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H1N1 - Proved myself wrong...

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 04:08 PM
Here in France there has been a real effort to educate people about the spread of H1N1, with TV adverts, posters, information printed on the front of any envelope sent out by the government etc. There has also been a huge vaccination campaign, with pregnant women, teachers, medical professionals offered a vaccine first, and then the general public. Over 3.5 million people have now been immunised.

But the things is, I had not heard of anyone actually having the virus! No family, friends, co-workers, nothing. Nada. Zip. Apart from a cousin's friend who lives in the UK, but there were probably 20 steps of removal, so I discounted it.

My wife is 8 and a half months pregnant, and has been drumming into me - was your hands after the supermarket, shaking hands with anyone etc. I even keep a bottle of antiseptic alcohol in the car. We have taken no chances, but decided up to now to not get vaccinated due to the possible risks of relatively untested medicine. The vaccination centre was also too far from us, and with a 3+ hour wait, with no chairs, it would have been too much for my wife.

About 3 weeks ago I felt pretty ill, took to my bed for 3 days, went to the Doctor, who diagnosed a Sinus infection. I had some Antibiotics, and was better in a week or so. About 7 days ago my wife started to feel ill too, but with 'cold' like symptoms. She has got worse, despite some antibiotics, but in the last 2 days she has had some improvement, and just has what I'd call a 'deep' flu...

Well, in precaution for the baby, I forced her to go back to the Doctor's yesterday. She was there for 10 mins before we were on our way to hospital! Isolation H1N1 emergency centre, space suits, masks, gowns, the whole lot... she had no temperature, just the flu like symptoms. The did some tests and sent us home with no new medication, but a prescription for Tamiflu just in case.

We were not told to stay inside, limit exposure to people, just to call back as it would take up to 48 hours to get the results!!

Well, we thought that there was no chance of my wife having H1N1 as she has only been out a few times in the last 3 weeks, but to our astonishment, she has come back positive!!

Which is where it gets worse.

She has not been called back to hospital, despite being 8 months+ pregnant, not been examined further, not had any more tests, not been asked to list where she has been, who she has spoken to. She has just been told to take the Tamiflu and stay warm!!

All in all, I am now panicking, have no idea if we are following the right instructions. Seriously worried about our little new arrival, and think Christmas may be canceled as we can't see anyone!

And from the beginning, I said that H1N1 was exaggerated and didn't exist... guess I have been proved wrong!

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 04:26 PM
I'm so sorry for you guys! I can only imagine how stressed you must be with the baby on the way.

First make sure her OB/GYN is completely updated on her status. Keep her comfortable and hydrated - that is huge. Make sure she rests and eats small amounts of nutrient dense food every few hours.

Don't let her read a bunch of scary stuff on the web, just positive thoughts only for the baby.

The good thing is that she is almost to term so if there are any *unlikely* complications the outlook is good for everyone involved. If her condition worsens, go straight to an ER.

The chances are excellent that it will only be very mild. Notice how the H1N1 news has all but evaporated - it's pretty mild for most people. However, being pregnant, she should not take any risks or make any assumptions.

I'm sending good vibes and prayers your way. Hang in there and be positive and calm for her.

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 05:10 PM
Sleep...and eat.

If she can hold the food down, she needs to be eating a lot of low carb foods. NO sugar.

Not only is she eating for two, but if she is sick she's now eating for three. So she needs to eat if she can.


posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 02:25 AM
Many thanks for the advice and kind words, much appreciated!

Thankfully her temp has stayed low these last 24 hours, and she is eating a little bit more than before. I've upped what she is drinking to be sure she is kept very well hydrated. I checked on the Internet before she took the new antibiotics that the hospital provided - and yep, they were very harmful to the baby (possibly causing necrotic gastro-intestinal problems in the child!), so I had to get back to get them changed to safes ones for the little one. Thank god she didn't just take them, and we are both a little suspicious of things and have a need to investigate! I can only feel that the authorities have no real clue what they are doing in this case.

I am keeping my fingers crossed, but so far it seems to be not as bad as I feared, although I have never seen her so ill for years. It appears to be on a level of a nasty case of seasonal Flu at the moment... nonetheless, things have been pretty damn scary, and I've been averaging about 2 hours sleep a night, although my wife has quipped that this is good practice for when the little one arrives!

Thanks once again,


posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 09:55 AM
Thanks for the update.

You guys will be in our thoughts. Everything will work out for the better and christmas will be happy and healthy.


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