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the earth is heating no cooling the real conspirac

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:03 PM
I watch everyone here Fighting ooo the earth is heating no its cooling no its heating .
Well ill get to the real problem in a second first lets try this on for size .Lets say the earth did heat up from 33 % averge to ooo 45% averge ok now the poles are mealted. the ocean is oo 4 feet higher .
Bad? well now lets look first greenland isnow accutly GREEN and is now able to grow food in a NEW hugh area . alaska is now green and can grow even more food in an area TWICE the size of texas. Sibera is now green and can grow food in an area TWICE the size of alaska. well we lost the costlines florida is now an island chain and the missippippe is an inland sea. but we have gained an over al INCRESS in usable land MIllions of NEW acers .
so even if the earth was wartming that alone wouldent be a bad thing.
now on the other hand cooling could be as we louse land to ice but the ocean leavels drp but we louse much more then we would gain .
anyway putting both these things aside as neather is the end of life as we know it . Lets take a look at the REAL problem THAT man IS directly responsible for and links will be provided . and farther more we (man u me ) contuniue along this path we are domed And we will cause our own demise. So leets start focasing on the REAL problem and QUITE fighting over its cold no hot as a NEATHER of these things will kill us BUT this will.
First lets start with were life its self derives from the OCEANS we can all aggree if they die we die.
This map shows the growing DEAD zones in our worlds oceans WICH man is the DIRECT cause of as Tons upon of tons of MAN MADE cemicals creat an eneverminet in wich bactira thrive wich in turn DEPLEAT the ox in the water KILLING EVERY THING .
once upon a time we belived we could NEVER depleat the fish astocks of the world yet today the Tuna sword fish turtals and MANNY manny other species are on the edge of exti DIRECTLY caused by OVER FISHING and mass killing using nets MILES long. once the oceans chain is broken enough it will collaps and I grante this will be in YOUR lifetime and when it comes Billions will starve.
now lets look at freash water take newyork poplation is 19 million in one city.
and said city uses x amount of water and rain refills x amount of water .
Well gess what folkes WE ALREADY know x water used does not = x water replenshied. Wich in turn means a shortage . How manny times have water restrictions already been implmated.
citys in the west are walking corpas AND WE KNOW IT .There in a Desert zone for goodness sake use your brains DESERT put millions of ppl theres using water stored from millions of years agaio. NO NEW WATER is going back . IT WILL END its only a question of WHEN.
we burn our forest for farm lands CHANGING the weather patterens them selfs INCRESSING desert size by hundreds of miles a year.
and your worryed about a 1.5 temp incress? or a 1.5 decress????
man we killing our planet we need to live on FOR goodness sake WHAT ANIMAL PISSES AND DEFECATES IN the very WATER it needs to drink.
EVERY TIME U USE THE TOLET you polute 4 GALLONS of water a shot making it UNDRINKABLE think about THAT.
Every time you CHANGE the oilin your car you add polution TWICE as u put NEW oil in so u throw out the old ooo were ever humm tell me hopw you recycle lol wich creats as MUCh polution as pumping it did.
with our lv of tek and use of it THIS earth could only support a TOTAL poplation of 500 million and yet were up to 14 times that amount . that my friends means we are poluting and using the earths resorses 14 times as fast as the earth can recycly it or replace it . Rnewable energy or not it dont matter we use 14 times to much.
yopu all talk like MAN CANT OR hasent effected our eneverminet well just go out in any (CONTUNED

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:06 PM
in any city on a brezzless day and smell and see the smog. you say we cant change the temp of the air LOOK AT THE IN CITY temp and the nearest small town temp its aloways LESS .
we are truly killing our planet and will join the dinos soon enough unless we grow up and face our REAL probems instead of fighting over unimportant things like 1.5%

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:51 PM
I've seen comments on previous threads where they say temperatures are neither heating or cooling, but rather shifting.

All throughout history, areas have become fertile only to become desert in thousands or millions of years, whilst other areas have become fertile from desert... and so on.

It would explain how some areas are colder and some hotter... Basically an natural cycle no amount of money can prevent.

I fail to see how they can condense millions of years into a hundred years to somehow prove that the Earth is hotter today than it was millions of years ago.

I'm all for reducing pollution but to make people pay for carbon credits is wrong.

The Earth could support 15 billion people but our way of living has to change... No more waste or excess consumerism. Nobody should own more than an acre of land, And average apartment building heights in cities should be tripled or quadrupled. We should construct factories underground, everybody should grow as much of their own food as possible.

We're expanding but for some reason we're going up or down.

[edit on 13-12-2009 by star in a jar]

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:55 PM
500 million? right off the stones huh? Nothing else those people do is right. What makes you think that, that number they chose, is right? I agree with the rest of the post though.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:59 PM
There is absolute proof that the earth is heating up. The ice caps are melting at alarming speeds. I have done lab work and research on this in one of my university classes... There is no question about temperature.

The real question is what is causing the earth to heat up?

With the climate gate scandal, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the traditional view of human CO2 emissions causing the greenhouse effect is false. Are other gasses to blame? Maybe, maybe not.

I personally believe that the entire solar system is undergoing some kind of bizarre change.

The sun's magnetosphere has shrunk considerably, and I remember reading about changes happening to almost all the planets, but I can't remember what they are. Something about more violent and frequent mega storms in the gas giants, and freakish atmospheric conditions on some of the smaller ones.

The point is that these changes that we are experiencing on earth are not unique in the solar system... something is definitely going on up there...

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:06 PM
i think its all just a natural cycle

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 01:02 AM
If the Earth were heating, there would be more evaporation and more water held in the atmosphere therefore little change in sea level.

If the Earth were cooling, water expands when it freezes and hence more ice would be held on land and more ice would be frozen in the sea, either way, little change in sea level.

The world has had ice free Antarctica before now as witnessed by the likes of the Pieri Ries map and there was no 'end world scenario'.

Get over the hype. It's just a really clever tax scam.

The people 'in charge' know how to make money and rob us all, but while being robbed, we don't have to believe anything they say!

Remember, that CO2 is essential to life on this planet and potentially even more essential than anything else. If you can tax something like that, you are onto a winner.

Watch out for the 'water tax' to follow in due course.

After all, water causes flooding, it's a poison, people can drown in it!

TAX it! Quick!

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