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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 09:58 AM
ITS 2011 OCTOBER 27 BTW NOT 2012 LOL. OHHH YOU ASK FOR PROOF??? HERE IS YOUR PROFF GOOGLE THE FOLLOWING ian lungold. It links up wih the nwo, bible, holographical space. everything... have fun ot sure if this valalates abovetopsecret proticals. btw am dislexic

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:06 AM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

Click here for more information.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by deadlysponge

Don't rib the guy for something he can't help...

But in regards to the OP, yes, Ian Xel Lungold was a visionary in the explosion of Mayan mythos rediscovery in the 80's and 90's.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:18 AM
he comes up with some intresting facts

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:19 AM
Heres a few links to help the op.
A video

Deadlysponge,I will help the op with his thread after seeing your responce.
If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing.
He is free to make threads without being bullied by people.

Edit to add....I might not agree but will help the op regardless.

[edit on 15-12-2009 by DrumsRfun]

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by DrumsRfun

and Tgautier13


posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by deadlysponge

I cannot freakin believe you!!!!!!!

Why would you be so cruel and intolerant? You are the epitome of what's wrong in this world. God forbid you ever have to deal with a disability. I suppose if you were, you would want others to respect you for yourself and not your affliction.

To the OP, interesting post. I feel that the next two years will be the most incredible times humans have seen in centuries.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 11:33 AM
Here is a picture for you to look at, shows the 13/9 thing..
' 13 heavens and 9 underworlds' ..

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by sickofitall2012

deadlysponge is purely negative guy - try to check his posts in other threads. There is no information, just negation, ad hominem attacks and so on. Just ignore him.

MODS - feel free to delete this post - it is openly OT ...

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