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Dreams at night Nightmares by day

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 10:36 AM
I find myself sleeping well now... as I drift off to sleep each night I am flooded with good thoughts, wonderful memories, and fancy dreams of the future.

But then I wake up to see the world we live in... A world so full of conflict and pure crap it brings ruin to all of the good night before.

When I look at my world on a personal level ... all is fine... so why should I even care about the world outside of my own little space... why?

Because I have children.. and I see their future at stake not mine.

Because I see a world headed to a global conflict that I believe will be far beyond anything humanity has yet seen.. a world full of danger and economic failures that will leave my children and theirs without good dreams or happy thoughts about the prospects the future may bring.

Because I see how we (our generation) have screwed up in almost every possible way... I see a future that is not one I want for my children, yours or theirs.

But I still have hope.. be it a small sense of hope it is there.. I believe we do have the ability to change this.. I think we can find a way to peace and to a world that will advance beyond our best dreams... We can do it.. but it will require the efforts of all of us and all of the world... one day we will have to learn a measure of respect for all.

We will have to see and admit the errors commited in the name of security.. we will have to remove the evil among us on all sides... we will have to see that we are all living on this tiny planet in a super massive universe and we are only that... A tiny speck in all that there is.

We can change ... but will we? we could find peace.. but does anyone really want that?... It seems that no matter what side of any Issue you are on .. many will find a way to create a conflict with your view.. just for the sake of conflict as if it were an addictive drug.. many are driven by the human animal inside and that is the ultimate flaw in the Human being.

Will we ever escape the human animal?

Perhaps a genetic cure?

The future looks less like a place where humans will find happiness and more like a place where we will find our own end.

The choise is meaningless because no one is willing to give in. But this is not a struggle where there is a win solution.. we ALL either lose or win.... Together as Humans... or we fail as animals

Today a day of deep thought and meaningless rants.. or just a reflection of realities that exist and will one day exist.. that existance will depend on each and everyone of us and the generations that will follow us.

War.. in other words will only lead us to our own destruction.. Peace will lead us to a wonderful new form of existance.. the choise is within each and every human.. but it is the collective and combined aspirations of all that will take us one way or the other... and that seems impossible now.. But there is always hope.. and that is what keeps us going for now.

Tomorrow is indeed another day!



Note: I was torn between posting this here and in My Weblog so I posted it in both. Hope I did not break any rules.

[Edited on 23-5-2004 by UM_Gazz]

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:29 PM
.....the world outside my own little space.............. as you mentioned.

Is also affected by the world outside. There are no easy answers.


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