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NWO End Game?

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 01:48 AM
So many things coming to fruition, the NWO or at least global governance if you don't believe in elitist conspiracies (
) seems to be close or in the final stages of 'what we know'.
So whats next?
I can't help but think somewhere there are battalions of psychiatrists/psychologists (or maybe just computer models
) studying how people are reacting to various programs and figuring just how far to push.
Perhaps they once upon a time they were also sparring with each other but at least from my mushroom viewpoint it would seem all tptb are now playing the same game.
So what do they really want now? Push people to rebellion as an excuse to kill? Or maybe stop just short of that and let people adjust to the new level of chains? Maybe some of what appears to be big push towards population reduction is just something to keep us looking the other way so we don't notice what the other hand is doing?
Are any of the 'good guys' looking at the big picture?

It seems like we may be looking at all these 'conspiracies' from the wrong angle. Instead of picking apart details like spirals in the sky we should be looking further out, where is it going next and how can we effect the direction?
A tiny nudge early enough in a trajectory makes a big difference in where the rocket lands.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 08:15 AM
THe first thing the nwo/tptb wanna do is get total control of the world's money system! They have done this already with the fact that the world bank, the IMF, and the world bank for third world nations are all located in europe! This is what is controlling the american dollar, and always will.

The dollar will finally collapse after the european financial system is done utilizing it for their own personal gains, and then a "world currency" will be issued. Population thinning will be the next target, and all people who are disabled and the elderly who are not productive anymore will be slowly eradicated! This is why, in america we're seeing that as of right now, all people on disability social security and retirement age social security will NOT receive a cost of living increase for the next 2 years!

But, the folks on social security will have to pay the increase in both medicare parts A&B, thus actually having their checks cut! This is a direct insult to these people because they cannot help the fact that they got old! When they were young enough to work, they did, and the gov't as usual wasted the money! The elderly and working classes of america are the ones taking the brunt of pay cuts and are the ones making the sacrifices to help save this nation!

I wanna know when the damn politicians are going to do their part and take a few paycuts, cause just like Obama said, fiscal responsibility is "EVERYBODY'S" responsibility!


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