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Global Warming Aliens doing for future invasion collinisation??

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 06:05 AM
just an idea that no one i thinkhas thought of yet?

Well our technology has sure jumpedforwardat speed since ww2 and probably just b4 it too were major discoveries kept secret, well if alien ufo crashed at Roswell we get it and then reverse technology it, maybeit was planted so we would get hold of it and make more advanced technology speeding global warming up cause in future its going to be a problem for sure, maybe 100 years from now??? i have read that it could be major change in 20 years or so freezing weather etc etc.....

it would be good time to try an take over if we was stuck with all these changes in weather anposs global positioning systems ie missiles tracking, radar, would change just a thought.

i do not beleive this to be true but its just a thought i had and would like to see otherpeoplesopinions on it, i probably have not said or explained it to well either so add to it as you see fit.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 06:25 AM
Global warming has been going on a nice deal longer then the Roswell incident.

Industrial air polution goes back to the 1800's, polution by cars started at the start of the century, polution by steam engines, trains and boats also in the 1800's.

The more recent contributions to the global warming problems are and by now were, the use of CFK gasses that harm the ozon layer.

The main speedup these days to the problem is that there is a whole lot more factories then say 150 years ago and the plannet itself is in a cycle of releasing CO2 from its reserves in the amazon basin and the worlds oceans.

The use of fosile fuel and power started way before Roswell.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 07:16 AM
the impact of meteors,comets and spacerocks have already created acid rain;warming up and cooling down effects since the planet became prone to life !
so that's no problem since chemically speaking the planet is just one big chemical plant evolving from one state to another state ...

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 11:09 PM
yes.....this GLOBAL WARMING by ALIENS movie has been made allready staring Charlie Sheen.
It was a pretty GOOD movie. They had insectile shape shifting Aliens. The entire premis of the movie was global warming being CAUSED by the Aliens. I gotta say the Aliens looked very cool with theyre backwards bending knees, looking all insect like......and CREEPY.
I forget the title of this movie, I guess there is to much floride in my drinking water.......

I dont think Aliens are causing global warming a bit.......I bet cow farts have MORE to do with it than aliens. I think it something humans are doing and the POWERS that be dont care. All they smell is $money$, not polution. Short term profits clearly outweigh long term effects, they are just apathetic.


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