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common dreams?

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 05:26 AM
So, in talking with friends, I've discovered that nearly all of them and I have had reoccuring dreams that are basically identical. Two seperate dreams, we've mostly all had.

1) Teeth falling out. You just barely push on your tooth and it will fall out. Sometimes there is WAY too much blood, and sometimes there is no blood. Either way it doesn't hurt. It seems as if everytime you push on another one it falls out. They just kinda *tink* and break off/out.

2) public nakedness. Happened for me when I was younger, 8-12 i'd say. Get up, put on clothes. Look around, look back at your clothes. No shirt (or other article of clothing). Wtf? You look around and all of the sudden you've been teleported into a public place. For me it was always school. I look back at myself, missing one more pieces of clothing that I was the last time i looked at myself. Look back at the room, and all of the sudden i'm just sitting at my desk in underwear and socks. Eventually ending up naked, but I never recall the outcome of it.


So, anyone else have common dreams with people they know? maybe even these dreams? Any idea what they could mean?


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