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Local Conspiracy

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 10:48 PM
I don't really want to say to much about this because I may be a bit bias.

I'll answer questions because I know exceptionally well the Probation Dept, The Judge himself, and the Kevins house, I'm under the judge and the probation, but not (and never will be) under KH.

Kevins House is a non profit organization ran by Richard Jackson, where around roughly 60-70 people (men) are mandated by probation to go under certain circumstances, each person must pay $720.00 a month to Richard Jackson to stay at the Halfway House.

Now before you go off on them for being former criminals and getting what they deserved, or being outrageous liars, I had to go to a mandatory rehab, where I was with KH people daily, and I'll admit a good half of them are just stupid and whiny people, but the other half are good honest people, that just got screwed up one time, and are being overkilled by these groups of people.

Judge Knize, is probably the biggest tyrant i've ever personally met.

Richard Jackson has several allegations against him for Sexual Acts (forceful) with the KH participants. Since this got light on it, he is stepping down, and the Judge (whose been in power forever) is not going to run for re-election (something noone ever thought would happen!).

Here is a link. The main points are in the posts and not the main thread.

I'll post some snippets of it on the next post, just looking for thoughts on this and what people think, and will provide information if anyone doesn't get something about it.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 10:53 PM

Melvin P Thorp says:
December 8, 2009 at 10:18 am

It is really amazing how this story has grown. It stated off with sexual misconduct allegations against Richard Jackson that has apparently lead to the decision of a sitting judge, Judge Knize, to not seek re-election. Now the Ellis County Probation Office has been accused of being involved. What other County and Municipal organizations will be named next? How do they think that they will be allowed to get away are with any corrupt practices when their neighbor just to the north is under Federal orders to clean up their act?

Sooner or later these allocations will come to the notice of State and Federal investigators as well as the media, if it has not happened already. Not only will those individuals who are guilty of misconduct be targeted by the investigators but also those who sit back and say nothing because they either are afraid for their jobs or because they don’t want to get involved or because they are looking for their piece of the corruption pie.

There have been many statements made about the investigations into the charges of sexual misconduct and impropriety and that there appears to be no grounds for these charges. My question is WHO conducted those investigations and what is their relationship with those they are investigating? What would happen if an outside agency were to conduct these same investigations? Would that agency come to the same conclusions?

Statements have been made by people who are in the know about the situation at Kevin’s House that, “where there’s smoke there usually fire.” Fires of this nature usually are very destructive and burn not only the guilty but also those bystanders that are too close to the flames. I pose the question to those who know but are keeping quiet, “Will you be part of the problem or part of the solution?”

This link below will give you the very nicely put picture of Judge Knize, they actually made him look not all that bad!

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