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Hollywood - Your greatest disinfo agency

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 09:49 AM
I have read far too many "preparing us" threads and figured the most logical thread is required here.

Hollywood is not preparing us for anything, movies such as Aliens, ET, Stargate, Sector 8, etc etc etc.. are doing the exact is creating claims and classifying it as fiction.

Consider yourself as a young child. you are taken to a movie, you are then instructed what you see on screen is all fake..just pretend. This works its way into the consciousness that unless it is a documentry or news...then its fake.

Making a movie on something then becomes a way to dismiss a subject. The closer to the truth, the more you can dismiss. Walk up to someone whom watches sci-fi and say there are reptilian aliens amongst us...they will start talking about the series V, and then dismiss you as someone whom watches too much TV. Consider stargates going from world to world...again, a product of too much television and instant dismissal as someone completely unstable.

When you see a movie coming out, avoid the first reaction of how people are going to become more aware of what is based on how the movie is exposing some great truth...because the opposite will happen. People will be able to label any discussions of whatever the movie is as a work of fun fiction..why? because their mother told them as a child that movies are fake..therefore content of the movies in all its forms are fake.

If anything, hollywood is a disinfo agent that is making sure disclosure never happens by belittling every subject conspiracy with glamor and fiction

Good day :-)


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