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Astral projectors, I have a question for you all to ask your guides

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:04 PM
The other night I astral projected, it was unlike any other projection I ever had because I was in an area I have never seen before and I was surrounded by spirit guides and all around me I saw other entities flying all around (literally tons of them).

I unfortunately don't remember much of that experience but I do remember one thing important that I was told.

I remember asking if there is alien life, and directly as I finished asking the question a guide replied to me "Yes, they walk among you and have been for a long time."

Now I have always believed in ET life, but I never really believed that aliens of some sort were living with us - at least not until this night occurred.

I know that you all have to experience what I have for yourselves before you take what I have said as "fact" or even a belief. So I'm asking you all who can astral project to ask your spirit guides (or you higher self/cosmic counterpart) the same question I did.

If any of you have already asked this question and received an answer, please share.

Anyway, I hope to do some more digging around, so to speak, about the topic next time I'm in the astral plane. But I always find it hard to focus on specific questions I want to ask before going astral since I focus so much on clearing my mind.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

I astral travel frequently and have been a Reiki master for about 12 years - very comfortable with other areas of existence. I went out and asked a few questions on the plane where the Akkashic Hall of Records is. I spoke to an "archetype" which seems to be just simply knowledge. Here's a 'transcript'

Am I alive?

Am I human?
you have a human body

Are there aliens on the planet earth?
everywhere; they are all over.

How many species of humans are there?

How many species of aliens are on earth?
there are... ...

How many species of aliens are there on earth?

You answered differently - how come?
One species is not living


Well that was interesting! 7 species of humans!? Hmm

I asked this because when I heard your OP question it made me think of "seeding" - a Tibetan Buddhist idea that earth was started by 5 races of aliens.

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