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Its Cool/Hip to Act Young and Stupid.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by Alaskan Man

That's a good clip and the saddest part of it is the laughter at inappropriate moments. I do find Ferguson funny. But I'll say this, that like Letterman as has been mentioned and the other late night hosts, he often slides into silliness that can only be seen as pandering to the youthful idiots he just railed against.

It's no wonder that so much of the latest products have no staying power and mostly contribute to a throw away society. Look at the demographic that's being targeted. Throw away people.

Young people have always been dreamers and fun loving. That's a far cry from the permanently dazed crew that dominates now. How is it possible these idiots "dominate"? It's certainly not their own doing and they have no clue they are being used and at peril of losing a fulfilling life for literally nothing. It's not every young person as we see with calihan_12. This trend/phenomena is evident to the still thinking young people. My son is 20 and he is very much aware of these lost souls in his generation. They permeate every niche including his college campus. You have all seen the evidence of these eternal "Spring Breakers". Lost souls, empty people, empty shells, however you care to describe them.

The saddest part of this I think is that there is little chance for recovery for these kids. So much passes and will never be recovered. These early years, extending well into our 20's is when we train our brains. We learn to learn. Once that train leaves I think it rarely returns. And the abundance of these empty people insures we will all be subjected to their annoying presence and eventually their burden throughout our lives.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by Alaskan Man

Folks, I have to tell you the irony just hit me. The preceding serious post regarding brainless youths was from the guy with the "Elvis Cow" as an avatar. You can stop smirking now.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 01:41 AM
What annoys me, is people like to believe they're "individual", and repeat postmodern mantras like "i don't give a crap what other people think" or "it's just a label" or my favorite "i hate all drama", when really they're such sheep.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 01:44 AM
Must be all those side effects from the chlorinated water and chemtrails.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 02:13 AM
It's 'cool' to be young and stupid and therefore be dependent on someone else like more children are.
Thats what TPTB see the citizenry like, children.
We the people should be stupid, bamboozled by big words and laws, kept in the dark by confusing jargon.
Obviously there are some very smart intelligent people out there but do they have any common sense? The one's I've met haven't. The one thats have the most common sense are the medium intellectual people , ones that can see and understand both sides of an issue.
I have no time for people who think it's 'cool' to look young , mutton dressed as lamb IMO, or act young , idiots, act your age, be mature and then maybe people will take you seriously?
Doubt it as the MSM tell us to be cool .

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:20 AM
No one wants to deal with the problems. People are too busy with their own lives to care much about current issues besides such things as supporting the environment by "going green" and other mainstream trends. That is why there are politicians and a miltitary.. to solve these problems for them so they don't have to worry.

It makes total sense to me that if you start blabbing about NWO copenhagen etc that someone will just be like, "chill out dude, its a beautiful day, I don't care." And how can you really blame them? No one wants to hear bad news that negatively affects them. Optimism is an alpha male trait so these negative-no fun-subjects end up ignored because time can be better spent having fun. As is not taking things too seriously, hence the "chill out" phrase.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:23 AM
reply to post by Alaskan Man

Wot Eva!!

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:35 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
Some of us were already opposed to acting stupid and not caring about anything when we were young. I never understood why it was cool to be a mean, rough, disinterested idiot and a"nerd" if you were not.

I am married to a woman whose family motto is basically, "Live free, act stupid, have fun; you only live once."

My wife is an extremely intelligent (and beautiful) person. The beauty part was easy to see, and the intelligence would spark every now and then. Since I've been with her, her potential has come out in a bright flash. It's amazing how intelligent people really are if you can get them out of that bubble.

I have to defend the stupid people in the world ( despite my hatred for stupidity) because I realize that their stupidity is not completely their fault. Some people who have been completely susceptible to the "you only live once" philosophy have been breeding and teaching them that mentality from the get-go.

The great irony about the "you only live once" mentality is that the people who hold to the "you only live once" mentality are DEFINITELY NOT the same people who would like to protect your right to live once! They are the same people who will do anything to ensure that their own life is protected. It is a very interesting thing that the people who believe in an afterlife are the ones who are more willing to protect our lives, which the spiritually weak claim is the only life we'll ever have. The utter irony is despicable and I believe that this is the major conspiracy behind the whole operation.

It is my contention, though a physical world this is, that the real battle is happening spiritually. WE cannot see it, but we can participate in it and we do feel it. When we see how much more mindless people are becoming, it's so obvious that it's because the parents are becoming weaker.

This is the most common phrase I hear, "I'll never do to my kids what you do to me!" Yeah... yeah... yeah. I said that, also! And I wasn't a stupid little jerk either. I was just a little jerk.

But guess what? People are far too prideful. "I swore I'd never do that to my kids and I WON'T! My kids will not be perfect, but they'll have fun in life and I won't take it from them."

I am glad that you want your children to have fun, but if they do not experience serious amounts of un-fun, won't they become spoiled and unable to tell the difference? Won't they always be trying to find something new to entertain themselves? Do you not realize that this leads to petty crime which leads to organized crime? Do you not realize that this leads to believing that one is invulnerable?

Children don't have to "deserve" treatment that is uncomfortable or undesirable. Children require it. Else, they become "adults" who live by the modern policy, "The customer is always right."

I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who, despite their hatred for eachother, stayed together to raise us properly. My mother was as stubborn as a mountain. She waivered not at all. A tear of selfishness meant nothing to her; in fact it was laughable. You can imagine we didn't want much beyond age 5. We very rarely asked for anything and we always accepted the consequences of everything, good and bad. My dad was a super hero physically, but his heart was soft. He was super brilliant, but he always let us have as much fun as possible. However, he taught us what true fun was. He taught us that our imagination was the most powerful tool for good, bad, entertainment, creation, etc. He taught us to sit in our rooms or in the car and simply think. That was a very good talent he taught us because mom often sent us straight to our rooms or directly outside! In my town in TN, there wasn't much to do but walk around with sticks and fight trees or stray dogs. We didn't have anything except for a nintendo. We had Mario and Final Fantasy. I could beat those blind-folded to this day. :\

I was certainly not raised perfectly. My parents made MANY mistakes which become apparent to me everyday. I have to keep myself in constant check, which is difficult enough because I am built like my mom. I have no sympathy for stupidity or selfishness or whininess. I can't even bring myself to comfort someone in the least in that way...

Which is why I hope that my wife continues to love me. She came from the background which everyone here is putting down. I agree whole-heartedly, but I see good things about her that I'm not sure can happen in the environment I was raised. She can relate to people in a different way and make them see things in the light that I have been trying to show everyone.

So... yes, as a child, I never understood how being cool was a good thing. I gotta admit, I thought it was a negative connotation for the longest time. I guess it still is. However, as an adult, my wife has opened my eyes slightly to realize that even though I'm constantly seeking the truth and always trying to help people see, no matter how ruthless I have to be, to remember that life is supposed to be fun and it's okay to not know everything. I love her, right? She isn't all the things I have been trying to make people see. She learns from these things, but she shows a light that I think only comes from God.

So let's not put _everyone_ in the same box...

I can't believe I'm saying this.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:40 AM
DataWraith put it well, but it's not just in US, or west, the trend is expanding everywhere. The problem is probably just about everything about modern life style and comfort provided by our parents.

Here in a "developing" Serbia, young people like to blame everything and everyone for high level of unemployment but the fact is 80% of them are lazy no good shait for brains delinquent punks. It's still not their own fault though, but pretty much everyone's.

I suggest watching Clockwork Orange again, as it is very precise at showing our future if we remain status quo.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:46 AM
I have the wonderful position of having thrown my education away. I was an A grade student. I could blame any number of factors, but I was just lazy and wanted to spend my time with my friends, none of whom were at college.

I now have a low paid job and my colleagues are mainly exactly as portrayed in this thread, I can rarely have a decent conversation that is not football or xfactor. One girl does not know who the prime minister is! But she can tell you every single detail of Jordans life. Most are in huge debt.

I live on a housing estate and most of our aquaintences are more or less the same. I know numerous people who try to make themselves happy by buying the next greatest thing which they can show off about and be happy with for about a week, before requiring the next fix. My wife gets most of her clothes from a woman who buys lots of clothes and shoes she never even wears. We get most with labels still on.

And the sad fact is, our governments have allowed the corporations to manipulate us into being like this. A minor browse of how mass psychology works in the advertising and PR industries will show you how easy (and profitable) this is.

I would strongly recommend Adam Curtis's Century of the Self. Even just the first episode (1 hour) will show you we were not always like this and have been manipulated to be like this!

Google video - Century of the Self

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:52 AM
This reminds me of George Carlin telling people they are screwed and they laugh at their own ignorants and dimise.I don't watch tv much anymore since everything is on the internet. I think mtv and Disney are most responsibe for pushing the stupid is cool capagin or whatever you wan't to call it.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:00 AM

Originally posted by Alaskan Man
Why is it, that our society has become obsessed with being young (inexperienced) and being stupid (not caring about anything other than gratification/entertainment).

The more I think about this, the more I realize how correct Mr. Ferguson is, how many times have you tried to explain something to someone only to be met with "who cares?" or "well that's boring, so anyway Timberlake..."

Why have we become a society obsessed with being (or at least acting) young and stupid?

Why has age and experience become something to fear, and try to avoid, rather then something to aspire to?

The answer is pretty simple, we have been guided in that direction, you are bombarded everyday with the messages and images telling you to look younger, care less, and be as self centered as possible.

A public that is unaware and uncaring of its surroundings, is by far the most dangerous thing to a country's progress, so why has this been done? is it all for the sake of the mighty (well once mighty) dollar?

I can't help but think its intentional, but hey i am one of those wack jobs who cares so my opinion is worthless to the average person and there unrelenting desires to discuss tiger woods.

"This forum is dedicated to general conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and government scandals that may not fit into other topical forums on ATS."

"This thread is in the conspiracy forum group."

Experience has taught me to follow at least some rules. I would suggest that if you simply wish to rant on the problems with youth (yourself falling, clearly, into the age-old trap that experience must come with age, and that wisdom/maturity must follow simply due to some chronometric designation) that you take it to some place other than a conspiracy forum.

...unless, of course, you had some conspiracy to share with us? Perhaps too many kids are on your lawn, and you feel this is why JFK was assassinated? Or your neighbors are giving you funny looks, thus we're being visited by aliens which only you and others in your unique 'state' can see?

I won't suggest that you utilized your expansive cache of wisdom/experience like a 14 year old would: in the most Promethean manner possible. I will suggest that someone downing on youth for being "stupid" should have thought beyond their nose and known that posting such is wrong, and (oddly- note sarcasm) not a new argument for at least a few millennium.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by Alaskan Man

Greed is driving the Western Society and that is exactly the thing which will rid it off the world map. I don't expect to see the Western Empire stand another decade. The massive influence or control will be lost and expect revolution after revolution.

What goes around comes around...

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:14 AM
Have you noticed this tread really started big time a little after the explosion of the "TV"?

This Is Your God
Marry and Reproduce
No Independant Thought
Stay Asleep

Mankind is being dumbed down, made apathetic by "subliminal suggestion" and "mind conditioning". The questions everyone should be asking is by who and why?

By Daniel Taylor

"It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal." -- US Patent and Trade Office, Patent #6,506,148, 2/14/03

"Neuroscientists have shown that environmental experiences significantly shape the developing brain because of the plasticity of its neuronal connectivity. Thus, repeated exposure to any stimulus in a child's environment may forcibly impact mental and emotional growth, either by setting up particular circuitry ("habits of mind") or by depriving the brain of other experiences. While appropriate stimuli — close interaction with loving caregivers; an enriched, interactive, human language environment; engrossing hands-on play opportunities; and age-appropriate academic stimulation — enhance the brain's development, environments that encourage intellectual passivity and maladaptive behavior (e.g., impulsivity, violence), or deprive the brain of important chances to participate actively in social relationships, creative play, reflection and complex problem-solving may have deleterious and irrevocable consequences. In addition, trying to plunge youngsters into academic learning, when they should be personally investigating the three-dimensional world, risks bypassing important aspects of development."

Brain waves, which normally operate in the Beta state while we are awake, are drastically reduced to a level similar to sleep while watching Television. Herbert Krugman conducted a study in 1969 designed to discover the effect of TV on the human brain. In The Perfect Machine: TV and the Nuclear Age, Joyce Nelson describes the study. What Krugman found was that the left hemisphere of the brain, the analytical, critically thinking side of the brain is tuned out while watching TV. The right hemisphere, which is the emotional, non critical side continues to function unaltered. Krugman concluded his study by saying that, "...the mode of response to television is more or less constant and very different from the response to print." Krugman continues, "[Television is] a communication medium that effortlessly transmits huge quantities of information not thought about at the time of exposure."

and if the above isn't scary enough check out this article:

Reliable reports from MANY different sources indicate that as many as TEN MILLION individuals many be ACTIVE subjects/victims of these kinds of mind control activities, and huge quantities of hard documentation on a great many of these projects DOES exist.

However, in addition to these kinds of mind control operations, there are ALSO mind control and mind manipulation activities that target MASSES of people in large geographical regions at the same time. Indeed, there is VERY strong evidence that the operators of HAARP for example, have ever since HAARP's earliest days intended that it be used for, among many other things, GLOBAL mind control.

There is in FACT much evidence to show that HAARP is NOW being used for just such utterly evil purposes by the United States federal government.

Of course, there are many other EM/RF technologies and systems which are, or may be, applied to mass-scale mind, mood, thought and consciousness control/manipulation operations: such as the nationwide "GWEN" (Ground Wave Emergency Network) system, certain ELF and ULF transmitter systems, and so on (such as your TV set, even IF it's turned OFF!) see also : Black Boxes and Marble Memorials, Cable T. V. Snooping

Another way to manipulate and "regulate" the minds and consciousness of a mass of people at a VERY basic, fundamental level is to CONTROL the population's PRIMARY sources of INFORMATION. This is one of the MOST powerful ways to shape the collective consciousness of the public, and it is CLEAR that many mass media outlets in the United States are both willingly and un-wittingly aiding and abetting the manipulation of our minds by the government, and are assisting the FedGov in carrying out many social-engineering agendas.

Look at the "new" music, hip hop - it's talking angry, not really even music.

I think too life is so stressful now, people want to no need to escape and acting silly is one way.

Another possible culprit is the fear of physical death. Many people while religious are no longer spiritual. Mainstream science has explained our existence and death in very "logical" terms. We are born, age and die.

Or maybe a lot of just very base, immature, service to self souls are now inhabiting this plane of existence.

IMHO I subscribe to Humanity in general is being dumbed down on purpose.

From DimensionalDetective's post:

Say what you will about this guy, but he has had an almost EERIE knack for calling out and identifying TPTB over the years, and all their sinister plans and schemes.

He has an interesting take on things, and as I mentioned above, he has often been ahead of the curve in exposing the power and control system, and what the individuals behind it's latest plans are...

the video embedded was removed.

So I went out and found it. part 1 of 5, watch it while you can.

I don't think the dumbing down of the masses is not "just happening" - I think this is a grand conspiracy.

A slave that doesn't realize he is a slave won't rebel.

A prisioner that doesn't realize he is imprisoned, won't try to escape.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:42 AM
Craig Ferguson has only got it part right imo.

On one hand it wasn't just a marketing decision, it was a cultural and technological assault from the world elite, an act of selfish parasitism from the highest socioeconomic strata that decided long ago, well, actually they have always done this, to dumb it down. They are self centered psychopaths and can't stand to have others be their intellectual equals or superiors. And it goes beyond advertizing, which is the Bernays (Freud's nephew) angle and right into education systems and mass intoxication with both pharmacological products and environmental pollution. Humans are being Zombified, and it's a broad spectrum attack on the human soul, not just a marketing accident as Craig puts it, but he's probably just trying to ease people into these things, or he's easing himself into it. It's hard to see the whole horrible truth all at once, I know it shocked me a few years ago.

On the other hand IQ doesn't mean as much as people think it does. Some of the most IQ heavy people on the earth are the very ones most responsible for this sad state of affairs, as IQ without love is not an asset, it's a species liability. And there is such a thing as an EQ, emotional coefficient, that is just as relevant to life and happiness, if not more so, than the IQ. And many of the stupid people this piece is railing on are happy. Not all of them, but some live balanced and content lives, despite all the hardships imposed on them... by high IQ people in dark places.

One thing I've noticed is happening, and this is a sideline, is how TPTB take most of this cutting edge conspiracy stuff and throw it into the late night slots, taking it out of mass media. This happens with radio too, with things such as Coast to Coast. They are literally throwing these debates into the darkness. And the solution, from an actual physical perspective is clear: we have to drag them into the light.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:27 AM
Ok. After reading all these post's, I have an opinion, too.

Everyone remember elementary school, middle school and high school?
Everyone remember how the "cool" kids only made B's and C's?

All the people who made good grades, I.E., straight A's, were considered "nerd's" and "dork's" and constantly ridiculed.

Why is that? Because of the exact meaning of this thread.
Being stupid is cool. The better your grades, the more people copied off your work, the more you were made fun of.

Only the "cool" kids had the nice shoes, cool clothes, and bad grades.
I was one of those kids until high school. Then, I figured it out, to fit in, I had to skip school and party, which was one of my many regrets.

Go figure. But that's the way society accepts "coolness".

PS: Our last Pres. only had an average of B's and C's.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:35 AM
im at the young age of 18; however, i believe i am an old soul. What scares me is that im pursuing to be a lawyer..and some of the people i go to college wouldnt believe! They do things like throw their money around (which is something i was taught is wrong and vain) they "act" stupid..but yet they are in a law program..Some of them are still breaking the law..such as DUI and giving drugs to the kids they nanny....It completely blows my mind away. These people are also years older than i am. And im not friends with any of these people..even tho my whole class is drawn to these people. It really kill me that society thinks its cool to act like this..society thinks its cool to drink..and potential drive..and say HAHA i made it home okay! it really disgusts me. What happened to being smart? Why is that not cool anymore? Kids dont strive to be the best anymore..i know so many people who dropped out of school at 16..because they were too lazy to get out of bed..or wanted to do drugs all day. Im not saying i havent been there..some days i just dont want to go to school. But i do what i have to. Not only are they not going to school..but they arent acquiring common sense. And thats even scarier than not being book smart!!!!

great thread!!! flag and star

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:45 AM

Originally posted by ElaynaValenti
they do things like throw their money around (which is something i was taught is wrong and vain) they "act" stupid..but yet they are in a law program..Some of them are still breaking the law..such as DUI and giving drugs to the kids they nanny....It completely blows my mind away. These people are also years older than i am.

Well being at the age of 15 I agree. Generation these days believe it is cool to be stupid. Even in England, going to a grammar school we still are 'split' into groups and a hierachy. Those at the top of the hierachy are in fact stupid but 'cool.' They are the ones who get Us, Es, Ds, Cs and Bs. I mean if it's already started at the age of 11, I wonder what would happen to the ones in society. The ones who are considered to be 'uncool' are those with A*s, As and I think that's ridiculous. I'd rather be smart than stupid - we are actually shaping the future of our generations and handing it over to people with Bs and such; it's unbelieveable.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:55 AM
As there are those who think that being/acting stupid is "cool", so are there those who consider being smart (etc) as cool.
Most of my friends ignore the stupid kids.

Even ATS has many members who act stupid and follow rules that are considered in here.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:58 AM
reply to post by Alaskan Man

I agree totally. One of the most annoying people I work with is this chic... She's nearing 35, and still dresses and behaves like she's 17. There is nothing, nothing more aggravating than seeing an adult act like a child. She speaks with a "baby" voice, dresses like she's about to go to a party (we work in an elder care facility, so... yeah, it matters), scuffles her feet, and maintains this constant air of ignorant helplessness. I just want to grab her by the ears and shake her until puberty finally reaches her goddamned cerebral cortex.

Maybe I have a little bit of misogyny on this, but really, truly, this does seem to be primarily a woman phenomena. Now there's no shortage of male Youngendumbs, but by my theory, they swiftly realize that men do not get a free ride in our society, and so they either shape up or become professional bridge-dwellers. Female Youngendumbs, by contrast, always seem to find someone willing to put up with their insipid uselessness.

I truly fail to see the appeal.

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