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Report: UN-backed Congo troops killing civilians

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:17 PM
Who said the UN is the "Good" guys...

This is a crazy world we live in...


JOHANNESBURG – A U.N.-backed Congolese military operation to oust rebels from eastern Congo has caused more civilian casualties than damage to rebels, with more than 1,400 people deliberately killed over a nine-month period, human rights groups said Monday.

Human Rights Watch said it had documented "vicious and widespread" attacks against civilians by soldiers and rebels between January and September. Soldiers being fed and supplied with ammunition by the United Nations have killed civilians, gang-raped girls and cut the heads off some young men they accuse of being rebels or supporting the enemy, groups said.

"For every rebel combatant disarmed, one civilian has been killed, seven women and girls have been raped, six houses have been burned and destroyed and 900 people have been forced to flee their homes," British-based organization Oxfam said.

This is horrible... if true!

"Some victims were tied together before their throats were, according to one witness, 'slit like chickens.' The majority of the victims were women, children, and the elderly," the group said.

Sounds like the UN is on the wrong side:

Protecting civilians is the primary purpose of the U.N. peacekeepers, but they have struggled with a contradictory mandate that also requires them to support the Congolese army.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:54 PM
of course they are, the UN, as far as militarily stoping anything, is about as good at it as a mentally retarded kid at yale. they watched the serbs massacre muslims in bosnia didnt they. so im not surprised..

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by TheCoffinman
they watched the serbs massacre muslims in bosnia didnt they. so im not surprised..

Dont forget all the good they did in Rwanda.

Then there's that 2001 report tracing U.N. peacekeepers raping and molesting and stealing food in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.

If I see those blue helmets marching down the street I'm running fast and far.

It's one thing to be a raping genocidal maniac who's obviously evil like a Hitler or something but an entirely different thing to be a raping genocidal maniac whos viewed by most of the world to be a savior of sorts like the U.N. is.


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