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What would it be like to be a squatter.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:45 AM
Misoir, I see what your saying. It is going to be harder than you think. From the way you have responded so far, it sounds like you are still in the learning of basic skills process. There is so much to learn if you are serious about something like this and you should not partake unless you are very comfortable in your skills. I have attempted this sort of things many times.

Every time, I have realized that it is a little naive to plan as if I am going to dive directly in to survival lifestyle, just dropping all of my tech. I am very comfortable with my survival skills, I have gone long periods of time using them but unless you have done something like this a few times, you may be surprised at just how tough it is.....

So, how do you plan on 'testing' your water, or how do you plan to clean it? In order to get to a safe, clean water supply without the use of tech, you will find that your gonna be walking a few days in to the bush before you find such water. So, given that, do you really want to be that far away from Civ just in case something does happen?
Say it does take two days to find good water. What are you doing until then, where is your tech going to be then? After a two day walk without water, you will be ready to come home.

What level of tech are you talking bout? Paleolithic? Iron? It sounds to me like you are wanting to try ultra primitive paleolithic. Do you intend on traveling like this too? If so, you will likely be walking. Where will you get water?

I have done periods of time in paleolithic survivalist mode but generally like to keep a couple things around when I am doing this sort of thing.

Do yourself a favor and get a water filter. Your experience will be just as 'primitively' pleasurable, the other option is having an extremely high probability of getting giardia, and that could likely destroy your experience.

If you plan ahead, and know that you are going to a place with potable water than I say go for it but, if you are traveling or unsure where you will be, do your body a favor and get a filter.

So, Misoir, what is your level of experience with survival skills? Can you walk down a city block and find food growing to eat or thats medicinal? If you cant than you will never make it in the forest. Have you gone through the entire process of making cordage? if not how do you intend on making fire? How long does it take you to make fire without a spark? Do you know how to dress game? Have you ever been stuck in the rain for days without anywhere to go? Do you always eat to get full? Must you always eat to get full? In a survival situation your belly will likely never be full, can you handle that?

If you could not answer yes to all of those questions than you have a big surprise or a lot of practice waiting ahead of you.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by Brahmanite

I thank you for all of your suggestions and I cannot answer yes to all of your questions which is why I have not just attempted to do something like this quickly. I know it will take a long time to learn everything I need to learn which is why I have given myself a period of 3 years to take classes, learn online, learn from friends and family, read books, and test myself in my local community. I will of course bring some technology with me such as liters, canteen, filter, first aid kit, books on the what to do when your stranded and how to live in the wilderness, and a cell phone(which might not be of much assistance in the wilderness) but it would only be for a medical emergency and for a gps location. With all of that aside it will be basically primitive.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 09:34 AM
Sounds like you have the right idea. I hope everything goes well. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 11:49 AM
First let me say that yes it is doable. In my younger days I spent a summer traveling the East Coast, on a bicycle, doing odd jobs for cash and sleeping when and where I could. For me it was a very enjoyable part of my life. Do not let anyone talk you out of such an experience.

Second, please read John Krakeur's book "Into The wild". It will give you a very sobering look at what you may incur.

Third, even with my extensive wilderness skills an event of this magnitude is daunting. You must be very sure of yourself and your skills. There is a lot that must be learned. If in the wild, often the solitude will be enough to bring you home. The weather will be a big factor, it could be cold, hot ,wet or even all three. Food and water could be a factor as well. You must be familiar with the plants and animals of ALL the areas you wish to travel. Not all plants and animals will be the same in all areas, and those that are may behave differently from one to the next.

Be smart and try smaller trips first learn by doing not by reading.

Best Of Luck


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