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Charging Blair with War Crimes?

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 07:24 AM
At the end of WWII those at the head of the Nazi State were held to account for their actions by the victorious allies, the Nuremberg trials went on for a protracted period while the case was established and those guilty held to account for their numerous and awful crimes.

The indictment at Nuremberg had as it's main thread this "Crimes against Peace, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity, and of a Common Plan or Conspiracy to commit those Crimes".

Doesn't this indictment have a very strong parallel to the war in Iraq?

Blair and Bush took us to war against Iraq, we may not have liked the regime there, but Iraq wasn't attacking anyone, the big problem in Iraq was the embargo on trade which hurt the ordinary people far more than the regime itself. Isn't waging a war in that circumstance a crime against peace?

I would have thought dropping hi-tech work weapons on the civilian populace of any country was a war crime, well, the UK & US Forces have history in that respect. The body count goes up by the hour!

When Blair met Bush before the war started, and they agreed that regime change was needed, they then span lies about the Iraqi ability to launch WMDs, and took our forces to war. Forces who are now taking losses, dead and maimed, troops who aren't properly supported by their own governments, brave men and women doing their duty, giving of themselves to try and help the people of Iraq. But sadly they are living a nightmare created by the lies of their leaders. Blair admits he engaged in a conspiracy to launch a war against Iraq, in an interview with that well know poliitcal analyst Fern Britton and still he isn't dragged off to a Police cell to face charges. He admits that if the argument on WMD hadn't been used they would have "found" another argument? Sorry, but by any measure that is conspiracy, simply put he's admitted his own guilt that he conspired with others to commit an aggressive war against another sovereign nation.

I've not even got onto the conspiracy to kill off people like Dr Kelly who could show the arguments for war were utterly falacious.

If that isn't enough? If an admission of guilt, the death toll, the ever growing cost, the dubious financial aspects of the way the war is run, and no doubt much more we haven't heard about, isn't enough to see someone charged with War Crimes, then what is? What would it take to charge anyone with a crime?

I know full well if I walked into a Police station and demanded that Blair be arrested then I would be laughed out of the place, or arrested for wasting Police time.

There must be someone out there who could put together a case for having Blair arrested and charged. I expect things would never reach trial, but just to see the smug grin wiped off Blair's face would be a start for a lot of people.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 08:14 AM
I agree 100 % with everything you put, if any one does know how to move this process forward please speak out.

I'll be right next to the person supporting this lawsuite.

We just need to remember to charge the administration not the soldiers.
Should brown be on that list for war crimes as well !"

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 09:42 PM
Blair War Crimes Foundation.. looks like a blog with a "progress report"

It might not happen for awhile, but bush, blair, obama a bunch of us congress people, along with a handful of military, CIA... anyone who tortured should all be standing tall defending their actions one day... make examples of ALL who participated, spare no one from facing justice.

Not only the leaders should be held accountable, as a nation the US & UK should face consequences for defiling humanity with unnecessary death, misery & destruction. In the name of peace the US/UK militarys should be dissolved to smaller defensive forces engineered for one purpose: defending their own soil.

The planet would be much better off without hypocritical empirical bully liars going around telling others how to behave and preaching peace & justice while braking laws, slaughtering and torturing innocent people denied due process.

The GOP / DNC war partys have turned a once admired strong rich nation into a broken crumbling empire led by an embarrassing gaggle of international clowns of death who ignore the people and do what they want.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 10:18 AM
I think you'll find it will be almost impossible to do anything about it. Even if you tried, they would have access to the best lawyers in the country, and you'd stand no chance of winning whatsoever. The case will be dragged out over years. And when you inevitably lose due to the corrupt British legal system, you'd end up with a bill that would make the recent bankers bailouts seem like loose change.

Besides, he's so confident of nothing happening to him that he CAN publically admit his evils, knowing full well he's immune. He knows it, his peers know it and will all back him if it came to it, even if it meant more lying and death.

Dont forget, decent and innocent people have already lost their careers and lives over this, their only crime was wanting justice. Its only a course of action to be taken if you are willing to die for it, because trust me if that guy would kill thousands of innocent people, from civilians in Iraq or people like Robin Cook, he'll spare no thought for you or your family.

It makes me so angry that these disgusting people can commit the most evil acts against humanity (im talking in general now, not just about Blair) and get away with their crimes completely scot free, while people go to prison for things as stupid as possession of class B's or defending themselves against violent criminals.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by Firefly_

Alot of what you said is true, but the thing that gets me is religious leaders stand up and call blair a great person, lol.

So your a religious leader, and you call a mass murderer a great person. Histroy is written by the winners, that is all this is, lol.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by GovtFlu
Blair War Crimes Foundation.. looks like a blog with a "progress report"

Thank you for the post. I have added my name to the list of people who want Blair the war criminal held up to account and I am forwarding the details of the blog and petition to all my contacts on my MSN.

One day I really hope Blair is indicted on war crimes, I long for the day when he will face justice and when that day comes I will be in the crowd trying to look him in the eye so that he can see the contempt that I regard him with. A crowds of justice seekers wanting to see him put away for life is like bolting the barn door after the horse has bolted but as far as I am concerned, he is complicit in a terrible crime.

The man lied about the reasons for war and now has blood on his hands exuding the reek of a mass murderer. I would be keen on taking just one look at his aura see the strength of the crime he will one day have to face up to if there is something other than oblivion after death.

/Petition signed with reason, passion and a need to see justice served to this arrogant little man.

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