one also, lol - makes it more important to be friendly) and they seemed to be way ahead of us, still having average intelligent aliens, engineer aliens etc.

"Optimus Prime" said something about a lot of Illuminati symbols and such. I don't remember any, but next time I watch it, I will pay attention to this. If they are there on purpose, it can always mean the movie has a "propaganda purpose".

If it is a "propganda purposed" movie, I can imagine it being true. All of us talking about Nibiru and Annunaki coming in 2012 could be the Aliens in the movie, or a lot of things to come like FEMA Camps etc. (Just ideas).

Either way, I believe it was a great movie, and the ending with Wikus & the scrapyard metal flower was the perfect ending to show where he was. I thought that was genious!
I was totally expecting a sequel and now that it's confirmed, I'm really excited!!


Lol, had to get that out!

I'm guessing District 9 the sequel will be District 10?

Since the new "concentration camp" will be called District 10 in the movie!

Anyways, I'll be watching it again, and I'll see if I can get more details on it, and come with a new reply!

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 12:05 PM
OK, now that I have watched the movie I can comment. I haven't read the whole thread, but I did skim through some of the later posts and of course read the OP.

WARNING! Spoilers below! Do not read this post until you have seen the movie!

First, it was way beyond what I had expected. I was actually expecting something like the Planet of the Apes for some reason. Nothing of the sort. Sony Entertainment did an awesome job of creating something entirely new and unique... well, except for one detail: I can't remember from where but the the faces of the prawns seems to ring a bell in my head. I have seen faces like that before.

I loved the documentary style at the beginning and end. It brought out the political and social statements that I feel was the big statement in the film. Man's inhumanity, even while thinking we are humane, is boundless. I would say that this is a style that can be overdone and become cumbersome very easily, but in this film it worked extremely well and was balanced with the storyline.

In some ways, it reminded me of the movie Platoon, in that it was filmed in such a realistic manner. The movie didn't glorify anyone. It instead showed the raw and gory realities (as much as movie-goers will accept) of life in such a situation. The gang-related crime that follows the poor or disadvantaged, the political ambitions that override personal integrity, the battles we all (at least those of us with eyes wide open) encounter between our own views and reality, the extent to which religious intolerance can lead to religious heresy, and public perception/propagation of racism were all represented.

But it did have a partially happy ending. Wikus(sp?) did not die. He lived. In many ways, I think he is more alive at the end than at the beginning of the film. He started out almost robotic, happy-go-lucky, blinded to the horrors happening all around him. He wound up being a real person, having faced down reality and learned more about life in a 1 1/2 hour movie than most of us will learn in a lifetime.

Great job, Sony. Kudos.

I have some questions that were never fully answered. It seemed to me that intelligence was limited to the one prawn who escaped. He lived in a better home than the rest, was able to use technology better than the rest, and was more cognizant of the bigger reality than the rest. Was he the leader, somehow superior to the rest? Was he unique in his intelligence? Or was he just strong enough to resist the survival instincts that overtook the rest of the prawns? I would like to believe the latter.

Why the mothership stopped where it did was also never really answered. Did it run out of fuel? That would make sense with the plot, but then how did it hover motionless for 20 years? And why was it in Johannesburg in the first place? Perhaps a fight with another species left them damaged and unable to go far? That would jibe with the conditions found when the ship was first boarded. Perhaps these can be answered (or at least hinted at) in a sequel.

As for a sequel (which I really hope happens!), I have one suggestion: DO NOT FIRE THE WRITERS! They did an awesome job with this one, and I would not presume to tell them how to continue. Let the story develop as they see fit. I am certain it will take back up in three years; there would be something inherently wrong with showing the prawns as such intelligent creatures and then not allowing this one upon whom all hope of friendship lies to make good on on his word.

One last point: I especially liked the locale used. The USA is but a small part of this globe, yet it seems too often to be considered as the majority of the planet. It's nice to see someone realizes it is what it is: a major player, yes, but not the whole planet.


posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 12:40 PM
I havent read through this entire thread carefully, so forgive me if this poin has been discussed

It may be more obvious in the original "Alive in Joberg" short, but even the major film touched on the obvious theme of aparthied, especially with the comments made by the locals about unfounded or exaggerated fears of the Prawn's actions (murders, theft, even rape!) That, ironically enough, led to the very political disgrace called apartheid that took away freedoms and liberty from the same people now complaining about the Prawns and calling for them to be treated in the same way. This was no accident the movie was set in South Africa.

While district 9 did an admirable job in extending the story line and adding more of a sci-fi element to an overt political commentary, it would be difficult not to include the obvious conclusion the oppression of the many by the few always comes to. It will be interesting to see how they pull this off in the sequel.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 12:49 PM

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 01:49 PM
District 10 (summary)

Desireables - Those of honesty and high moral standards.

Undesireable - Those who love greed, power and death.

They are coming back except this time with re-enforcements.

Another mother ship is here but this one is not dingy. It was designed for "desireables"(alien military/alien police force.)

District 10 Is taken over by the desirables. All humans are removed from the facility and it is now being policed 24hrs a day.

When government contact is established (actual communication with translators) We aggressively denounce them for being here just to find out that we are actually the ones on trial.

It turns out that a planet cannot be allowed to enter the "Galactic Federation" with undesireables living amongst them. There is too much risk with too much power. So when a planet does progress enough to join they are allowed to send their undesireables to the next planet ready to be tested.

The thing is they are tested as a whole based on their thoughts feelings and treatment of the undesireables alien and human. And there is a time limit. 2012

If by this time we haven't learned to treat undesireables in a universally acceptable manner we will be forever cut off from all alien species.

They leave our governments with District 10 and say they will be back in 2012
Ok so in comes our main characters from d9:

First we have the escaped alien I'll just call him redvest b/c thats what he wore.

redvest is an alien engineer and his partner was the pilot. They dedicated there lives to getting those undsireables here. You see the way they dealt with their undesireable was to keep them on the mothership from d9 and simply send them all the supplys they would need to live a good life.

And then we have Wikus our alien human combo.

B/c of his efforts to give his life to save redvest and his child. He is awarded with becoming the first "human" diplomat. (how ironic, the first human diplomat is an alien)

So when the aliens leave, redvest and a small crew takes wikus into space to learn how life is outside of our little planet. I'm not going into detail b/c you only need to use your imagination to know what he sees and learns.

They won't be gone long though they are tasked with helping human alien relations.

Without going into too much detail there will be uprisings of people who want nothing to do with aliens. Wars murders espionage the whole ten yards.

You know I really don't wanna give the ending out. I'll just say this
1. there is 1 last surprise
2. Yes the aliens have the tech to read thoughts and feelings but they can't read potential or the future.

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 03:46 PM
Well, given that District 9 was a throw-back to the Apartheid flicks and propaganda of the late 80s, with a sci-fi twist. Great.

Since they've already made their mediocre masterpiece they might as well explain what happens 3 years later when, we would hope, the alien comes back to fix up whats-his-name.

Also, they really ought to tread lightly with a sequel, after all District 9 also borrows heavily from the "Alien Nation" movies/concept, and man they killed that movie/TV show to death. Just about anything they could conceive has probably already been covered just with that one show.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 04:50 PM
I really enjoyed the mystery surrounding the Insectoids. That gives the movie a very realistic feel. For the next film, more scenes with research done on the alien visitors would be excellent. More mystery around the alien visitors and Humans attempting to back engineer their technology. District 9 really reminded me of a video game/arcade game. I really enjoyed the movie, but I think with the next film they should take the opportunity to really grasp the mystery of visitors to Earth. Kind of like a caveman seeing a computer for the first time....

I would like to see the combination of a prequel and a sequel.

I'd like to see how and why the Insectoids ended up on Earth.

I'd like to see what immediately happened after their escape.

I'd like to see multiple alien races come into play.

I'd like to see the World's reaction to this.

With an edge of your seat ending.

What would our planet do after their Ship left? What would we do? If black op governments exists, what would they do?

This is what I would like to see.

I would like a scene that reveals a Galactic Federation between Humans and Aliens. A scene that reveals the true political structure of the Universe.

This would increase the mystery and be a major twist in the plot. This turning point would show there is much much more going on than a giant ship coming to Earth and the creation of District 9. A real shocker.

This is where additional Alien races would come into play. I think the next film must have more advanced alien races. Make the film almost to the point of a Rated R Star Wars/Pulp Fiction, with scenes jumping around, between different alien races and their own social structure with in, and the different perspectives and interaction with the other aliens and judgement upon the other alien races. Really exotic and twisted view points that are so foreign with one another, that its alien.

The film would also jump around with scenes of the social structure of Human's reaction to all this chaos, and who sees what, and what really goes on in different levels of government and society. A City of God type atmosphere to the scenes. A real unraveling of the Black Ops government resulting in a complete meltdown in humanity.

Scenes shot with chaos on Earth. Scenes shot with a more slick/calm look when up in Space.

I would also like to see new aliens that have never been imagined by Hollywood or literature, nothing from Ufology, or Ancient Aliens. I think this is important because the Insectoid looking guys we're pretty original and with the size of the Universe, I'd like to see some new ideas.

Then end the movie with a big production. That leaves you asking more questions than ever before when the credits roll.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 05:04 PM
sounds like you like my ideas two posts up. My idea would deliver all that you ask and more. and If i went into detail it would combine the most popular conspiracy theories.

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 12:22 AM

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 12:52 AM

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 01:04 AM
I haven't seen it yet, & its 2 days away from being released here, so not too long. But just reading the posts & the preamble to the movie, I can't help thinking that this isn't how we'd treat Aliens if they were discovered here on Earth. I reckon they might have got it right in Independence Day, when they opened fire on the space ships! It seems our style is to shoot first & ask questions later, especially when frightened.

Anyway, will give my opinion of the movie in about a week when I have watched it a few times after it comes out!

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 04:27 AM
Honestly I would think if aliens were detained and put somewhere it would be in Australia under high military security, such as pine gap.

*sneeze* Did I say something I didnt mean pine gap or the huge giant space surveillance system and mobile phone interception hardware.

Lets also not forget it harbours the Australian nuclear military program which apparently halted ages ago


Its a joint research facility which is so secret not even Australian politicians know what goes on there.

And there is good reason.
they have a really nice swimming pool too!

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by nrky

'IT does not matter if the cat is white or black, but as long as it catches the rats, it is a good cat" so said the former leader of reformed China-Deng Xio Ping.

In equal measure, so too must we not be choosy upon the platform in which we use to promote alternative views to the public, using them just as they used us.

Whatever perceptions and intentions Sony has, regardless if they should use our viewpoints or not, the fact remains that our views remains here in ATS for all future generations to read once Part 2 hits the screens, should they seek alternate views.

Benefits are mutual and non-exclusive


Despite the clamour for Disclosure, one critical question many failed to ask when an alien fleet arrives in the sky is this - What happens next?

To some, the presumption would be for foolish hostility to begin - the killing and shutting down of something we dont know and out of fear.

To others, the presumption would be 'rapture' - aliens came to free us and will give us knowledge, make our lives better - rest on clouds, feed on grapes and wine and will have 72 virgins accompany us for eternity, paradise, etc ,etc.

NOTHING can be more far wrong than such presumptions. Even though there is no documentation on aliens, let alone know if they exists, but PRESUMING that they exists, then they can only be presumed as living beings - capable of thought and actions, such as space travel, which we human species are still at an infant fossilized fueled rockets stage yet.

And being living beings, capable of interstellar travel, they would be high up on the food chain. For such beings to exist, they would need to form societies - an ingredient for civilisation to exist - to protect themselves and further growth.

And within societies, ALL would have roles to perform - leaders, workers, followers - economic activities, in order to survive.

So, they cannot be magicians who live loftily on clouds, but economic entities just like us human societies, evolving materially and mentally.

And comming here to Earth would either mean we join in to their economic actitivities thru trade, if we have something that they may need, OR...we become operators for their economic activities - slaves, of which we must all defend with our lives for the sake of the next generations.

In the end, economics will still rule sentient beings, on this planet or from another planet. It will be on such basis - economics - that ALL communications MUST be made upon the alien fleet's arrival, and not on foolish hostilities by the military-industrial complex or mouth watering illusions of 'rapture' by the slow witted.

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 08:34 AM

Originally posted by liquidsmoke206
reply to post by Dargar

I disagree, if a buncha creatures that looked like prawns suddenly showed up clicking and eating catfood like savages we would treat them like the bottom feeders that they are.

D9 was a great take on an alien movie, and probably pretty realistic. Actually it was more of a social commentary then an alien movie. This is probably how it would play out. We would want as much control over these things as possible and for good reason too.

I mean, what do you do with millions of aliens that just show up? They'd have to go into a refugee camp.

Just look at how humans treat human refugees! Ever seen a refugee camp with decent running water, food and accommodation.....thought not.

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