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"District 9" Speculative Discussion Thread

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:09 AM
It hit me that perhaps this could be used as an idea to "seed" the planet with these beings? (Exploiting our curiosity and good will perhaps) The theme of "messengers of deception" comes to mind, maybe this could have been the plan all along, seeing that they were capable of bioengineering that black liquid stuff? But still, they are depicted as being as segregated and part of a hierarchy or not, as we are, and as far as i can remember just a fragment of these beings were hostile, but who woudlnt with treatment like that.

And i do think that if this happen tomorrow, we´d be building or placing them in an existing vast underground complex. And there would be much more focus on the ship itself, i believe, figuring out whatever.

The fist thread with ship of slaves is a good idea, seeing that they made no attempt to get out of the situation suggests that they were trapped. Or perhaps a warrior race? Or dumbed down version of the rest?

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:26 AM
Great movie, very unique

I think there should be variations within the the species, sort of like Planet of the Apes where you have the the Gorilla's, Chimps, and Orangutans.
Each variation has a disposition military, scientific, political and they debate amongst themselves what to do with humanity once they come back to earth in force. We have only seen the worker drones within there society.

New sub-species could be shown, as well as new ships, if that was a transport ship, what does a military spaceship look like. There is lots of room for expansion in a few area's. That would make it interesting.

You could also do a Star Trek Generation Q type story where humanity needs to justify it's continued existence, after showing it's barbarism to the aliens.

World court case, with humanity on trial, if found guilty, what would the penalty be? You could make it a really morally thought provoking movie.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:29 AM
Great Work District 9!

As we humans relearn what we already knew, it's my view that sequel II should start revealing the true history of civilisation and the sending down of the 70 Angels under Azazel. "An Upgraded Prawn like Angelic figure being more Aeshetically superior" coming to earth that Enoch speaks of, who "God(s)" never was to happy about sending down, that were to teach Enoch all the great things, but that after 3 years turned and did our woman and Nephilia & Giant Mutants ensued, hence the flood.....let's rock with part II. Subsequent to the 70 under Azazel turning to wickedness and the teaching of magic, metallurgy, wizardry, makeup, piercings and all forms of enhanced corruption. The arrival of the "prawns" seems to be a "sub culture" of their own "fathers". I would therefore request the follow up to include the possible arrival of Nibiru with their "elders" on board the Planet with the accompanying pilot ships, all linking into the Annunaki and Sumerian teachings. They would return to remind us of our origins. Be creative! The Idea would of course be totally SOLID should we create a DREADED GOD like Man that would head the arrival...decend with a Kingdom....and Ensure peace upon earth for like 1000 years...crystal streams and Sh&t....and outside the peace place, all those who did not "care" about others....the true "prawns"...evildoers... this movie would thus become the most revalatory piece of visual media ever to be published. I would stringly remind the producer to focu on the Rastafarian Dread God of Jah having a main like a all His the Planet and ship and all cultures.....similar to the "Predator" Man is in His image. The possibilities are limitless!!!! But work it towards the actual realities of what is coming....tie it up to the Word....coz it's all Good and real...They will come to alleviate all the cr*p that the Illuminati would have wrapped up by then. I mean the current planned rollout of the Mark of The beast through transactional banking concerning buying and selling. Make sure when they arive all huimans either accepted or rejected the mark, coz that's when it's gonna happen anyways....let's make it Big!!!....

Can't wait D9 team....

More Fire!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by watcher73

Part of the sponsorship agreement includes creating a few discussion threads that speculate about how the events in District 9 might play out in the "real world" of 2009.

I speculate that this is Sony Pictures way of getting more ideas for the sequel. I also speculate that the only payment will be in the form of this sponsorship.

Again, so what?

Do we have to be paid for every idea in our head? Has it come to that?

Howboutz we inject some intellect into the forum?

Or is that passe` too?

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:30 AM
I think an alien race would have more to fear from religious doctrine than they would through racism. Especially if the boards of ATS are anything to go by. I recently participated in a thread here where the more fanatical religious members proclaimed the aliens as demons... and they truly believed it, quoting scripture as they always do.

It reminded me of the old witch burning mentality where women were demonized by those who lived in perpetual fear of a vengeful god. Sadly it seems some of these draconian mentalities still exist in large numbers today.

Ideas for a sequel:

20 years later, humans start to die of a strange disease that was spread to us unaware by the aliens. Something like mad cow disease, we didn't notice it ticking away inside us until the symptoms started to show. There is no known cure.

Religious factions start to spread fear and hatred that the aliens are really demons spreading biblical plagues... etc Everything is quickly turning apocalyptic.

The news that a miracle birth of a baby between an earth male and alien women doesn't help matters. The religious group sends out a 'death squad' of believers to exterminate the baby and it's parents believing that it is the birth of the anti-christ...yada yada yada... Yet at the same time, the scientific community has a strong suspicion that her genetics holds the key to a cure (and salvation of the human race).

The religious faction abduct the baby and mother and whisk them away 'overseas' to some ancient location so they can be sacrificed in a misguided, draconian ceremony to save the souls of humanity.

The good guys (scientists) must find them before the baby is killed (burned to ashes leaving no viable DNA) and time runs out for the human race.

It will have action, romance and lots of lovely orange explosions! And lets not forget the thought provoking (we really need each other) moral at the end when everything turns out roses!


posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:35 AM
I just watched the movie for the first time. My thoughts mixed. In the beginning of the movie we were first introduced to seemingly animal like creatures who were as ugly looking as a bug in my mind. As the movie progressed to the humans selling them ( the bugs LOL) cat food my next thought was the humans were less then one step up from them and even uglier in there nature. My prospective at this point was: "Confused" The ETs did not seem like they were the ones driving the spacecraft. At first, I thought maybe they were slaves of who ever was driving the ship!!

However, I could not help to think about the many ufo videos were F-16s were ether shooting or chasing them. It seems we always shoot first and ask questions later. Even in this movie, "We broke into there ship because "we got tired of waiting for the door to open. We always seem to fear the unknown and that is a normal part of human nature. Hell we have problems with the vast amount of cultures here on earth. We fight with each other because of color, could you imagine running into something that looked like the ETs in the movie.

Next, there was a total break down in humanitarian aid for the visitors so we fence them in and made them live like pigs. well all along we were trying to rape there technology for "weapons technology". You know that's a really bad idea. My take on the ETs were they were maybe 10.000 years ahead of us, maybe!. What the hell would we do if ETs 4 billion years ahead of us showed up? LOL Shoot them?

You know, this is one very good reason why we need to know the truth!! we need time to prepare everybody on how to handle ET. Even if ET shows up looking like a nasty spider that can out smart us in every way. We need to turn our fear into faith and show are best side at the first meeting. I liked the movie because it demonstrated our very sick behavior. But I have a question? Do you think if ET watched the movie they would like it.?

Even the guy who helped the boy and his father in the end had his own motives, he wanted his life back. He did not care about the ETs needs. We need an open dialog with the world on how to greet ET if they show no hostility and even if they do. O-well, that's my take and feelings are not facts.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:43 AM
The only thing i did not like from the movie, was the stupid way the intelligent alien lose the "black liquid", it does not make a lot of sense... he really was intelligent, wasn't him?

Was the black liquid a philosopher stone? the fact that a human can turn into an alien tells me that we are not that different. For me, the impact was the implicit message that those aliens were like a model of humanity: everybody is more or less a dumb sheep, except for one and his son...

The nice message (i think) is the one of redemption. The egoist an stupid protagonist, in the end accept to fight and die for "other" than himself.

A detail that got my attention was the 3 year span for the return of the mothership: 2012

The movie start with an event that never is explained, the arrive of this huge mothership with a cargo full of aliens just about to die. This gives a very particular vision of the universe that i feel is very, very human. So, in the end, this story is also, a mirror of human ideas, hopes and fears. Then, i would spec a second part able to reflect realization: the alien return with a darker liquid that can turn aliens into humans: all aliens were in fact humans captured by an evil and slaving civilization from a different galaxy. %)

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:44 AM
To be honest, District 9 was nothing like I expected. Although it was unique with how the movie played out, I think that humanity would be at a bit more ease with the aliens if they figured out a way to apply them to helping out the world just as we all try too. If, for example, the aliens could share technology and help us build better structures, spaceships, etc. would we be hostile to them? I think not.

If Sony does make a sequel, I'd like to see some cooperation between us and the alien species. Of course some sort of battle would more than likely occur but out of it something good would be proposed.

Maybe starting the movie with a battle, and going from there would be alright... But I'm no movie writer so I guess it really has no difference.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:58 AM
I enjoyed watching D9 and if there is a sequeal can you use more of those Toyota Hilux's? They were tough as.....LOL

Anyway, sequeal wise....lets ee...what can I imagine here?

The Prawn that said he'd be back in 3 years.....May not mean he is going back home for help......

We dont know where home is, or if there even is a home left....they might have escaped a galactic cataclysm on their own planet and there were ships sent out in alll directions in the hope some prawns may find a welcoming planet to call home. Bit like the human arks in 2012.

So back in 3 years may mean travelling to the last planet they saw one of their arks land on......not knowing what even their fate would have been.

This theory could spin off into 2 different ways -

Firstly- the prawn lands on a planet where the other prawn ark landed but the species of inhabitants are reptilians......the planet has become a reptilian military outpost after they have conquered the original humanoid inhabitants from that planet. Both the prawns and former humanoid inhabitants are now slaves under reptilian rulers. The lone prawn from earth landing there causes the reptilians to search his ship, they find a travel log of where he's been and they launch another imperial attack against earth on a massive scale for global conquest and another reptilian outpost within the solar system.

The prawns in the refugee camps here share their knowledge with the humans on instellar humans pickup signals from other humans on Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.....our whole place in the universe and beleifs is challenged by this unravelling information.....the humans from the other planets in the solar system arrive in massive armardas to defend earth from the reptilian attack.......

Our governments had known of these humans on the other planets in the solar system but with exchanges in technology with the greys the greys made the leaders of the world promise not to ever allow the humans know about the other planets being liveable or even inhabited with humans.

Anyway, big war on earth and in space...large portions of the planets wiped out and inhabitable...small population of humans is left to live alongside the prawns that are here and the humans from the other planets all start a new life together without religion and a mutual respect for life.....

Secondly - the prawn arrives on a world where the other prawn arc had landed and the humanoid inhabitants are a peaceful and loving species.

They have learnt to co habit with the new arrives and share knowledge and technology together and have built a world of 2 species that is very strong and intelligent.

The prawn arriving on this world gets their sympathy after telling them how humans have mis treated them. They fly to earth to come in peace and teach us knowledge and help us fix our planet and save all the prawns and poor people of the planet. TPTB do not like this at all. The new humanoids warn the leaders that a comet is heading for earth and they can save humanity if only humanity would embrace them.

The people of earth welcome them after they show examples of free energy and their technology and how they cure illnesses....but the powers that be are angry at this, spured on by the greys in the back ground. Whilst the prawns, humanoids and earthlinks are getting high and having massive peace orgies in the refugee camps, the army and greys swarm in and destroy everyone.

At the end of the movie, humanity's greed and lust for power and control is rewarded by the comet smashing into planet earth and destroying it.....becoming a lesson for the humanoids on the other planets in the solar system.

Phew...I like option one.....

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 02:14 AM
Well I had the pleasure of watching the movie in the theatre and was wondering what exactly was it, a documentary, disinfo campaine, smearing honey around our mouths or just a quick cheap way to make some money, because the film was very low budget. The alien issue remains underground and such an attempt will never do anyone good to get UFOLOGY out into the mainstream media. Ladies and gentlemen, the only great idea and theme for me was that a alien spaceship could just park and hover a few thousand feet in air for twenty years. This will be the awakening moment for billions of people that aliens and UFO's are real when choose to park in your own back yard or at the front door. Lastly, yes the humans finally overcame the gentic thing with their alien weapons but did most of you realize that these beings were very contagious and contanimating everything they touched?

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 02:55 AM
If a "District 9" situation were happening right now, then I would most certainly be one of those people who would be doing something to stop the foul treatment. I would be fighting for the independence and assistance of a race clearly in need of help.

They clearly stated they just wanted to go home.

As do we all.

Wether we are locked up in the cells for a night for being too drunk, held against our will in a foreign country under suspiscion fo 'something' or if we are captured soldiers.. We all just want to go home.

It is our current system of control that is a major problem for us Humans. I cannot imagine what we would really do if an alien race suddenly appeared here asking for help.

TPTB are so paranoid of us average citizens that we have immigration control, customs control, passports, borders, barriers, guards, ID cards etc etc. for almost everything we do and everywhere we go.

There are those, though few, who are locked up with a deadly virus they happen to be carrying (TB for example), others are quarantined.
Just what would we do, and how, to a visiting race?

This is a very tough subject to cover and one that we all are barely scratching the surface on. I, myself, feel that any words I type here could never be enough.

How can we come to terms with such a situation? We have a hard enough time on our own streets. There are those who have so much hate for other races and religions. How can we truly deal with alien visitors in ned of help?

Would "give them a chance" be too easy to do? Or is that asking for trouble?
In this current society, there will be those who wish to take advantage for profit or control. There will be those who see alien visitors as demons who need to be cleansed from the Earth. Yet, there will be many, many more who will welcome them with open arms. Life reaches out to life. There will be those who are very "live and let live' who will just ignore everything and carry on with what they are doing.

With a race who have the ability to arrive here from deep space and our inability to feed, house and care for many of our own, just what do we believe we could do anyway? Our technology is limited, the ability of TPTB to open up their arms are almost nil.

District 9 is a stepping stone out of our past and into our future thoughts as to how we behave and act.

After world war two, we were all asked to remember... remember all those who fought and died in order to stop a regime. We all know what happened in WW2.

If we have any Humanity in us at all, we cannot let history repeat itself any more. Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them forever.

We kill everything. We struggle to save ourselves.

I can hear the very first few questions being asked if 'they 'arrived' right now.
What shall we do with them? Where shall we put them? What can we learn from them?
District 9 shows one possible outcome to those questions.

We cannot allow that to happen.

Our treatment of the district 9 inhabitants would not be forgotten. We know they would come back for all of their kind.. and what else would they bring with them? Vengence?

I would be far happier and my soul would be deeply satisfied, after giving all the help I could, if i was to simply receive a sub-space email saying 'Thanks for all the chocolate'.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 03:16 AM
sony, if your listening, don't make a sequel... you always mess up good things...


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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 03:44 AM
the sad fact is we cannot care for alien visitors let alone the sick, hungry and poor of our own species , or even the plants or animals of our planet or even our planet . So what hope to a stranded alien species have ! NONE

the human race is a joke , save for the few brilliant minds who throughout our existance strive to propel the human race to greatness

the rest of us are just along for the ride

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 03:45 AM
What the visitors showed was obviously more " humanity" then the humans.
Humans have gone over to only think about money and careers and are almost totally hollow inside today.

Visitors should have been integrated into the society as full attendants of this planets just as humans are. We are NOT the crown of the creation as the so many times referred to bible say. We are nothing more special then the other creatures on this or any other planet.

Also have to say it was the first " outside the box" SciFi movie i`ve seen in a long time and it was VERY good. I`ll give it a 9 out of 10 stars.

One minus only for the sometimes muddled, confused sound image, that appeared from time to time.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 04:51 AM
First I'd like to say that this is a great boost for ATS a chance for something we say to matter from a crowd that loves the genre and has great ideas. Great Work Guys!!!

The Black liquid...

I Imagine that the Aliens would have intended to use this as a method of introducing themselves to other species.

A sort of Rapture like moment where the plan was to arrive, take aboard many members of the new species, US and introduce this chemical so those People could live among them, understand them from a place of experience and then turn them back into Humans so that they could relate their experience As having BEEN these Aliens back to the rest of us.

A safe effective way of creating understanding between two new species...

Likely the intention would have been to place some of themselves among us to live as Humans as well.

Things went Horribly Awry

If this was a military ship or colonization ship there would have been far more weapons.

So I see it as a sort of Enterprise mission to seek out new worlds and this Liquid as the method of introduction as intended.

The Sequel

The first assumption that is going to go through the heads of world leaders would be FEAR of a returning invasion Force...

The remaining Aliens are only going to get it worse over the next three years, a mad dash to extract information and build up any tech capable of fighting them based on what we can gather.

The Aliens however, would be returning trying to correct a mistake they would view as their own fault, they meant to introduce, they understand the process of revulsion, culture shock and what happens, that is WHY they invented the Black liquid in the first place...

So they return, surely with more force expecting our reaction and the plot line would revolve around the Human/Alien character and HIS experience among the Aliens as the last hope for peace with an Earth preparing for war and possibly giving the Aliens no choice...

His understanding of the Alien culture being the Only Human to have shared this experience as the Aliens intended would be Mankind's last hope for peace, a race for what he has discovered in his time as an Alien about them their emotions their intentions to be made aware to Mankind.

Among the Aliens there would be those who viewed things to have gone irrevocably wrong a desire to extinguish us while also those who still have hope that things could be salvaged...

When they returned Humanities efforts to extinguish them through the course of the film would cause a greater and greater sense of dis-ease among the higher ranking aliens who would come to be concerned that if they do not stop this now they would have inadvertently created an Enemy both via action and release of technology capable of fighting them a menace to other civilizations as well as them.

The film would progress as the one Alien who returned races to find the Human convert and bring this all to a stop before Humanity is destroyed, likewise Humanity would be close to being able to destroy them as well because of technological secrets they have gathered. In either scenario there would be only War UNLESS the Mans Understanding of what is in reality underlying what we perceive as an Ugly Alien Race a genuinely beautiful culture with good intentions is revealed...

The climax would be that revelation brought public and the Mans desire to drink the Black Liquid yet again returning to being among them rather than remain Human.

Hope you guys Like my thought's!!!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 04:56 AM
And hey... while your at it... Have the guys who made Cloverfield give me a U2U

Really, really annoyed at the lack of a sequel there, if they are stuffed for ideas I'm available...

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 04:56 AM

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:20 AM
Seems like just another alien/human plot. Why can't Hollywood come up with an intelligent, savvy and realistic storyline than what we always get presented with?

Perhaps a movie about an older man who was at Roswell and has kept "evidence" hidden away for all these years until his grandson finds it and happens to be an ATSer...Now thats realistic

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:29 AM

Originally posted by mikelee

Perhaps a movie about an older man who was at Roswell and has kept "evidence" hidden away for all these years until his grandson finds it and happens to be an ATSer...Now thats realistic

I'd like to pre-order a ticket immediately. In fact, I'll give $12 and 3 previously used D9 ticket stubs.


Edit: Surely I took 2 people to the movie with me. I most definately didn't watch it 3 times. Ha!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 06:22 AM
Maybe with all this movies nowadays like district 9 and 2012 and others they are just bringing it forward the possibility of alien life and that one they when we will see will believe.

In anticipation of that I assume the worst case sceneraios are prented just to get us ready.

How we will react?

Now you have to think about it. Is one thing to show somebody a movie and depends how open minded it is the reaction when he or she will be face with the Reality of an alien race coming /visiting or trying something in regards to planet Earth,that will be a different story.

The truth is they are they have always been here before us during ad they will be after. The fact that we are so blinded makes us primitive. There are only few who see the big picture all the others all they se is money greed and ulterior motives.

District 9 gives us a picture of how majority of humans are deep inside the animalistic nature and all other bad aspects are presented.

I think it was a great movie .

Looking forward for a sequel.

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