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LEAKED: Internal note by the Secretariat calculating current deal

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 10:36 AM
PLEASE NOTE: This is a confidential doc that has been leaked from the UNFCCC, with the Annex 1 countries’ pledges…when added up they amount to 550ppm and a 3 degree temp rise

UNFCCC leaked draft

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 10:41 AM
China willing to detail emission effort

According to Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei China is ready for "dialogue and cooperation that is not intrusive, that does not infringe on China's sovereignty".

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 10:58 AM
I skimmed through the entire thing and didn't make much of it.
All I can understand is that the undesireable goal is 550ppm, which we are at 450ppm?

The paper shows a gap of 10.5Gt to the required level of 44Gt needed to achieve stabilization of the concentration of emissions in the atmosphere that is consistent to the goal of staying below 2(degrees)C...

...This gap could be partly covered by the emission savings that could result from minimum pledges and maximum pledges.



posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 11:08 AM
It is bizarre.

Developing nations want 350ppm, but the rumour was 550ppm on the table (even though the draft begs to differ)

NGO have been locked out the talks. Ministers have taken over the negotiating.

I very much doubt an official treaty will be leaked to the public, that will detail the construction and implementations of the international organisations (and new entities) that will govern the whole process.

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 11:09 AM
Reuters:U.N. forest-carbon scheme "nearly done"

We've gone from "talks are dead. Game over" to a new agreement coming out literally every five minutes. China has even dropped protests.


posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 11:34 AM

I'm sorry, but I find it completely moronic that this nitwit politicians think that money will allow them to keep CO2 levels and temperature within a certain range.

Even if something does get signed the Senate has to ratify the treaty and that isn't going to happen, so it's just a worthless piece of paper just so Obama has the ability to parade around and point fingers of blame at other people for nothing getting done.

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