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Women go online to share child sex-abuse fantasies

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:09 PM
Then I wish to become a child once again

I use to have fantasies about my geography teacher, she was a teaser, I acted confused around her.

On a more serios note, kids this days are more sexual active, as time comes and go's not in to the distant future I think we will have legalisation
of this things. Just like I use to be there are boys and girls that find intresting teachers or older dudeds and girls.

If someone likes sex with another person then it's love, if someone does not like it then it's rape. Sex generates pleajure, it's not an evil thing, it feels good to have sex. It only hurts if you don't like the person having it with. I bet there are girls and boys having sex as young as 15 years of age. I say let them have it as long as they want it with who ever they want to have it with. Why is sex a crime as long as you and the other person enjoys it but eating sweets is not, eating sweets can render a person diabetic or can cause liver failure and that person can die.

And here comes the advantage of sex over sweets. You can use a condom.
I know so many girls that had sex with colege profesors I lost count.
It's just the way girls are, they dig older dudes, where were these 25 year old girs that likes to have sex with kids when I was 17?

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:11 PM

Originally posted by Zosynspiracy
Wow there are some major perverts on ATS that's for sure.

Regardless of how you feel about teenage sex it is emotionally UNHEALTHY for teenage girls to be sleeping with adults. I mean my god...........and we wonder why women are so screwed up emotionally by the time they become adults. The subtle emotional impact that goes along with teenage sex is more pronounced than most here and in society want to admit.

Yes we in America are all a bunch of puritanical, conservative prudes? HAHA! Look at the sexualization that's happening all over the world INCLUDING EUROPE! There are a lot of things human beings did 100 years ago. That doesn't mean they were healthy. Europe's STD rates are sky rocketing among other social ills of promiscuous teenage sexuality.

Thank you for being there to speak for us lowly silly old emotionally vulnerable women. I am sure the when I was 15 and decided to be with a man 5 years my senior is exactly why I am so...

Oh, that is right, I am fine other than my habit of visiting ATS. I think it is even more insane to decide what is so damaging for teenage women. I love watching men decide what is best for us. Maybe at that age sex would have done you a great deal of harm but I still look back on that time of my life very fondly and I have had plenty of time to look back.

I was underage in my state. It was illegal and he would have gone to jail for rape if caught. Basically all this broad brush painting is demonstrating that few people even realize how much the age of consent actually varies within the U.S. Apparently according to you, in NY state I was so young that having sex with an adult did irreparable damage but if I had lived in Washington D.C. it would not have done any harm since it would have been legal.

Men need to stop deciding what is best for girls and people need to remember that 18 is not universal.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:23 PM

Men need to stop deciding what is best for girls and people need to remember that 18 is not universal.

What does sex have to do with deciding ? Sex is just sex.
You dig older guys because you feel more secure and protected. It's a lie that you like to think it's the truth. It makes you feel good. Sex is just sex and I think girls mix it up with other stuff to make a justification of it.

Don't tell me what to do but I'll hook with older guys because I feel better because they know better? If you would like your independence this would not be an issue, you say something and do something else. Only because older guys trick you and you fall for it because they say it better, it';s really the same thing dear, they do tell you what to do and you do it, you just don;t know it, (but you do), you only pretend that you don't.

I really admire girls that sometimes date the same age as they are.
I'm guessing that those girls know what they want and don't need the make pretend.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by Lillydale

I see where you are coming from.. I lost my virginity at 13 to a 22 year old guy, and it was goooood lol.. But emotionally, i was too immature to deal with the resulting flood of feelings.. If he had made me pregnant, i would now be another council house chav with 10 kids and a plasma screen tv bought by tax payers and even though its a mute scenario because it didnt happen to me, it still could have and does happen to other wee girls...
This day an age is completely different to the days of yore where women had to attach themselves to a man as soon our menstral cycle started.. We have choices...
And its ironic that men chose our sexually mature age as you would think that they couldnt wait to get their hands on us!!! ..They wanted us to have choices, then you slam them for it!!!

However because us western woman have been pampared and spoiled, and we have overtook the men. The whole of society has suffered.. Both of of our roles, naturalistcally speaking, were clearly defined. And now the waters are muddied on gender roles, the whole of society is suffering.. Maybe going back to the old ways is the remedy our species needs, because we are not evolving.... Our species is devolving, and we as women can stop that by humbling ourselves, thus at the same time being the better gender still...

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:46 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99

Absolute drivel. Women aren't the predators. When they are abused as children they usually end up being abused.

I too will assume you meant "abusers". As for your point, well, it's "absolute drivel" isn't it? Whether someone has been abused and then turned into an abuser is irrelevant, because they have ruined a child's life. If anything, victims of child abuse should be the last people you'd expect to turn abuser themselves. If they do, then they should be vehementy persecuted, not sympathised with.

reply to post by ziggy1706

You can't blame pornography for it, the Greeks (for one) were at it long before that came along.

The women of the websites mentioned in that report should be tracked down by authorities and dealt with, preferably before any of them can play out their 'fantasies' in real life. These women clearly have a problem.

A lot of people see this kind of thing as evidence of a rise in paedophilic behaviour. There is no rise, it's just reported and sensationalised more these days by the media. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was actually less of this kind of thing going on than ever before. Think about it. In the past this thing wasn't talked about by anyone. There was a stigma attached to the victim as well as the perpetrator, families wouldn't speak of it if one of their kids had been abused by a relative or friend because they didn't want to create a scandal. Kids were exposed to adults in unsupervised situations that would not be deemed in any way appropriate these days. Nowadays kids are better educated (well, instilled with paranoia at an earlier age) and are taught about 'stranger danger', that any unknown adult could be a threat (even though victims are more likely to be abused by a relative or family friend). Some kids aren't allowed outside without constant supervision. I know that we all worry for our children's safety but that climate of fear we have created in around them is palpable, and one wonders what effect it will have on them in the long term.

It's the media who have made us fear that there's a boogeyman around every corner. There are probably more children injured or killed in road accidents each year than are molested or murdered by paedophiles in a decade. Maybe we should take a good look at the effect our fear can have on a child's psyche. Are we being rational or just led by the media on this (like everything else)? People complain about their kids spending all day in front of the TV or XBox etc. and that they don't get enough fresh air. They might go out and get some exercise if they weren't so apprehensive about what might be out there. At this rate we are going to end up with a generation of neurotic agoraphobics, afraid to spread their wings and flee the safety of the family nest.

It's insane, and it's being perpetuated by a media who can't get the facts straight. Look at all those "Female Teacher in Pupil Sex Shocker" headlines about older women and teenage boys. These stories always accuse the teacher of being a paedophile when in fact they would actually be a pederast. Paedophiles are sexually attracted to prepubescent children, whereas pederasts are attracted to teenagers. There is a difference, and when I read these stories I often look to see how the 'teacher' got 'caught'. In most cases I have seen it's because the boy has originally consented but then decided he'd had his fun and no longer seeks the attention of the teacher. Then he goes crying to his mommy that the teacher had 'molestered' him. Now I'm not saying what the teacher was up to was right, I'm just saying that teenage boys are not as innocent as the media would like you to believe in these cases. I know that when I was that age I would've given my eye teeth to have had it off with an older woman (and just about all of the boys I knew would have said the same thing). Teenagers are a whole different ballgame and a lot of 'molestation' cases involving teens are not the cut-and-dry tales of abuse they are portrayed in the media.

This is just one example of how the media distorts situations and sells the idea of the boogeyman/woman around the corner, and the public buys it because they don't even have to read it! They just need to see the front page of the tabloid headline "PAEDO TEACHER CAUGHT" or some other such nonsense. Then they go home and discuss getting little Bobby fitted with an RFID chip, which in reality would do nothing to prevent abuse, it just serves as false peace of mind to the parent.

Hmm. I may have rambled on a bit...

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by sotp

Hi sotp, my other half who works in SOTP's (sex offender treatment programs, australia) would agree with you... He however is all about the treatment rather than the punishment which maddens me no end!! I would prefer if they were never released... Whats your thoughts???

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by Selahobed

Hey! That acronym is my name! Heh. Mine's means something else though...but it's a secret!

Anyway, if governments aren't willing to engage in a policy of chemical castration then I do not believe that paedophiles should ever be released from prison. No matter how 'rehabilitated' they might appear to be, there is always a danger that temptation will get the better of them and they will ruin more lives.
I know governments these days (well in the UK anyway) worry about human rights laws, but I think the law should be that if you abuse a child then you lose some of those rights. I believe that if found guilty you should serve your full (preferably long) sentence, then be given the choice between chemical castration or the spending the rest of your life behind bars.

Harsh? Yes. Deserved? Yes.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by sotp

Although you may see reports more and more it is because people who were afraid of the stigma attached are speaking out. I do not know if there is any lessening of acts of pedophilia in society today...perhaps, but I do know the media seldom reports these stories. What you hear about is only the tip of the iceberg.
If it involves a woman it is a bit more unusual and so the media eats it up but more often the vast majority of these cases go unreported for fear of embarrassment.
I blame the media for not reporting these types of crimes enough.

One in three women/girls will be the victim of abuse in their lifetime.

BTW I think there are so many bogey men around the corner... chastity belts should make a comeback!

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:30 AM
I think the main difference between male and female sexuality, that some in this thread are trying to express, is the act of penetration.

It's probably the reason why women offenders are treated differently to male offenders.

Female sexuality SEEMS to be viewed as Passive because it doesn't require an act of penetrating the body of the other person, in fact quite the opposite, the giving of consent to be penetrated by a male(even though of a young age) and therefore is, considered less intrusive and maybe therefore less of crime?

Just thought I'd put that out there as a POSSIBLE reason why there is a discrepency in why these two kind of perpetrators are viewed differently.

Just want to add that I don't want to be flamed for posting this explanation. I'm not saying that I agree with it, just that it could be a possible cause.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by carewemust
I wasn't going to post this, but I'll keep it short and not say how I feel..just
report this personal fact.

I was introduced to sex as a 7 year old boy by a female adult who was my


I think your feelings about it are completely relevant and pertinent to this thread so could you tell us please if it's not too difficult for you??

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 12:56 AM
Sorry folks, but i have worked on psyche wards for the last 10 years and i can tell you for certain. The traumatic effect on a male child who has been sexually in a relationship with a female elder is WAY different from the effect of a female perpetrated upon by a male, AND from a male perpetrated by a male.

Both the male and females who have been PERPETRATED upon by people unwillingly have serious emotional pathos. However, I truly have yet to see a male who a) had been perpetrated upon unwillingly by a female, or b) a male with serious emotional pathology from sex with an adult female. Its completely different issues. In two of the issues (male and female uwillingly by male) its an issue of helplessness, domination, and often violence. This is RARELY IF EVER the case with an older woman having sex with a younger male.

Keeping in mind, i am talking about teenage children here, which i clearly differentiate from PEDOPHILIA which is PURELY sexual attraction to the prepubescent child, which many of you here insist on confusing. Pedophelia is NOT SEX WITH A PHYSICALLY MATURE HUMAN.

said my peace.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 01:16 AM
I had a boyfriend abused by his mother.

Even at age 30 he was still in no emotional position to even fully admit to it.

His life was blighted by drink and abusive, violent behaviour towards women.

Teenage sex is a grey area - anything younger is just sick and should be prosecuted heavily.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 01:18 AM
chillpill, i thank you for your input and wouldnt argue with anything you say. I would encourage any others who are males abused by females or close friends with such to add their wisdom to this opposed to just the people with opinions that we have heard so far.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 01:54 AM

Originally posted by rusethorcain
reply to post by sotp

Although you may see reports more and more it is because people who were afraid of the stigma attached are speaking out.

That's my point. Is there really a rise? Or is it at a similar level to what it was before and the media make it sound like it's becoming more prevalent?

I have criticised the media with my posts in this thread for their handling of this subject, but I would just like to emphasise that I am in no way trying to trivialise the subject of child abuse. It is a horrible, horrible crime. I have a daughter myself and if anything ever happened to her I would want to kill the person responsible. If you are one of the members who has had the courage to tell your of your own experiences I have nothing but sympathy and respect for you.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:24 AM

Originally posted by JohnPhoenix
This has been going on for years.. but I agree.. there are just as many women pedophiles as men.

The trouble is as sick as it is, as long as they say it's fantasy they can get away with it until they act on it. I bet those sites are being monitored for communication between adults and kids.

We should change the laws to make those sites illegal.

The problem I have with this idea is that it's censorship in one of its ugliest forms...Looking like it's "for your own good."
What happened to freedom of speech? Of course, I do not agree with them or their actions, but if they talk about performing actual criminal acts, then arrest them & use their admissions against them in a Court of Law, don't censor everyone else in the process. If they can't "confess" to crimes on the internet, they'll just find some other outlet & become that much harder to catch.

I repeat: No Censorship can be allowed! I could agree with monitoring, but never censoring. There is no action that compromises the Law that does not, in itself, actually involve committing a crime.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Wow. You are so far off. Let us get this straight. Outward male rule certainly limited women. That much is obvious. However, women influenced the mores of the day in transmissions to their children. This gave them the power of the "hidden hand." As many men have engaged in ruthless acts of physical domination, women have engaged in ruthless manipulation. Logic runs into a wall. When men were denied emotions (except anger) by the external patriarchy and internal matriarchy, women supplied the emotions for him, creating a spiral effect that influenced him. Women were the ones pulling the emotional strings. Heck, even that douchebag man on top had his queen concubine whispering in his ear. She wanted him to be a good "character" in her drama.

And, just as women in this slave culture in which we live, most men are peons. It is just that the men followed a domination hierarchy, while women followed a manipulation hierarchy. The BS about the world being a pure patriarchy is pure, uninventive, feminist drivel. It is the mirror image of Freud, more ANALysis. It is completely biased and merely seeking more territory, and not equality. The whores attacked the beast, and rightfully so. However, now the spiritual alphas amongst both men and women are teaming up for a dual dissolution of both whore and beast. To kill this hydra, it must be done simultaneously, and it is. Alpha dog and omegalomaniac, to quote a song, must go at once, in a singular disappearing act.

Early feminism sought to liberate women from male logical command. It is only natural that men would follow by trying to liberate themselves from female emotional control. The old system had men controlling through active logical command, and women controlling through passive emotional manipulation. As liberated woman slides into a tendency to play her cards openly, the tricks are becoming plain as day, and not so tricky anymore. Just as men should not be ruthless conquerors, women should not be ruthless tricksters. The honest, non-warring men and women see this.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by pexx421

By the way, my mother was a ruthless, narcissistic manipulator. She was a psychologist, and she knew all of the tricks perfectly well. It wreaked havoc in my life for years, as it took a little over a decade to finally remove all of her webs. Her entire persona was wrapped up in controlling manipulation. Anyone who only sees woman as some perfect goddess is desperately stuck in the image trap. He is too busy looking at her boobs and butt to not be slayed by a whore. And I am certainly not badmouthing women. I am just saying that there are just as many sociopathic women as men, yet they tend to approach from opposite sides of a mirror.

It is obvious to me, that due to woman's apparent lesser position in the past, she got away with many things. That was the chivalrous trade-off. Listen, you don't have any real power (although she most certainly had the power of influence), so we will let anything slide, and you do not have to worry about consequences, as man will carry out any act for you, and he will take the blame if necessary. Our slave culture reinforced both dominating and manipulating devils; it is what worked to get to the top of the two hierarchies. The dominating devil is no longer accepted. The manipulative devil is just now becoming socially unacceptable, and a tipping point will occur in the near future to make this character irrelevant. The less sociopathic men and women will finally have their place in society.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by pexx421

The older woman just rapes his mind, leaving him in a stupor, running around in circles detached. He looks for something, but doesn't even know what that something is. The abused female feels more violated. But the man doesn't come to the realization that he has been violated until years later, making it worse in a sense, because he has been reinforced by both matriarchy and patriarchy to ignore his emotions, and thus, not understand them. Many mothers wanted him emotionally stupid so she could control, feeling glorious as a queen bee (also from a perspective of defense, as man was perceived as a threat). Men wanted younger men emotionally stupid so that they would be better slaves. The vast majority of men have been slaves to both men and women throughout the entire last epoch, merely being placated with badges and honors for proper servitude..

Of course, I must state that this is from a biased male perspective, and I know the woman's trauma has all sorts of intricacies of which I am unaware. However, I am just saying that we sort of live in a society that still, far too much, expects men to bear the burden when he has no privilege. In fact, having less privilege, as a woman is far freer (at least from a social viewpoint) to simply be herself. Of course, this happened because women rightfully did not want to take abuse, but naturally approached the whole thing from a half view, sort of a reverse ANALysis. They still wanted their men to be their characters, but they could be just whatever their hearts desired. As I said before, this is all changing rapidly. I think many who are lost in the dark will be quite surprised when looking at gender relations, say, just a few short years down the road. Less than a decade. Maybe less than five years. Maybe only two. Man's tricks are not working as much anymore. Women's tricks are starting to not work either. Both whore and beast have been exposed. Finally, we can love each other instead of being at war.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:23 AM
There was a case where I live where a teacher slept with 4 of her students and somehow the parents heard of it... they wanted to sue the teacher but no boy wanted to talk about it... so she wasn't sued in the end.

If the boys were cool with it, there's no wrong IMO... BTW, those kids were 15 years old... and I heard the teacher was quite hot... so who cares what they do, it's their business.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by Lillydale

You have got to be kidding me if you think men control your life. Seriously, get out of that bubble. Pop. Both men and women exercise control over each other, although in slightly different ways, like mirror images. Man through logical instruction, and woman through emotional influence. Of course, both can go across the spectrum, but I am speaking of classical tendencies, whether hereditary, social, or a combination. Earlier, both logical command and emotional influence were respected aspects of society, but one was delegated to each sex, in a sort of separation of powers. Too many people were enslaving others with these tools, however, so women (influenced by both men and women) decided to neuter logical command by men.

Hence, she would have both emotional and logical control, becoming that androgynous goat. She becomes an everything, yet still salivates over difference, and as such, seeks to make man a zero. No coincidence either that, as a mentally challenged society left Christianity, and hence its reconciliating ideal, it naturally inflamed a greater war between the sexes. Man has been browbeaten about his so-called faults. Woman must admit her role in the social drama, and we must seek reconciliation. Otherwise, the Western world will become fully a degenerate, third world nation if it doesn't blow itself up first. The west has got to get out of its narcissistic bubbles. I swear, a troupe of gorgeous men and women could do naked jumping jacks in front of many, and they would still not see, as it invalidated some ideological angle they so desperately held onto. Pop goes the bubble.

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