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good job

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:44 PM
good job on deleting a thread made by god.

great job

goeud cgoedcgu docgducdoecudocge ducgoae cudacgud,.cubx a,b.u- map,-lyi .l-pma-iu ma-ilma,.m abu cngbacgbu.,a mu,.m ul-r,.mau,.pa uoau,au a,.p u Start I am starting to switch from Dvorak back to QWERTY, so this might take me a couple of seconds. Let’s call this “atavistic study,” I’m sure Hunter would be proud. I’ve finally realized that one thing that’s been holding me back and making sickening me by the very people against whom I hold my unnecessary grudges: laziness is futile/fatalistic. Let’s call it futalistic. I have finally broken that barrier. I sit now in the cheer of clicks at the library, and I’ve maken my resolution. I’ve maken the words for it all. I do need my education… because I’ve yet to learn to pick my battles. From now on I hope that this distracting mess won’t get into my head…. From now on I hope that I will write a letter every day… for it is the only real way to learn to write. I hope these do not bore you, but have at least the faint scent of entertainment. Sometimes I may add supplement material, but let me not get ahead of myself just yet.
There are plenty of subject matters to cover, but it is unfortunately strange that they pop into my head at the most social of situation. I know not to what other Auteur suffers from the same disadvantage… and/but/because it maps my brain… it makes more sense now; it makes sense why thinking while walking feels like a breeze to me Stop

Start on to greener pastures. We’ve mapped the whole brain of a cockroach. I can’t do this at the library… But I guarantee text in its purest of forms. No editing. Littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Unstructured and frivolous.
I’m only trying to bring back the taste of Impurity. And perhaps try to learn the way writing was meant to be learned (or so I hope). So if you have absolutely any time or any say to waste, please comment and critique on whatsoever you find of merit… but don’t shun the pure discredit of my assumptions either – those are the ones I personally learn from the most. Teacher! Help me! Stab

Stand I can’t stand the sight of my own computer anymore. There’s nothing wrong with public property… why are we so inclined to possess our own? Is it an effort to possess ourselves due to a fleeting imagination? Maybe if we buy Adobe Creative Studio we can finally get a grasp of our artist self! I knew he was in there down there! I just needed to go buy a key! Strangely, the door never gets opened regardless. Shelved our anatomy… our intensity… our curiosity. I hope to write a letter a day. Maybe more. I officially dedicate myself to this. If I fail… I beg you to smack me upside the head. Nothing like a good old shove through the door. Not enough of it. We’ve all got these bricks of emotion ,,, that when collide… cause us unnecessary change in our daily behavior. All these blocks being a reflection of our mind, our emotions have built cities that can’t bare to collide with eachother without some kind of war to concede in. Slop

Sport do you know know how to break an addiction? You forget the word “addiction;” you forget about the concept. We live in an age where it is not uncommon to be huntry in a house full of food because of addictions to concepts of money and property. I find it hard to buy more of the same foodstuffs “of my own” when there’s plenty in the house slowly rotting but under verbal restriction. But Alas! Lack of property will never work… for it is perfectly natural to mark ooff your territory with piss – to piss on your turf; to piss off your land?(!) Piss is too underestimated. Animals wage wars with piss, but we just piss in the kitchen sink. Property has been abstracted into our mind. There are xenothoughs in our head which don’t belong to your newborn self.They have been put into me. All the fiction is just metaphor. Stopthey’re actually turning money into a collectable. Stop...;, ffffu

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:46 AM
Nice, but have they 'blacked out' the pole ? I see a huge black tear drop ontop there ?

This seems to be a trend for NASA,not to show the holes at the poles of the planets in our solar system.

Looks like it is bending inward if you look at the dark Rim just around the black tear drop they added...

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:49 AM
Alot of people don't use the word "regardless",instead,they say "irregardless",which is incorrect. So,I commend you for that!

Don't know exactly what you're trying to communicate,but if writing it all out helps you,then I wish you the best.

May God bless you as you seem to be struggling with something that is deeply disturbing you.

Life is hard sometimes,for sure.

I just want you to know someone is listening and that I care.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 04:19 AM
I dont understand what your trying to convey here.

The picture however looks like someone has cut out a shape from it. The same picture will probably appear in some NASA cover-up sooner or later.

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