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Iran: “The Military Will Stand with the Iranian People”?

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:28 PM

Last Friday there was rumoured to be a letter stating that sections of the army in Iran will stand with the people against the revolutionary guards, should the brutality against peaceful protestors continue. This was later supposedly confirmed in audio and video in Farsi. I would not be surprised at all should this be true.

The letter, on the reformist website Gooya, ( appeared last evening: “The Army is the Refuge of the People”. This morning it is still causing excitement and uncertainty: is a section of the Iranian army and air force preparing to stand against the Government and “with the Iranian people” if the regime’s violence continues?

Translation of the letter, purportedly signed by eight military units:

In the name of pure God (NB Instead of the Arabic Allah, the word Yazdan is used. Yazdan is derived from the ancient Iranian language of Pahlavi. This may indicate that the author(s) of the statement are more patriotic than religious. It may also indicate that the author(s) want to target military personnel who are more patriotic than religious.)

The military is the refuge of the nation

In the years of the Sacred Defense (NB The Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988) when, alongside our Revolutionary Guards brothers, we defended this land, we were in reality defending the honor and dignity and lives and possessions of the Iranian people. The country is precious because the Iranian nation is precious. The weapons of the Revolutionary Guards and the military must be employed in the service of this nation and the lives [of their servicemen] should be sacrificed for the people of Iran. In the days when, alongside our Revolutionary Guards brothers, we were giving our lives for this nation, we never imagined that a day would come when a group of Guardsmen, contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of the true and devoted personnel of the Revolutionary Guards, would use the might of their weapons against this nation.

The military considers itself the refuge of the nation and has never submitted to the demands of politicians to oppress the people. It has remained faithful to its vow to not interfere in politics, but it cannot remain silent while its countrymen are persecuted and violated. For this reason, to those individuals who have been imposed on the Revolutionary Guards and who are engaged in aggression and tyranny against the lives and dignity and honor of the Iranian people and who, more than anyone, have betrayed the blood of the martyrs of our country’s armed forces, whether it be the Revolutionary Guards or the military, we issue a serious warning that if they do not change course, they will be faced with the reaction of the military’s selfless men. The military is the refuge of the people, and it will defend, to its last drop of blood, the peaceful people of Iran against any aggressor.

- A group of pilots and personnel of the aviation division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army (Havanirooz)
- A group of commanders and personnel of the 33rd artillery division of Isfahan
- A group of pilots and servicemen of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (Nahaja)
- The Shahid Sattari University of the the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (Nahaja)
- A group of the personnel of the command staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (Nahaja)
- A group of the personnel of the support training center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army
- A group of the professors and officials of the Imam Ali University for officers
- A group of the personnel and officials of the command center of the military

EA sources (and our readers, who picked up on the story several hours ago) have noted that 24 military officers were reportedly arrested in July for planning to attend Hashemi Rafsanjani’s Friday Prayer speech in full military uniform, showing solidarity with demonstrators.

None of the regiments is Revolutionary Guard, and this morning the question is large: how much support do these eight regiments have in the rest of the Army and Air Force?

Here is the claimed audio of the announcement of the eight regiments:

The prominent Iranian exile, Mohsen Sazegara, has declared in a video message that the claimed letter and audio will be significant in assuring people that Iranian military forces are with them.

With massive protests expected during the 2nd half of December, I wonder if a civil war will erupt there early in 2010. I think we know which side the west and Israel will back. We are seeing all the intelligence documents coming out now as well about Iran's secret nuclear triggers, so the next few weeks will be interesting.

Smaller student protests are continuing at universities leading up to the bigger days. I wish the people of Iran luck, and I hope the army will protect the Iranian people, and especially the students in the near future protests.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by john124

Considering it was the Youth of Iran that got Rid of the US led and installed Pet goverment,

they Hold the Real Power, so if they want they can easily take down another goverment.

and their current goverment know this, hence the heavy hand in trying to stop them.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 05:38 AM
Great find John, S&F.

Something like this needs to happen if we're to avoid war. I also heard a rumour recently that Mossad are in Iran nabbing the Basaji. I really, really hope there's some truth in that...

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by mattpryor

while i'm normally against mossad i must say the basiji are the most vile scum on the earth right next to stalin,hitler and mao. I hope they grab every basiji off the streets and make them pay dearly for all the women men and children they raped and murdered in the protests over the summer.

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