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Advice for a kiwi bloke.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 09:43 PM
So this is my frist thread in 2 years, and I never would of thought it'd be here on a relationship advice board. Hope most of you enjoy a good read, because I've got one for you.

So as the title says, advice for a kiwi bloke. So i'm a 19 year old university student, in New Zealand, I'm shy when it comes to woman, like to think I'm a gentleman especially when comparing myself to other males and never had much luck with women in my life so far. When I was 15-16 I was dating my first lady friend for 1 year, long distance, she went to all girls school, her parents were protective naturally, and I got to see her every 1-2 weeks. Then after she dumped me, about 1 and half years later I met another girl, who really just lead me on and used me, then never heard from her again. I grew up in a relatively large town in New Zealand, called Paraparaumu, 40,000 citizens (this is a large town for New Zealand), it is known to be a hotbed for high school drop-outs and one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in New Zealand. The females there were as most would call "Slutty", but I liked to think of them as lost and searching for some sort of meaning.

So, I thought when I got to university this would change, and of course proven wrong. I have seen this mentioned in many other threads here so I understand it is like this for a lot of guys, who, like myself consider themselves to be nice and a gentlemen. Anywho.

So I've know this girl since I was 14, I met her in math and I.T class. she's a gentle and calm girl, very cool, one of them "mythical girls" so they do exist lads! We've kinda been friends for last 5 years, not ever really been close to her. She's had one boy friend, one of my good mates, a Scotsman, who now dates one of her best friends and soon to be flatmate, she is very conservative when it comes to guys, doesn't like to put herself out there for any guy to have a go at. So as by no, you would of guest that I have feelings for her, but I am flabbergasted in what to do next. I try and see her as often as I can, she lives in pram but has no problem catching the train into Wellington to hangout, but I don't know if this is a sign or what, we do spontaneous things, like go to art galleries, museums, movies, walks along the waterfront I've been itching to ask her on a date or even tell her I have feelings for her. She is the kind of girl who, as mentioned, is very conservative about telling people if she has a love interest, I just don't know if it'd be right to make move or anything, I really want to, and one of my friends who I've told keeps smacking me on the head when I don't say anything to her.

So I thought, there are a lot of mature and older women and men on ATS, why not ask them. I know I am just a silly 19 year old boy and there is other women out there. I just need some advice. I usually lurk, and this is my first thread in long time as mentioned. I just need to know would it be right to make a move or am I joking myself thinking that she may possibly be interested, .. I'm sure I've left a lot out of this.. So any questions are encouraged!

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 09:58 AM
You gotta go for it man. Girls that are friends first, make the best girlfriends.

The worst that could happen is you get shot down. You're still friends then, and now you know where you stand.

The best that could happen, is you get a girlfriend.

*slaps you on the head*

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:27 PM
The shotting down would be the worst part, it would mean super awkward time around our group of friends.. It's happend before and my god did things get a bit messy.

I dunno, has anyone ever been in this position? Totally 50/50 on not knowing what she'd say?

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 09:49 AM

I really want to, and one of my friends who I've told keeps smacking me on the head when I don't say anything to her.

Well, do consider this to be another smack on the head.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

She hangs around you for a reason. She's probably waiting...

And knowing how sick and twisted most modern women are, you might have found a good one! And that is like finding a bigfoot walking down Times Square!

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 08:40 PM
I really do need more smacks on the head for love games.

I guess I will have to find time to see her alone. Too bad shes working massive over time during build-up to christmas. I dunno, will figure something out here. It's summer, so beach + Fish n chips sounds good. heh.


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