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Your view on my dreams

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:29 PM
I would like you to give your view on my reoccuring dream.

First I have to explain that in my dreams I rarely, better say never see faces or hear voices but I do have a relation and infoflow with people, they are just not in my eyesight.

When I was younger I think it was in the period of 1989-1991 I had a dream that I had 3 times. I was in a natural environment. It was a rocky place and when I "started" I knew I had arrived there by car. It was a great place for sightseeing because of the beautiful landscapes made of huge hills. I wouldn't call them mountains, for the hight yes, the steepness definetly not. What was the most striking was the reddish color. "We" (I don't know the other participants of the "we", had arrived at a little restaurant or cafe on top of the highest hill in the area. there were about twenty cars and vans just irrationally scatered around the cafe, they seem to have come from every direction and as far as I have seen there was no road. What I realized after the third time of the dream, there were no plants or trees waht so ever. As we were drinking some soda, there was a rumour and everyone inside became loud as something happend, at the same moment I could feel the earth trembling and instead like all the others, from which I still cant remember their faces, I calmly went outside to see what happend. Once outside I noticed the sky had turn dark while the sun was shinig and I could see some stars. Then suddenly he sky turned bright green, poison green and all the people went nuts, ran to their car and van and left in all different directions, the same goes for the other participants of my "we". As I stood their I could see a star coming towards earth, then another one and then the third one. As they became bigger the trembling of the earth become stronger, more like a shaking, that seem to be originated from me, as I stood still without shaking. The sound of heavy movement became louder and louder and the stars grow bigger and bigger as they approached earth. I realized they were tree white planets half the size of the earth. They were perfectly spherical and when they were really close to me, they filled 50% of the sky dome they were in a line making a close fly by right over me. When the zenith was approximatly 45 degrees the first one turned around and it was a huge eye that was starring directly to me. It was a plain human eye like you learn in biology class only it was perfectly spherical. I was totally aware of the gravitational forces between earth and the eyes and it kind of resembles the way Manga comics and movies show a huge force. ( I didn't read neither watch those at that time, they got my first intrest just because of that) As the first eye was watching me it came closer and closer and so I realized it had to be t3 times the size of earth, all the hills were changing, rocks were flying and falling the red of the ground became as bright as the green of the sky and I think I even saw magmaflows in the corner of my eye. But all I did was staring back at the huge pupil and iris of the first eye, the second and third eye were a little smaller then the first but still bigger then earth itself. As they fly over me the keep straight starring at me. The strange thing is that in the 3 times I had that dream it suddenly stopped and I woke up at the exact same moment in my dream. It was the moment the third eye was directly above me. I didnt wake up scared or anything, I just hated to heve been waken by something because I would like to see the rest of that world.

But what I do experienced awake was that the world seemed to be changed somehow, I still haven't figured out how. I only knew it was the same world only totally different each tree times in just daily life.
This 3 dreams were the most vivid I had ever.

In the next posts I will eleborate on some other dreams I had.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:30 PM
In the dreams I had after this experience I never saw faces.


In this dream i was just married to someone I loved but i didnt see her, but in my dream it was a fact that i was married, the same as two of my, in my dream best friends, we were on a honey moon with for people. and we were walking in a forest with a lake nearby. As we walked to the water edge we saw some fireworks at the otherside of the lake. There was a small pier and the strange thing was that it was about two inches beneath the water level. As I saw a glowing fish swimming over the pier I realized it made a lot of noise so I took a better look and I saw it was a glowing rock. At that moment the so called fireworks changed into, it probably allready was a errupting volcano and everywhere were rocks and huge glowing bolders coming down. From nothing there came masses of panicing people all were scared like death. This is something I knew, because i didnt see faces the whole dream. So totally relaxed I said to my wife and friends that we needed to evacuate. So we got in this jeep like car and we drove away. without having a raod we drove into a small stream of water and we got stuck. Panicking people everywhere! I got out of the car and gave my camel cigarettes to someone because I didnt want to get them wet if I pushed the car out of the stream. They same goes for some mayches. After getting out I was very pleased to see my stuff was still dry and we when I turned around I was at an refugeecamp. My wife wanted to search for food, my friend for his family and his newly wife for some medicien. Ok that is ok we will meet overhere in half an hour and I went of for a search. in my search I realized i had nothing to search and I made the choice to surge for a toilet (!). As I stood in line waiting my turn I woke up...

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:30 PM

The dreams after those two were pretty normal, I was visiting friend I also have in real life but still didn't see faces or anything. The strange thing is that I could fly. The flying was in the dream really not that much, it was;nt the concept of yhe dream. I would rather call it an efficient way of transport
. You just put your hands next to your body and then a little back and off I went. The funny part about this is that I in my dreams even explained to "oyhers" how to fly. step one tsep two and the third step I was allready flying. It is kind of jumping 1 meter up and then never come down as long as you don't want to.

In that time I visited lots of parties and festivals and they became my "natural" environment. Everywhere was color and music.

1998= now

I dream about the end of the world,as I inetrperted it. The world is in chaos, everybody screaming and running and I am always so chill at that moment, I even have the tine to manage to eat a sandwich or do something else totally irrelevant of the situaation.

lately they have changed. Still everyone is panicing in the beginning but then it turns in a world that has experienced a great disaster and people are just survving. No one can fly except me, and I do'nt need to see what others are planning to get my stuff I just read their minds and reply by them. Nowadays I wake up just after explaining to my loved iones "we need to act now!"

I still rarely see faces

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:30 PM
From the mid 90s till now I had other dreams as well. they are mostly abstract and comlicated. The hard part is to explain. I can't really grasp those dreams but I do remember vividly the feeling of being different parts of a proces reassembled to one again. It is like I am a formula segregated in different independent parts. Every part can function as if it is complete. Most of the times the parts are in 2 dimionsions so 2d.

Faalling back from different selfsufficient parts to a whole body is one of the most strange feelings I ever had leaving a dream.

Any reflections?

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:52 PM
I think you have the key when you said you wake up and tell your loved ones,"We need to act now!"

Time to "get your house in order",so to speak!

That would hopefully include knowing that you will be spiritually prepared so you can remain calm in the face of calamity.

(And being a fellow smoker,by all means,keep those cigarettes dry!)

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by On the Edge

It is just the other way around. In my dream the world mess start, I tell my loved ones; we need to act now, and the I wake up. As if I am subconsiously prepared to act according to our plans we made in so-called wake up life

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 07:15 PM
Then you are "prepared"?

Subconsciously,you already know it's going to get rough and you're ready for it?

(We can only try!)

God bless you and Good luck!

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 11:08 PM
If I was you, I would listen to and "feel" what your dream is telling you.

I would go ahead and make the move and try and relax for a while.

You sound tense, worried, unsure of what YOU want to do.

Go with what feels right in your heart and trust it.....Just do it....Now!!!

Your dreams are valid and they are trying to tell you what you forgot a long time ago...

I know this because my dreams are telling me the same thing.....

Listen to your inner guide/spirit and you will not go wrong...


posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by On the Edge

You never can be prepared, but you can accept that you and everyone will go to the proces of a change and for that proces i'm prepared.

reply to post by theonlyrusty

I realize that my dreams are a mix of my past my future and my wishes, I think im not more tense than is healty and are pretty happy about most stuff. but as always there is room for improvement.

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