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Am I paranoid, or is the earth shaking a little bit?

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 02:23 AM
Like the title said.. It kinda feels like the earth is shaking.
It kinda feels like it from the Pacific Northwest

But it's like a very low frequency shake.
Kind of like a swirly motion

..or maybe I'm just paranoid.
Im not worried about it
Night time

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 02:31 AM
check this out:

you are probably right

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:34 AM
Do you mean you can FEEL it shaking, or looking at the data you feel like it's shaking more? Where are you located? I haven't felt anything, but today i've noticed equake seems to be updating more shakes in the high 3's. Wonder if something big's gonna go down somewhere (although we could say that everyday couldn't we?

Edit, just noticed your name is seattle truth, so disregard the where are you located comment

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:42 AM
Recently i read articles about earths inclination changing and slow wobbling .

You might want to google it and read info from some of the alternative scientists

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:46 AM
reply to post by seattletruth

The earth is always shaking, so you are not paranoid.

We had a horrible quake a few days ago here in NZ - but we are known as the shaky isles, so there you go.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 05:16 AM
Southern California here.

I have felt a distinct to and fro swaying while sitting in my computer seat, but never when I'm standing. I feel it once every night it seems. The first few times I thought a quake was coming, then I just got used to it but remain perplexed.

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 07:26 AM
Most recent for your region is this one.


4.6 2009/12/15 03:34:08 43.907 -128.462 Depth 10.0 Km

Looks to be around the time of your post.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 07:33 AM
reply to post by anxietydisorder

Yeah i was wanting to say that, but i didn't want to look silly if seattle was too far from portland to feel it, i know it's not far, but being from QLD Aust, i'm not too familiar with how far you can feel eq's
I'd say you're right though, and it was just the 4.6.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 08:20 AM
South Western PA ( USA)
This is wild. For about 1 month or so I have been filling a vibration under my feet. At first, I thought is was like the vibration of a refrigerator compressor because I was at home but then I felt it in my car a few times and also at a store one time. It seems to have a pattern at times. (30 sec on)(5 sec off)and so on. Well, I thought it might just be my foot so the one night It was doing this, I picked up one foot and put down another and it was still there. This whole thing is random and can not be tied to a part of the day or night. the pattern also changes at times. It's just freaky!!!!!! of maybe I am LOL

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:41 AM
I noticed that too here in Western Mass. For a few weeks I felt a low vibration in the house, and driving around town. One day I passed an industrial area about a mile away from my home and saw large construction vehicles digging something. I then realized I had been feeling the vibrations of the crews.

I only share this as a tip for those who may feel they are questioning their own bodies or sanity. It could be something as mundane as construction nearby.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:47 AM
i'm pretty sure i've felt this recently, any thoughts as to whether it might be related to the taos hum?

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Could this hum or the feeling of vibration be caused by tectonic creep ?

Tectonic creep is defined as:

The almost constant movement of certain fault blocks that allows strain energy to be released without major earthquakes.

It would occur over a period of time without any jolt or shaking. The San Andreas shuffles along with about 4 cm of movement between the plates per year.

Just a thought........

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Well Boys, good to know I am not alone here. LOL Felt nothing tonight so far. One thing we do have a lot of around here ( PA ) is coal mining, wonder if that's the source of the vibs. That would make sense

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 08:27 PM
I'm from Ireland but im in Massacheusets atm and every so ofter i feel like the place is shaking for a few minutes then it stops, i only notice it in one place though.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by C-DNA
Are you in Cape Cod by any chance???

I have also felt "somethingn" at different times of the day.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 08:37 PM
We heard and felt something here in Alabama the other night but nothing showed up on USGS data sounded like a earthquake compared to the one i had experienced back in 2003 it was a 4.6 and knocked me out of the bed completely.

This only lasted a couple of seconds max though it was weird

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 08:39 PM
You just answered your own question.


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