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Stop being so Politically Correct!

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 02:55 PM
I will try my best not to rant or get side-tracked on this thread but I am so tired of the overly politically correctness that takes part in this country (USA). The latest was a story about a 2nd grader who drew a crucifix as part of a Christmas drawing excersize.

Mass. 2nd grader punished for Christmas drawing

While that may just be a blip on the radar, factor in these other stories:

UNC Chapel Hill forgo's Christmas Tree

Here is a school that won't display a Christmas Tree but will gladly take the paid days off for the HOLIDAY. When did it become "correct" to not display a Christmas tree? What about the Jewish Menorah? I'm cool with displaying that in the school. Besides Christian, Catholic and Jewish holidays, what other major religion in AMERICA should be celebrated?

At least this place had the guts to put their tree back up:


So my question is this. In a time when we are supposed to be learning more about each other and being open to each other's ideas, why not put up a Christmas tree or the Menorah? Because of other religions celebrating their holidays, I have learned more about Ramadan. Otherwise, in our pursuit to be PC, this would have been hidden away and myths, guesses and other distortions about the holiday would have taken hold.

Why can't we be open to learning from each other? Happy Holidays, err, Merry Christmas!

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by Roadblockx

I love the first story! Fighting Political Correctness with Political Correctness!!

Johnson said the teacher became upset when his son said he drew himself on the cross. Johnson, who is black, told WBZ he suspects racism is involved. He said he thinks the school overreacted and wants an apology.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by infolurker

My race card trumps your religion card!

We are literally heading off the cliff to a society portrait in the movie Idiocracy. I need to get busy and have some kids at this pace they will be smarter than everybody.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:26 PM
I have been thinking of a name for Obama's civilian ss. You know the one that must be as strong as the military.

It can be called the PC Brigade!

Everyone will be equal and if you stand out, you will be equalized.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

Yes, what a brilliant idea. We had not heard a word about political correctness until Obama came into office. Not a peep, so of course he's behind it. It's another part of his conspiracy to squash the American people. What a clever, clever fellow he is.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:40 PM
What is the trump card? Being a woman, being a minority race, minority religion, being gay or being handicap? It seems that being a white, Christian/Jewish, male that graduated college is at the other end of the spectrum.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by Roadblockx

Star and Flag although I rage this debate in the Tea Party thread already...

Political Correctness is a Disease, a disease that makes what the Nazis were look good by comparison, phony Environmental threats to the planet, a philosophy of uni cultural-ism that threatens all people every where, their traditions, their beliefs even their very diets and ethnicity to create the exact thing Hitler wanted... A master Race, a depopulation agenda to leave mankind controllable that preaches tolerance but really silently is Absolute in Intolerance for anything beyond a global agenda.

This is purely the most evil Philosophy to ever sweep this planet and it is unrecognized because if the Devil is the Father of Lies then this the Mother of lies

It hides like a predator behind words of compassion, protection for Children, imaginary wars against Terrorists, it polices us through FEAR of Drugs and Behavior and all the while silently destroys the family unit, separates children, creates a corporate environment in which Even the genome of the food and plants we eat is OWNED by the Corporate City State

I am not superstitious

But it could almost make me believe in the Luciferian theories, because many of the people behind it actually practice these believes... The Light bringer, pretending to shine a bright light of Humanity but really a controlling dismal force that would take our Souls

I do not believe this in a Literal sense,

But it is the back bone philosophy in a way of what is going on...

There is no Freedom down this road, there is no Hope down this road, there is nothing but Death of Human spirit and Culture and Joy

When they are done...

There will be no Christian, no Jewish, No Islam No Black, No White no Yellow

There will be only Shades of Grey, a lifeless world of hopeless humanity enslaved into a post modern corporatist world that looks allot like the movie 1984

The sooner we all wake up to the fact that holding up babies to scare us into slavery out of fear and holding up cultures not out of respect for them but only to integrate us all into a State run nightmare is not tolerance and it is not freedom it is an AGENDA with no interest other than $$$$$ and Control over mankind, the sooner we all realize what is being pulled over us, that we are being hoodwinked with false promises of peace when the real goal is enslavement and loss of 10,000 years of civilization to be made into a Machine of sorts, the better off we will all be.

They Kill only to promise us PEACE if we comply, they hold infinite right to murder and war and disallow us from so much as raising out voices...

PC was the start of something horrible and insidious

We have seen this before in History, each time they change it, improve it a little bit to fool us all the better...

But it is the same, every time, the names change, the reasoning is altered the methods of keeping us complacent and comfortable while they do it improve...

But we have seen this many times before...

It's just a matter of being aware of it happening again...

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Roadblockx

I'm torn on the subject.

I believe the world will only know peace when we exist as a religionless planet.

I do, however, celebrate christmas as a seasonal tradition rather than a religious one. I enjoy the festivities such as christmas trees, lights, and music.

Can I just be totally ethnocentric and selfish, and say that I want to keep a religionless christmas while getting rid of everything else? It would probably be ideal for a lot of people, huh?

Problem is that we cannot do that. We also cannot celebrate everything because it opens the door up to a lot of stupid crap.

It's like looking at postmodernism. Basically, postmodernism is a view that there are no universals. Ancient Greek philosophers were the exact opposite of postmodernists. A postmodernist would say we have to let everybody do their own thing and we cannot judge their culture; however, the postmodernist runs into a major problem when you bring up Nazis, Hitler, and murder in general.

I think you've brought up a subject that has some depth to it, and the problem is that some of the greatest minds of all time have failed to come up with a solution that pleases everyone. Hmm.....maybe the one universal in this world is that you can't please everybody.

Wow, a whole lot of rambling and no solution.....sorry!!

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:49 PM
i recently used the term 'black' in reference to TigerWoods & his sticky-situation...

posted on 14-12-2009 @ 10:32 single this post "quote"REPLY TO:

scandelous affairs, count 'em 4 scandelous affairs at that -

with all of 'em being with 'ambitious' cocktail waitresses.

with a Billionaire, black american man, in his prime...

well slap me silly, i committed a social gaff & am not PC


posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by Roadblockx

There is no trump Card

It's designed like an Insect colony, a mass of sexless uniform worker bugs with a handful of Elite that rule and breed and hold the largest chambers controlling all via Pheromones... or in our case the Air Waves

There is no respect for Gays or Minorities only a desire to integrate their cultures and ethnicity into a homogenized liquid forever destroying them and everything they have created over Millennium

These perks they are given... are a trap, treats and rewards in order to raise support for an agenda.

Like using part of a herd to steer the rest into the Meat grinder for cultivation, holding some Hay before a Cow so it leads the rest to slaughter.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:04 PM

Originally posted by ladyinwaiting
reply to post by endisnighe

Yes, what a brilliant idea. We had not heard a word about political correctness until Obama came into office. Not a peep, so of course he's behind it. It's another part of his conspiracy to squash the American people. What a clever, clever fellow he is.
Oh it existed......just not to this extent. I'm not saying it's Obamas fault, but never before has the MSM fallen to it's knees so fast to lick the boots of anyone, before "the" one. Misplaced guilt and a desire to be seen as modern had alot to do with it.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:07 PM
I mentioned to my sister in law that I had attended school in New York and I was the only white kid. She called me a racist for mentioning race.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

Kurt Vonnegut beat you to the punch. In his short story "Harrison Bergeron" he came up with concept of the "Handicapper General". Joe Bob says check it out.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by adifferentbreed

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, although this is quite a stretch, I suppose, oversimplifications, propagandized junk, narrowmindedness, all that you know.

You do seem to be giving credit for this albatross to the MSM, however, instead of directly attributing it to the President? Oh, but you are saying it is HIS fault they are making it so? I see, of course.

I'm just wondering if you have thought this through completely, or if it rolls off your keyboard because your fingers are so accustomed to it?

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by ladyinwaiting

Wow, I didn't know I was all of those things......narrow minded included. Nope, I'm not blaming Obama for pc gone wild......just the media. Everyone is so afraid of offending anyone, no matter what the situation anymore. But, boy did he benefit from it. Anyhow, nice chatting with you, and as you stated, anyone can have an opinion.........I'd like to add having an unpopular one doesn't make it propoganda.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by concernedcitizan

Well, it only took a little while for someone to comment on where I got the reference. Yes, I actually watched that movie this morning, thanks to someone's comment on another thread. The short story was one of the most influential short stories I have ever read.

ladyinwaiting, are you a rabid Obama fan, how about Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan?

Sometimes I am flippant because I do not like to ramble on. Sometimes when I have, people just misinterpret what I mean, by their own misconsceptions.

But I would like you to notice, at least one person here-concerned citizen understood my reference.

So bollocks to you.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

Wow, didn't know there was a movie. Thanks for the heads up.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by concernedcitizan

Yes, I did not know that either. I seen it in a thread today. The movie is not quite as spectacular at the end as in the short story, but it is not too bad of a movie. For content I would give a 8/10 for the acting 6/10

It never made it to theaters. If you need a link let me know, I will put it in this comment if you want a link.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:46 PM
Lady is right

Obama is not to Blame... No fan of the administration, but he is a symptom a lackey just like Bush was.

Skeptics thread on Lobbying really shows who is to blame for all of this division, it's globalist it's corporate it's Money and agendas with all the rest put in and debated only to help attain goals that are fiscal and control oriented.

Obamas not to blame, Lobbyists, special interest groups, Money brokers...

They put in their lap dog just as they did with Bush, Our politicians take the Money but the demons that offer it are the true culprits.

Most of us sell out in one way or another every day, blaming Obama for selling Out is like blaming a kid who works for Mc Donald's for selling out...

We are all dealing with greedy devils that tempt us with promises... the kid who works for Mc Donalds is paying Rent to go to school, Obama is following orders in hope of making a few changes like health care in exchange that he believes in...

But it's the same...

The system itself is fundamentally corrupted by MONEY

We all play a role in that it happened.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

Thanks, but thats O.K. I'll dig it up. Funny, I didn't think your reference was that obscure. I figured ATS'ers would be up on their satire.

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