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The Pentagon Prepares for a Missile Attack from 'Iran'

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 04:50 AM

The Pentagon Prepares for a Missile Attack from 'Iran'

Fake "North Korean" missiles have been hurtling over the Pacific toward the United States for years, providing test fodder for the Pentagon's missile-defense systems. But next month, the fake-enemy missiles flying over the same ocean are going to be "Iranian." The timing of the test, however, has nothing to do with a missile test-fired by Iran on Tuesday. That was a medium-range Sajjil-2 missile capable of targeting Israel or U.S. bases in the Gulf. Next month's U.S. interceptor test will, inst
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 04:50 AM
I think this is a message from the Obama administration as a propaganda campaign, everyone who is informed of Iranian technology knows that the Shahab 3 is a on-mass weapon, meaning its not designed for incredibly accurate hits rather for mass devistation.

What my theory is that the obama administration will use this as a show pony to say "we can counter your missiles"- let me remind you that there are counter missile batteries, but there are also counter systems for those and tests even regarding that have shown that with countermeasures deployed from a single missile the system becomes confused and the accuracy levels drop significantly. This is a known fact of the missile defense system.

A shahab 3 from what the US knows it to be and its capeabilities will not be 100% correct in the simulation.
the US will base it soley on the first Shahab 3, not the B, or C

and this does not show the capeabilities against the Sejill, or its variant.

Thoughts appreciated, please brainstorm and comment.

This has happened very quickly as of the Iranian missile test.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Excuse me, since when does Iran have any ICBM’s..? Both new sejiil and shehab are at max 2-2500 km range.

I’d rather call it US internal publicity from the AIPAC for more fear mongering.

More of this at the link below.

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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by amkia

I agree with you entirely.


Im sad to see J-street isnt getting enough momentum.

the one thing that breaks my heart is that obama went into the whitehouse with a different look, to what he had on his face when he came out... obviously something awful.

they probably said to him US foreign policy regarding Israel is to support it regardless of the choices it makes. He probably was told about events which were predeterimed, and things to come.

Iran is known to have needed nuclear power in the past, and Israelis military doctrie is to stay the most powerful in the region, and its failing.
their plutonium has ceased and their nuclear stockpiles have degraded and not functional.

And Iran has tens of thousands of shahabs, and a few hundred sejil missiles ready to fire.

People underestimate Iran, we think in our puny little mind of what the media has instilled in us an image of what they call 'rag heads' kicking a ball in the sand, well bad news yanks.

These 'ragheads' have a modernised army, and missiles which outclass American defense systems, and Israeli.

The US constantly denies this, but when you dig deep, you see the defense systems have a very high rate of failure due to 'countermeasures' being deployed by the missiles. The North Koreans have this technology, and this was a subject for Japan at one point, and we know that Iran's missile capeabilities are far more advanced and better quality than that of the North Koreans.

and by the way they do have an ICBM,

Remember the space rocket?

They recently turned it into a giant missile.

The media isnt reporting on it yet but give it time, they want to wait and see the Iranians test more missiles, and then drill in the 'terror' documentaries, and claiming they work with al queda (BS!!!!)

Its the same allegations as the Houthis and Al Queda,,,,

It makes no sense to have an extreme Sunni Group working with an Extreme Shia group....


posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 07:41 AM
The long and the short of it is that the former Shah of Iran’s son the Prince wants his throne back and the Powers that Be mean for him to have it, as usual at OUR expense.

As False Flags go 9-11 was probably about the most successful and popular in History. Yet because such tales require the government itself to get a certain amount of egg on their face, and become less certain and effective with repeated use a spectacular act of unconventional terrorism like that simply won’t do again.

Despite years of increasingly intense media propaganda a good portion of the public as well as a fair portion of the U.S. House of Representatives will not go along with or get excited about an additional war with Iran.

So…there will have to be a False Flag on American Soil and one that can be linked into the Iranian Story Line that plays nicely within the confines and guidelines of the existing propaganda war which is all about Missiles and Nuclear Bombs!

Back during the Bush years an unusual unauthorized training flight ended up departing with 6 live nuclear warheads in violation of U.S. training flight procedures. Strangely when it landed only 5 of the nuclear warheads were still on board! The sixth weapon has never been found or accounted for and it’s a safe bet to say its out there in CIA/MOSSAD hands waiting for a rainy day.

Chances are this time around the Western Intelligence Community and the Military Industrial Complex and its Bankers will conduct a nuclear false flag on American Soil likely targeting a Southern U.S. City from some remote Caribbean Island. The Government and Media will claim it was an Iranian Missile and Nuclear War Head but launched from Venezuela in an attempt to use synergy to kill two birds with one stone. Well three when you count the fact that someone or something will be in that U.S. City that they would like to make go up and disappear in a cloud of Radioactive Smoke!

Our governments and the intelligence agencies that control and run them really don’t have much regard or use for us unwashed masses.

If such a false flag occurs look for it to happen the week following Christmas before New Years, and it’s a safe bet it will be Langley not Tehran that is responsible for it.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by amkia

I suspect, rather than heading for the US.....

These practices are about a Iranian attack on US troops/bases/ships in the area.

Simply put, Iran can't get a missile over here.

Actually, the funny thing is that every country Iran has threatened, has the ability to vaporize Iran's cities...

Just saying...

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 08:55 AM

A.) If they TEST the nukes to come up with strategies ... its propaganda to go to war...


B.) If they don't TEST the nukes to come up with strategies and we all get hit - then "Obama was in on it"

Lose Lose

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by mrmonsoon

Iran actually hasn't threatened any countries, care to share which nation(s) it has threatened other than Iran's hypothetical reaction to attacks instigated by some other nation(s) like Israel, the UK or the US?

The only thing that can even be remotely construed as a threat is Iran stating it would like to see Zionist Israel gone.

That’s like someone saying they would like to say the Neoconservative U.S. gone.

Like with the Zionists that’s just wishing for a change in the political landscape not the geographical landscape and that’s typical political rhetoric for politicians the world over.

For years we wanted to see communist Russia destroyed. That didn’t mean we here in the U.S. wanted to destroy Russia just the political movement it was being led and governed by.

That’s a huge difference and besides the use of some low intensity clandestine covert operations violence getting rid of communism in Russia didn’t require militarily attacking it.

It more or less fell from within by the weight of the people who didn’t like the system. This is pretty much what the Western World is wishing will happen in Iran that its theocracy will collapse from internal pressure from groups who don’t want to live under it.

Zionist Israel itself will fall from within eventually as Orthodox Jews and many other non-Orthodox Jews who are opposed to Zionism and how it violates the Torah and human decency put more and more pressure of their own against the entrenched Zionist status quo in Tel Aviv.

The reality is that it’s the United States, the United Kingdom and especially Israel that are not just threatening countries and regions but actually routinely attacking them militarily.

Iran is a peaceful nation that has never under it’s theocracy government initiated hostilities against any nation.

Israel manages to attack Lebanon, or Gaza or the West Bank or blow up some suspected nuclear reactor in places like Iraq or Syria at the rate of at least once a year.

Iran has attacked no one.

That there is far more to this than what the people are being told, when Syria was suspected of having a Nuclear facility Zionist Israel just simply blew it up without warning.

There was no phony propaganda war waged first for years, or even any cries for war against Syria before or after Israeli Bombers destroyed the suspect Syrian Facility.

No this is about putting the Shah’s son back on the Peacock Throne and restoring that Throne to Iran whether they Iranian people want it or not.

This is all about the Zionist Manifesto to dominate the entire Middle Eastern Region.

It’s glaringly obvious to independent and critical minds that objectively study and research what is really going on versus the brainwashing propaganda that the Mainstream News Media and the Israeli, American and United Kingdom puts out.

The best thing that could ever happen to Israel would be getting rid of the Zionists who hide behind, and use and abuse good and decent Jews everywhere.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I couldn’t be agree more, great post and mature response. Thank you for the shared wisdom.


posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 09:36 AM

Originally posted by amkia
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I couldn’t be agree more, great post and mature response. Thank you for the shared wisdom.


Thanks friend, we can make the world a safer and better place if we can just choose to be honest with ourselves and others about what is really going on and why.

People are manipulated into rooting for sides in these conflicts like they are sporting events.

I guess you could say War is the ultimate sport but its a violent and murderous and costly one where the victories when there are any are about as fleeting and meaningless as each annual Super Bowl.

War just costs a whole lote more in the way of lives, trageidies and dollars.

The reality is no real attempts have even been made to engage Iran in diplomacy and diplomacy is not do as we dictate or face sanctions and war.

Diplomacy was never meant to be so insultingly undiplomatic as what has been occuring with Iran where the Western Governments are doing little or nothing besides attempting to dictate to Iran through the World Press and to use highly dubious and likely manufactured evidence and charges against them through world bodies like the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This is the same kind of slow deliberate propaganda war regarding weapons of mass destruction just like was utilized in Iraq.

The reality is that the Military Industrial Complex had planned for a war with Iraq long before the whole weapons of mass destruction theme song started being played.

That's why Halliburton won a no bid 1,000,000 a day contract to run the Iraqi infrastucture after the invasion. Halliburton actually prepared all the equipment and personnel for it working on it for years to get it ready, knowing militarily what we would be knocking out and destroying and what it was going to then take to fix it and get it up and running again.

Chances are this plan to attack Iran has been on the books for years too, and once they have it all set aside and ready to go, then its just selling the public on it.

The truth is that these insane military actions in the Middle East that only benefit the Oil Companies and Zionist Israel are bankrupting America financially, morally and constitutionally.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

ok, here we go again.....

Iran claims the missiles are capable of hitting:
Israel, NATO troops in the area,Europe...yes, those are threats. You admit their threats to Israel, but YOU choose to ignore them because you hate jew's/Israel
(please don't lie and deny it, anyone reading your posts can see that.

Lets not forget Iran atacking over an Iraqi oil well by force.

Iran is a peaceful nation, now thats my laugh for the day, thanks.
The Persians are far to cowardly to do anything openly...
They do, however support terrorists is Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq.......

"Israel manages to attack Lebanon, or Gaza or the West Bank or blow up some suspected nuclear reactor in places like Iraq or Syria at the rate of at least once a year. "
Thats because the persians give money and weapons to the terrorists in these countries to do their dirty work for them...and after taking more than enough from the persain backed terroriusts, they get "Counter-Attacked"

"That there is far more to this than what the people are being told, when Syria was suspected of having a Nuclear facility Zionist Israel just simply blew it up without warning. "
But remember Syria's responce...........
There was nothing in the middle of the desert, so nothing was destroyed, right?

And why is it Syria didn't make a big stink about this?????
Because if it were independently investigated, it would have proven Syria's nuke plant was there

Also, If the persains are so loved, why is UAE considering taking out Iran's air force?
Why is Saudi Arabia allowing Israeli planes to cross it's airspace to take out Iran's nuclear bomb making plants?

*edited for spelling

[edit on 12/19/2009 by mrmonsoon]

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by mrmonsoon

Ah lots of double standards I see.

If Iran have missiles capable of hitting Europe and Israel that is a threatening action?

If Europe and Israel have missiles capable of hitting Iran even though they had them first and have them aimed at Iran that’s just a defensive action, and not a threatening one I take it?

As far as forgetting the latest comical orchestrated false flag propaganda effort regarding the take over of ONE Iraqi oil well as alleged by the corrupt U.S. Puppet Regime in Iraq, said Puppet Regime can’t quite make up it’s mind just how Iranian and what kind of Iranians have supposedly felt the need to attack another nation with 12 whole men!

First it was the Iranian Military, and then it was Iranian Extremists, and the latest news out of Baghdad is that Iran must be backing them which is just another way for the failed Iraqi Government to downplay the sectarian violence and opposition to its rule that is still claiming hundreds of lives through violence almost daily.

I mean why would Iraqis be opposed on their own to a corrupt regime installed by a foreign occupying army through rigged elections that enriches it self while hardly doing a thing to see to the prosperity or safety of the Iraqi citizens.

Amazingly some people want to repeat this process in Iran, even though after eight years of trying it in Afghanistan and Iraq all it has accomplished is a steady stream of Americans returning home in body bags and the bankrupting of our treasury.

The reality is when Iraq attacked Iran the Iranians weren’t cowardly at all, the two nations went at it with trench style warfare with millions of men on the front lines slugging it out for a decade. In fact despite Saddam Hussein using illegal chemical and biological weapons on the Iranians the Iranians won that war.

In reality if Iran was going to invade Iraq it has the means to do so in mass, and wouldn’t send 12 men to capture an oil well when they can hardly maintain their own existing oil wells and infrastructure.

The truth is that Zionist Israel has acquired nuclear weapons illegally and refuses to participate in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties or allow inspections of its own illegal nuclear weapons sites.

The truth is that Zionist Israel has Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles armed with Nuclear Warheads aimed at not just Iran but Europe, the Russians and the United States.

So by the standards you want to apply to the Iranians not only is Israel in far greater violation where nuclear weapons are concerned but Israel too then would be threatening Europe, Iran and the United States because Israel has Nuclear Weapons aimed at all those places.

As far as covert operations go and the notion that they are cowardly acts well Israel has covert operations going on in Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and funds various opposition and dissident groups in all those places, so in reality once again Israel is just as guilty and more so than everything it alleges the Iranians are guilty of.

What’s more the United Arab Emirates are BROKE and BROKE with the most sophisticated jet fighters in the region. Wow where would there cash motive be in taking Zionist and Western money and aide to defend their own airspace against possible Iranian retaliation for an unprovoked Israeli attack on Iran?

Of course many people don’t quite understand that Persians are not Arabs but Asians as Iran is on the Asian sub-continent and there has never been any love lost between the far more cultured and aristocratic Persians and the Arabs.

Additionally the Arabs are dependent upon their Oil Exports and they know that Iran can easily block the vital strategic Straights of Hormuz and cost them billions of dollars a day in lost revenues. Do the Arabs want to see a costly war with Iran that is going to hurt them economically? Of course not! They are actually a lot smarter than the brainwashed Zionist and Neoconservative warmongers who are all funded by the oil companies that stand to make a fortune every time Middle East hostilities break out and they can raise the price of oil exponentially as a result.

Intelligent people see the double standards, and the hypocrisies and out and out blatant falsehoods manipulations and orchestrated deceptions and extreme prejudicial bias in the Zionist propaganda.

Zionist Israel is the greatest threat to Middle East and World Peace and always has been and obviously will continue to be so based on the prevalent attitudes and predispositions of its members and supporters.

No amount of propaganda and pathetically orchestrated false flags will ever cover that up and the reality is the criminal Zionist regime is desperately try to keep a pace that is one step ahead of its previous lies and murderous deceptions catching up with it first.

No I don’t like Zionist Israel, I have nothing against Jews, the real ones by the way are celebrating their Sabbath today and aren’t on the Internet, just the Zionists who are a political cult not a religious one!


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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler


Iran has some of the most sophisticated weapons in the middile east.... it could snuff out Saudi arabia's army in a week.

Same principle applies to Iran as Vietnam, you can have the most sophistacted weapons, but the enemy will keep coming, they know how to fight in their country, they have adapted their training for their territory.

The US cant even get rid of the 'taliban' or insurgents in Iraq.... how on earth do they think picking a fight with the most powerful army in the middle east would go down?

First off, for all the 'pro-israeli-war-mongers'- here is a reality check.

you sit on a tiny bit of land, your cities are less than 3 hours away from each other pretty much. if 2,000 Shahabs are able to be fired in 1 hour backed by sejil missiles hitting key points and strategic targets, it would over-run the Israeli air defense systems, and completely devestate Israel within 1 day.

The reasons why the Iranians are bulding multiple sites is that their advantage of building smaller sites is to be able to move the operation from one position to another.

Or even buld decoy facilities.

If Israel continues to persue this path Iran WILL persue nuclear weapons,
but Israel doesnt even posess the air capability to strike Iran successfully without refueling. The only way for them to do this would be to use a missile themselves.

SO what Irans advantage is a) It has a mass production line for the Shahab 3, and the Sejil-1, and beginning on the sejil-2.

The advantage is there is more places to hide factories for missiles, more launch positions, mobile launchers using solid propellant.

and in the event Israel uses Nuclear weapons it would trigger a response from the whole arab world as the entire middile east would have to compensate for some level of fallout.

This would then turn every arab state in the middle east against Israel and create more enemies of the state.

In the event of a conflict Iran would completely flatten Israel into rubble within a week.

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 03:24 AM
and guess what that would lead to!

The Israeli-lobbiests would scream 'HOLOCAUST' over and over!

then we would get more 'save israel movies'... dont even get me started on the last matrix movie.... that got me SOOO ANGRY.... putting pro-zionist slogans in a movie? names? events?

it makes me sick with the amount of political brainwashing that comes out.

Then we would have the whole world on Iran's case saying "we cant have a repeat of tha nazi's!"

did anyone stop the Americans leveling Iraq during shock and awe?

More than 600,000 Iraqis dead, did anyone think about the millions of civillians the US has killed since it began this campaign?

Try about more than 5 million people.

from South america, to asia, in the name of fighting against facism, to communism, to global warming, to 'terrorists' the goal has always stayed the same. Was it any suprise that a document was leaked in copenhagen with the US wanting to allocate carbon credits to the world bank and sideline the UN?

Total and utter control over the worlds 'emissions' and taxing them as they please without UN consulting.

It makes me sick that in the name of 'freedom' we butcher, steal, and inflitrate governments and put in dictators like hamid karzai whos brother OWNS the opium trade in Afghanistan, It disgusts me.

Especially to the fact that US soldiers are guarding opium feilds within the green zone.

We are being prepared for another war, because people elected someone who stood up against all of this crap. Chavez isnt nuts, he is probably the most sane leader in south america and the world, he's woken up to the fact that the Americans have a high intrest in Columbia (coc aine control of course and corruption and also a strategic point to Oil feilds in Venezuela).

And the war will begin, either when the US sends troops to confront the IRGC soldiers who took the oil feild on a disputed section of territory, or Israel will attack palestine and stage a rocket launch from within Israeli territory on itself (this has been proven in the past by examination of the rockets prooving they were from Israeli military stockpiles).

Hezbollah doesnt want war yet. Neither Does Iran, or Hamas, or North Korea, or venezuela.

Imagine the US trying to fight on more than 5 fronts?

It wouldnt work.

my last words to the pro-attack iran party.

I dare you to keep pushing your agenda, you will be seeing your cousins in hell. LOL

there is more discipline in Hezbollah, and the IRGC than in Israelis defense force. There are videos on the internet showing a small group of hezbollah soldiers devestating a platoon of IDF forces. And even ground footage of Israeli soldiers crying for their mothers.

Its not just about how 'sophisticated' your weapons are. If there is no real instilled discipline and no will to fight, then your army will crumble.

It is the same reason why Israel couldnt gain any ground against a simple armed ground force.

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