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Time travel for everyone!!??

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 03:36 PM
Some of you have been doing some research into astral projection and remote viewing techniques and I thought of MAYBE a possible way to apply some of this methodology to time travel.

The logic that I have regarding traveling into the Past is this. Every thing we experience in our Current state of being is filed away into our brains. The files themselves are complete energy fingerprints of the state of your being during that experience in your environment..

So if you think about a great or bad memory, you can somewhat experience the metaphysical or energetic affects of that recalled state.

Well it got me to thinking about remote viewing and astral projection. If you do some deep research into these techniques or if you have experienced them yourselves (I have), you learn that the perception or "view" of the experience is within the mind. That no percievedl images come through the 5 senses of our 3 dimensional world or perception (except for hallucinations which plays on top of the inputs of the eyes.). It's a process of "dimming" down the light of the eyes and ears and turning up the inner light and sound. Sure, it can be hard to distinguish it from imagination, but with practice you can, because you will know when your conscious is awake (It starts to THINK!!!!).

Anyway, the concept is that States of being is the only thing you ever experience in life, either recalled energies, self projecting energies or current energies. If you can string all the sequential energy states together in sequence (not time based) you could form a picture of what you were thinking during that experience. We've somehow turned that process into what we call time but it's actually just a stack of slides. There is no time in a stack of slides, they each represent Now's.

If this is true, then all one needs to do in order to experience a recalled memory is to learn how to access the complete energy signature of the State of mind. Your mind has the COMPLETE energy signatures of the smell, taste, sight, sound and feel of the experience, the problem is our limited ability to recall them in our minds with enough contrast to feel them or "see" them.
In meditation or sleep , when we are completely detached from our senses inputs, we can recall with utter clarity the experiences of events past and experience fabricated events modified from existing data (imagination).

So in all actuality, you may not be able to leave the NOW of being, but you can focus on an exact replica any past state of being. However, you could only manipulate that experience by injecting energy into it to change it's state. So the "dream" can become a simulated reality if your focus is strong enough. You can re-live any moment you ever had and perhaps live alternate realities of your own projection all while your Current Being is sitting cozy at home.

As far as future travel goes. We know that energy can be predictable to a measurable degree and it can be acted upon. Vibrations, oscillations and resonances are all predicable given the correct input data and ability to quantify it. Therefore, if a person has the know-how to quantify enough relativistic data (environmental or local energy states of the target), they can predict the future with amazing accuracy by experiencing that energy state. Then they can predict what is happening in that target area by interpreting the energy states. I don't know anything about remote viewing but I think it might be based on this model. Not sure.

The problem I think lies in our perception of what is evidence. We know that there are unseen forces that leave evidence of their existence in our 3 dimensional world, but there are other forces that do not leave evidence visible to our perception. Does this mean that they do not exist? Of course not. So by muting out the invasive data of our 3 dimensional senses, we can experience the State of mind of anything in the future or the past as if we were actually journeying into time. But in actuality we can only exist in the NOW. But...we can make the "Future" come to US. Read on!

The data and ability is already within our minds, we witness it sometimes when we dream. The answer is in the "tuning" up of our minds, these energies are stored in very high frequencies and the mind has to be tuned to them in order to begin to decipher them. With the higher vibrational frequencies of your mind, you will gradually be able to adjust your perception to what you are witnessing just like a baby that finally opens it's eyes.

It's an interesting approach to "Time Travel". If it's applied with the proper mental discipline it could open up a new avenue in our lives. You can live anywhere, anytime as long as you have access to the energy states to experience and interpret them.

We witness on a daily basis, the result of the energies we project ourselves. The energy we project nudges incoming energies towards that same state. So , if we expect misery it usually manifests in our 3D world. If we expect and project positivity, the energies always works towards the positive. But this is like using chalk to trace a piece of thread. We can develop ways of more precise control over our energy states where we can recall them and replay them at will, or manipulate recalled energies to live alternate lives, OR project unique energies to manipulate our current state of Being.

Not sure about all this but it's starting to make sense in my mind. I don't know what is happening but everyone is getting higher and thinking of things differently nowadays...whats happening!!!

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