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2010,2011 The Downfall of The Euprean Union & Rebirth of a EU

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:18 AM
Everyone in the USA government, and Money interests group who started the war with Yugoslavia whom they have supported 2 factions for there own idealism and selfless reasons the beginning of the American empire in the ex Yugoslavia started first with bosnia heck remember the name which was given for the so called

Yugoslavian Revolution? the name was called (Bulldozer Revolution) lets not forget we at ATS talk about how every revolution that has had happened always start with young men out of college or high school, and that some how the american goverment not only support these proxy revolutions, but also was in evolved in creating them.

heres the fame picture of these young people,going around thinking they owned for there freedom, and so claims.

Well lets fast forward to the present state of eupore at the moment.

The pending financial crisis persists, creating uncertainty and speculation such as the recent analysis that Greece and Ireland will leave the Euro.

one more article

Now as you can see European governments are in uproar now that greece is having an campaign to move out of the eu union, not just greece but Ireland to i believe that if those 2 countries leave the EU union.

It wont be to long when other European Nations start having doubts on the creation of the EU union super state.

Now when this happens, whom do you think america will support? diffidently not the little people america created the EU union right after world war 2.

Meaning America will do anything in its power to prevent a downfall of there own creation.

I believe the breakup of Yugoslavia were needed because the govemernts behind the eu union needed more nations and more power, thus more control on smaller nations in the Balkan state and if there was no war on Yugoslavia, EU super state might have had a hard time then, getting greece and other smaller nations to join the bandwagon.

Continued second page.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:32 AM

Either way citizens now in the former Yugoslavia are in a crisis mode, bonsia seems if as there's going to be a new revolution started by the people in bosnia, Bosnians are unhappy with the current state.

Situation in there country, people have no jobs, you cant have jobs unless you became Islamic or so i have heard, still no matter who you are in bosnia.

Economy troubles are worse in bosnia like i said it seems as if its on verge of a new balkan war.

It wont be far from now before we see a new balkan war aswell.

Again ATS american interest groups have done fine job destroying eupore haven't they?

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:42 AM
America always has to screw something up and everyone else pays the consequences. I say destroy the current EU and start over with Russia as a partner, allow Europe to build a union on the interests of European people not America and European heads of state.

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