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Infinite Dimensions?

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:12 PM
Check out this simple idea:

"Theories such as string theory and M-theory predict that physical space in general has in fact 10 and 11 dimensions, respectively. The extra dimensions are spatial. We perceive only three spatial dimensions, and no physical experiments have confirmed the reality of additional dimensions. A possible explanation that has been suggested is that space acts as if it were "curled up" in the extra dimensions on a subatomic scale, possibly at the quark/string level of scale or below. Another less-held fringe view asserts that dimensions beyond the fourth progressively condense timelines and universes into single spatial points in the above dimension, until the tenth, where a 0-dimensional point equates to all possible timelines in all possible universes.[4]

Why stop at 10 or 11? Why couldn't there be an infinite number of dimensions? Maybe as humans we could perceive only a few and there exists within the universe advanced beings who are advanced simply because of their ability to perceive more dimensions. What do you think?

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:24 PM
Well first off, those would be only restricted in our Universe. Of the infinite universes, or as they are called "parallel universes" there is another everything. Basically anything that could have ever happened anywhere in any universe or dimension, is happening in another universe. So in any given universe there will be one, and in one universe there will only be two, and so on and so forth. Hope that helped.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:34 PM
Not all versions of these theories restrict to 10 or 11 dimensions. Some offer more or less as possibilities...

Personally, sounds like a lot of "math shoehorning" to me, where folks are just trying to get their theories to sound good, and need the existence of multiple dimensions to make the equations work, but who knows? Time will tell I suppose...

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:33 PM
I think infinite dimensions is definitely possible.

The best way I can describe my theory, I will use mirror folding door closets as an example.


The bent mirrored door would be how multi dimensional technology would work/look/resemble imo.

Obviously the dimension wouldn't be a mirror. The door also wouldn't be a mirror, it would look the same as how it look from straight on. In actuallity this would be another dimension/alternate reality.

This is hard to type my explanation, I will try my best to explain my theory.

Here is another example, notice the two doors on the right

Now imagine the way the mirror doors are bent, imagine I have the technology to do that to the air/light (space and time). For example in the middle of a room.

So we are standing in your room and I pull out something about the size of my cell phone, aim it at the ceiling and draw a straight line from the ceiling to the floor, in the middle of the room.

Then I distrupt/manipulate the air (space/time/light) and "pull it out", just like the bent folding mirror closet doors.

So now I just made 2 extra dimensions in your room, and we can walk through the "bent open folding door mirror closet", and with in there we can make another dimension, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Another Example

Now the door to the dimension wouldn't be a mirror. The door would look exactly the same as how it was from straight on, but now it is angled on both sides, creating two dimensions to enter through to an alternate reality.

If I had photoshop, I could better describe what I'm talking about.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 04:01 PM
Ok a mind picture for you.

Imagine that the human eye is the smallest particle known to science. Now, imagine that is your own eye. Now look in a direction. In fact , go ahead and look in EVERY direction. Every microfraction of a degree change in the angle you are looking from. Up , down, left right, behind , infront. Everywhere.

Now move your self to a different position, repeat the process. If you kept going like that for the entire age of the universe, on every planet, in every galaxy , and in every gap between , then maybe you will have looked as many places as I reckon there are dimensions.
Every choice you make in real life has a certain unique set of results each ever so slightly different to the last. In the same way , each atom, each quark even , could go in any direction given certain imputus , and thereby create a unique set of circumstances, divergances from the time we know and interact with on a daily basis. Everything in our universe as we percive it happens just so , but I personaly believe that there are as many possibilities as there are atoms in the universe and places they could go . Existance, the universe or some variant thereof , are endless and infinite , to the point of boggling the brain . Trying to count them is evidence of our vainglory and arrogance as a species.

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