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Abuse in Iraq: Army Intelligence PROJECT X Re-activated?

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 09:40 AM
Back in 1992, Cheney, then Secretary of Defense was alerted that US Army Southern Command were using up to seven types of interrogation manuals which contained "prohibitive" material. To Cheney's credit he concurred with the Army Investigation findings and banned the use of the manual. An extract from the report states:

"To illustrate, the manual HANDLING OF SOURCES, in depicting the recruitment and control of HUMINT sources, refers to motivation by fear, payment of bounties for enemy dead, beatings, false imprisonment, executions and the use of truth serum."

This "report of investigation" was sent to then Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney in March 1992, nine months after the Defense Department began an internal investigation into how seven counterintelligence and interrogation manuals used for years by the Southern Command throughout Latin America had come to contain "objectionable" and prohibited material. Army investigators traced the origins of the instructions on use of beatings, false imprisonment, executions and truth serums back to "Project X"-a program run by the Army Foreign Intelligence unit in the 1960s. The report to Cheney found that the "offensive and objectionable material in the manuals" contradicted the Southern Command's priority of teaching respect for human rights, and therefore "undermines U.S. credibility, and could result in significant embarrassment." Cheney concurred with the recommendations for "corrective action" and recall and destruction of as many of the offending manuals as possible.

document index here

report is here

With allegations of abuse similar to that contained in the "banned" manual becoming evident in Iraq, it does make you wonder; has PROJECT X, the programme run by the aforementioned Army Intelligence Unit in the 1960s been re-activated?

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