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Interesting similarities between Galaxy Quest(1999) and Star Trek 2009(**Spoiler warning**)

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:46 PM
(**spoiler!!**) If you haven't watched the Star Trek 2009 or Galaxy Quest 1999 yet, I advice you to get out of this thread at maximum warp!!

I would like to point out that first and foremost that the film Galaxy Quest(1999) is a spoof of the original Star Trek Series (TOS). As such, there are many familiar scenes in the comedy film found in the series.

But somehow, in the Star Trek 2009. The original characters managed themselves in an 'Alternate Universe' brought about by accidental presence of intruders from the future... So it isn't very much the same as the TOS anymore and should have scenes and scenarios far less similar to Galaxy Quest... But there it is! Still tons of similarities and I'm dying to know why did Star Trek 2009 seemed to done the reverse and copied elements from Galaxy Quest instead!!! Revenge??

Very distinct similarities(Star Trek 2009/Galaxy Quest(1999)) in no particular order, LOOK!!:

1. Very relaxed attitude of Cadet Kirk in the 'Kobayashu Maru Test' because apparently he was cheating while eating an apple. He gave the orders to fire in a very well orchestrated manner, still very relaxed..
1. Very relaxed attitude of Actor Jason Nesmith(aka Cmdr Taggart) upon first meeting of Saris - arch-enemy of the Thermians. Also gave a well orchestrated order of firing weapon sequences while drinking soda, thinking the situation is just an act!

2. Helmsman Hikaro Sulu botched engaging maximum warp on the maiden voyage of the USS Enterrpise on their way to Vulcan and apparently, an unscheduled meeting with their Arch-nemesis - Captain Nero
2. Helmsman Loredo, scraped the NTE Protector on their way out of the spaceport on an apparent maiden voyage to a meeting with their arch-enemy - Saris

3. The Romulan ship in Star Trek 2009 captained by Nero, The Narada, featured a cigar-shape, greenish look, menacing biological appearance, a prominent maw, heavily armed by very large compliment of powerful missiles and many times larger than USS Enterprise
3. The unnamed enemy ship commanded by Saris had the same description and also armed by missile weaponry, only looked less sophisticated

4. Nero, destroyed Planet Vulcan - Homeworld of the Vulcans by creating a blackhole in the core of the planet. With only fewer than 10,000 remaining Vulcans in the Galaxy, they are now an endangered species. It should be noted that Vulcans never lost their planet in TOS...
4. Saris is conducting a campaign of genocide against the Thermians. Until only those at the spaceport and the NTE Protector are the only ones left. They have essenctially become an endangered species as well. They also seemed to live in a Vulcan-like planet but with only a small chunk left which housed the space port.

5. The Narada had a damp, rugged, dirty, and 'green' interior. The 'torture' chanber had a biological feel to it. It was unlike typical Romulan ship interiors which were far more organized and clean. Romulans also had green blood.
5. Saris' ship were likewise similar and their reptilian race also had green blood.

6. The famous crew of the USS Enterprise 2009 where true rookies(unlike their more experienced TOS counterparts). They came commanding the Enterprise straight from the Starfleet Academy due to urgent need of resources at that time, exacerbated by an emergency at Planet Vulcan.
6. The 'famous crew' of NTE Protector were mistaken for the 'real thing' but there were actors, they have very little to no knowledge at all of operating a starship!

7. Kirk and Sulu were falling towards a huge clay-brown rock and almost impacted the rock when were beamed aboard Enterprise
7. Jason Nesmith had the the clay-brown 'rock monster' almost fall on him when he got beamed aboard the Protector by Fred.

8. One of the bridge crew of the USS Kelvin displayed a lot of fear in her face. I haven't seen such expression before watching Star Trek Series, especially, never on the bridge.
8. The Thermians on the Bridge of the Protector displayed what seemed to over exaggerated expression of fear, perhaps to reflect the seriousness of the situation to the still very relaxed and sleepy Jason. Or simply to make it look very funny

9. Jellyfish starship of the Vulcan Science Academy, hard arcing arms behind and carried and very precious and extremely powerful cargo, the 'red matter' which Captain Nero wanted in order to destroy Vulcan and exact his revenge.
9. NTE Protector had a similarly arcing warp pylon which resembled the Jellyfish's arcing propulsion mechanism. It also carried precious and extremely powerful cargo called the 'Omega 13' which Saris is coveting for. It is implied Saris will use the Omega 13 for destructive purposes, conquering the galaxy, etc.

10. The crew of the Enterprise destroys the Narada by ramming the Jellyfish head on to the Narada, which ignited the 'red matter', creating a black hole and tearing the Narada apart. It should be noted that Narada initially tried to defend herself by firing a huge barrage of missiles in an effort to stop the Jellyfish in its tracks.
10. NTE Protector bluffs ramming Saris' ship head-on. Saris returns fire by sending a huge barrage of missiles. The Jellyfish-looking Protector evades Saris' ship the last moment, sending a hail of mines it was dragging along behind it that destroyed Saris' ship.

11. Kirk is wearing a black shirt on his first mission and along the rest of the film
11. Jason somehow got to change his shirt to black after getting beamed back to the ship and wore it to the end of the film.

12. Kirk when marooned by Spock in Vega 5, encountered 3 alien species. First animal that tried to eat him, 2nd giant lobster-like animal, and an intelligent humanoid assisting Scotty in the Outpost.
12. Jason encountered 3 strange creatures when left behind in a Mars-like planet to extract Beryllium Spheres. 1st creature was intelligent humanoid living in the abandoned mining facility. 2nd was a 'pig-lizard' like animal, 3rd was a 'living, walking, rock'

12 similarities is a lot and to think that there are many comedy elements in Star Trek 2009!! I believe they have more and I don't think this is just a coincidence don't you think??


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