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slave trade in Canada

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:16 AM
Thank you Sauron for the applause.

A thankless position, being Ceausescu's slave trader's obstruction

in Kanada.

I lived at a co op for fifteen years. If one reads a street directory, they will see, that co ops are primarily populated by immigrants and refugees from Yemeni, Iran, Lebanon, etc.

This is fine, nice people, my Muslim neighbor upstairs, a Somalian, married to a Saud, was a lovely pious woman.

Most of Islam, wonders where their militant thugs get all their money.

Mullahs are non smokers, and that appeals to Professor Marvel's neo fascist elixir

the Medicants conducting mind control.

They use more than symbology, they are the best psychologists and psychiatrist of the century

used as a weapon. To be paid as a psychologist, is to work in advertisement, and discern methods of influencing minds.

When their marriage dissolved, he moved to Toronto and ordered a new wife, of 13, as family.

Never divorcing, or paying child support. There will be no threat of garnished wage scholarships

for his daughters,

his wife wouldn't dream of saying a thing. The president of Iran, built a parliamentary wing

throwing acid on women, who complained of such things, and Ceausescu, built a palace.

The neighbors don't see invisible slavery, they hear rumors and see single women, newly emancipated helot slavery

they resent for the freedom. Ceausescu utilized draconian male reigns of gender warfare

like zinni cells for 12 yrs old, who said the wrong thing, just when a raging neighbor opened the door,

or stoning raped women, who dared divorce Ceausescu's war criminals.

There is a pro active Jihad colonization of Western culture, taking place in some elements of Islam

alongside the cleptocracy's administration of global birth bond treasury.

Ceausescu's infant kidnapping, perjury, assassination, infant abandonment, abuse, and fraud retardation in Israel

is court record.

The child bride slave owner at the co opted Yemeni is a fact.

He is not in danger of being black listed, "skinned and mutilated" by a quack, he has money.

It is a tax burden epithet, that reflects, the biases being exploited and manipulated

by slave traders, in order to perpetuate their profits

in Canada's co opting of Ceausescu.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:22 AM
First Hitler came for the Useless Eaters, and then they came for Rohm.

Anyone interfering with the slave trader's lucrative capital.

Mormons, the polygamists at Bountiful and Utah

with whore/madonna complexes similar to Ceausescu's slave traders.

The kleptocracy's Jihad is progressing

with "homicidal, suicidal' goat herders and

png farmers.

Mr. Gregson, who had been decorated for bravery as an RCMP officer in Saskatchewan, is facing charges of first-degree murder, robbery and using an imitation firearm in the commission of an offence in connection with the stabbing death Czapnik, 51. Despite an adjudication board's 2008 decision to dismiss him, Mr. Gregson remains a member of the RCMP, said a national spokeswoman for the organization. "He does remain a member of the RCMP," Sgt. Pat Flood said on Wednesday morning. "There's an appeal process going on right now." Ms. Flood said Mr. Gregson was suspended with pay in September 2006, following an allegation that Gregson had threatened a Mormon bishop in Regina. His status was changed to a suspension without pay after Gregson pleaded guilty to the offence in April 2007.

Mountie threatens polygamist sect, stabs Ottawa policeman

No such thing as coincidence when "missing allen" is being driven to psychotic suicide, with fascist stealth psy ops, like Jessop.

Who was not coincidentally "skinned and mutilated" on a message board, and then assaulted by a reconstructive surgeon,

with a history of assaulting his child women patients.

In Cornwall, there was a pedophile ring, many knew about, and did nothing.

Pedophile piety, like that sold with Utah polygamy, the alternative

is degradation in a barrio

where feral dogs clean up

the family's nasty Pandora boxes.

Png's eager fiscal enforcers.

Secret Securitate Souvenir canon conexxx

She was sexually assaulted and brutally killed. The identities of those involved were widely known but it took 16 years for just one of them to be convicted.

"Muslim Honor Killings" and Utah's pious child bride's dilemma.

Many knew of cowudder's vicious assaults and did nothing.

Freeman was once again a genius.

Cornwall officials thought they were public urinals, they were covered in broken LP's of graffiti

after all.

"Throughout this inquiry I have heard evidence that suggested that there were cases of joint abuse, passing of alleged victims, and possibly passive knowledge of abuse," Glaude wrote.

Paid with slave trade profits, torturer who assaults half of his patients. It is not torture research, his patients, then become

"homicidal perverts".

Borat's bro must have kidnapped another child!?!?

That is what he called the mother of the "juvenile delinquent" the aging grandparents raised him

kicked him at 16, as a "juvenile delinquent."

Finally met his mother, the previous "child molester" for "retarded Romanian Solomon", who set him up in a business.

Get rich, avoid Hitler's oven.

KBR and Sgro, found "missing allen'

Pol Png has got his list of non retarded intelligentsia, the nut cases, headed for Romania's quickest death logos, first

Bebe Glazer frightens Frasier, Shariamcstinkycarthyism.

Adman knows exactly how to insert hostile hostage premises, that obfuscate St ch'atty's pious slave parliamentary wing in Ceausescu's co opted Yemeni.

Impoverished tax burden epithets, shouldn't beg, starving in pmped Purdah, should be enough.

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 09:44 PM

"Vancouver Olympics largest security operation in Canadian history with Mexican and U.S. military forces."

Slave traders get the flack, picnic on Mount Ch'Olympus.

Normalize Massive Child Trafficking through Psychological Warfare making it invisible

Priests kept a "secret".

Arduous could not address clubfoot's aggressors, and instead

the priest was well dressed, decked in Myrrh and Frankincense

He drank out of gold chalices

temple gilt in gold

authority draped in gold

Resist the Corporate Circus

Korporate fat kats, mercenaries in flack

their sideline, mass murder psy ops

securitate detach to intimidate writers,

the "retarded whores", critical of raping Zeus geese.

Pedophile piety, median age slaves, through a secret trade

in Ceausescu's Bountiful sympathy.

A medalist of golden cow metallurgy

greed, knuckle dragging pedantry

a rapist, on Mount Olympus

Instead, el filial's sorry sorer

was a seductress, open season on brutalized women

hungry for love

Mengele's cigarette.

B.C. to force homeless into shelters during 2010 Olympics

Contagions of Ceausescu's retardation fake and psychotic

Kapos don't need treatment when their scapegoats

are degraded while vulnerable

that is 'manifest destiny', like small pox.

Png's fortnightly Pandora's box is colorful

History is a bully's moral inventory, poetry is science.

Piety by Ceausescu's "retarded" intelligentsia's birth bond palace

Suicides never made it to Oliver's twisted grave yard.

Lepine says, no affirmative action for tax burden epithets.

Median age slave traded pro pedophilia birth bond treasury's rubbish.

Parental death decree, for garnishing Prince Uranus' wages

so his only absentee joint custody, paranoid schizophrenic, like aunts on both sides of the family, child,

could benefit from a scholarship, he would have otherwise denied.

Mutilated for Png's birth bond treasury.

A cottage industry, jeering Phoolan Devi's early induction to scapegoating

with graffiti vandals retarded to biological shock zones, snorting graffiti, at clubfoot's five year old,

MK Ultra residential schoolyard.

Pannulectomy for a man, death sentence for Kanuckistan's fistula.

Some Golden Cow, who favored Ceausescu's misogynist mass murder graffiti

led astray

retarded to profiting on untreated dysfunction

cases of joint abuse, passing of alleged victims, and possibly passive knowledge of abuse," Glaude wrote.

Wooden canons of martinette.

Secret profits, fake heart miracles, and torture money

for subliminal zombie palls of terror.

Two judges pleaded guilty to accepting $2.6 million in kickbacks to imprison children in private detention centers without legal representation.

"Family's" lucrative slave trade can also dispose of wives, like Dr Cameron.

A former military officer connected to the DIA, told this writer, “In the ‘big picture’ these people [MONARCH victims] are in all walks of life, from the bum on the street to the white-collar guy”.

Shock trauma bonded cognitive dissonance

Ceausescu's hostile hostage for the resolution of altruism, at John Nash's hospital

Tabula raza

inflated sense of their own importance

Celebrity jeopardy

Arendt's evil

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 10:48 PM
Pearl Harbor, an inside job,

Was a deliberate attack on American apathy to entering the war against Hitler.

Twin Towers, was a deliberate attack on American way of living.

An inside job? "how dare they" said Clinton of the accusation.

Bush finished daddy's war, entered years before, fighting terror.

He was not going to go into Afghanistan at all, until his aides convinced him.

There the Canadian's impose their Sharia McStinky pro pedophilia slave traded

Sgro bro torture doctard executions

in search of Ceausescu's heart,

as opposed to shot in a stadium.

Women in Kanuckistan, and Afghanistan, denied medical services,

starving, in double bound thefts of security, pimped purdahs.

Sexual terrorism, no asylum

Sierra Leone's child soldier full grown, didn't seek sanctuary,

wasn't sent home, as was the woman teacher at St Joe's

to death by bro in Danada's sewer migration

All buildings that contain government sensitive information, are wired to explode, if attacked.

An MK Ultra torture survivor, with a built in Pandora's box.

The Hobbit, and Fellowship of the Ring, by Tolkien is based on the kelavala.

The oldest living poem in the world, and the only one, still recited in the oral tradition, today

as it was thousands of years ago.

History is a bully's moral inventory. Poetry is science.

Scientific evolution. Santa and his happy helot.

Tolkien's humble hobbit.

For the crown of glory, false bravada will suffice
the crown of righteousness, does not debate holocaust, it wasn't nice
or able to be minimized for Mengele's refrigerated lab mice
The crown of life, prays for enemies

Hildegaard's Goddess, will inform, those Ceausescu's sewers fail to educate

Family's pro pedophilia slave trading eugenicists, have a competitor, in the stallo

according to some legends
or corollary psychotic endings to
epic superstitions.

Perhaps Mayans stopped making calenders, because it's good for the same length of time,

in reversal
a front and back
rounded rock
and then repeats itself.
crossing an equator,


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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 11:24 PM
One liners, zingers and flames

Short hand, text messaging,

Png the grammar library police

must be a hostile hostage taking at the shareholder's meetings


Originally posted by mikellmikell
It's code

Now to find the key!!

A "key" in a Mike and the Mechanics music video



To thine own self be true.

Never mind the "Keep Sweet" browbeat

from the polygamists of suspected pro pedophilia

legal reprisal from nearly bankrupted government agents

Unless, it is to thine own self, true.

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 10:08 AM
Ignorance is a sin

but Ottawa "anethiculled" me and my children,

for money

for social status, the privilege of raping Zeus geese

and slave traded Turkish hymen

Psy ops agents with 30 years experience implementing corporate fascist agendas on the net

dogpiled me so that the "family" could utilize Ceausescu's misogynist mass murder's birth bond treasury

shock trauma bonded helot for the NAU

Dan and his bro Adrian are products of Ceausescu's misogynist mass murder,

their mother designed it, and they are "retarded" in Israel

they like to present themselves as the victims of the women and children they sell through Sgro

kidnapped, raped, abandoned in a sewer.

Their retardation contagions

ignored joint custody

the names they call the mothers of the babies they kidnap

reflect their true characters.

"Pedophiles are expert at projecting their predation." Says WS.

It was Ceausescu's "retarded" intelligentsia's, talent,

"retarded graffiti"

for the purpose of building a rape and murder, birth bond population explosion

treasury palace.

Social malignancy sympathetic, flies to Vlad's abattoir, untreated codependents, and outright Munchausens

the torture doctors.

Simply because a graffiti vandal, raging at an overheard snippet, rather than accepting an apology

She had a replacement cadaver

for a mother, death had made rage inaccessible for

homicidal Angela's ashes graffiti vandalism catharsis

made her Vlad the Impaler's incorruptible kapo

rich on secret profits for allergic nations colonized by demoralized survivors

of alcohol colonization.

Quacks had "purified" for Seagrams, and Pfizer

Hildegaard's Goddess will inform

those hearts, greed made hard

and her object of derision, taken jet setting, as correction to due diligent survival of png snorts

for the 11 yrs old, too ugly to be team mascot,

the following year

Heroic pity poop party saboteurs, and martin's canon of firewater

rape colonization

Does not mean, Ceausescu was a victim

in his falsely exploded population of rape birth bonds


Perjury and kidnapping,

in order to abandon their fiscal fears, bastardized in Ceausescu's draconian divorce court

of patria potestas death decrees

IMF sold democracy, for Ceausescu's slave traded, Turkish hymen.

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 06:48 PM
Berghaus is a retreat for Hitler,

where a locker room of jocks are afraid of women's work,

women abusers, criminal profiles in brownshirts.


is a tabula raza "retarded" graffiti blurb

A radio show in Rwanda, a greedy torturer in Ottawa

broken LP massacres in Kwanadian amphitheaters.

"Securitate ...wooden language the [Kanadian] regimes used to give a veneer of legitimacy to their most atrocious human rights violations."

Modest proposals in Rwandan rivers.

"The family" is orchestrating a mass murder of gays in Uganda.

Slave traders have put so many hits on Batman, he's hired his own army of Santa's elves

to protect his anti slave legislation. Brought to the lowest common denominator, by the most vicious elements of criminality in

Blood Diamond country

coddled by bro in Sgro, Danada's sewer migration.

Project Monarch was the torture of children, Strughold's refrigerators, when they grow out of them.

Numerous victims/ survivors of Project MONARCH are in desperate need of help. However, the great majority of people are too preoccupied with themselves to show any genuine compassion toward these severely wounded individuals. Apathy has taken over the minds of the masses, who choose to exist within the comforts of this world. Reality has thus become obscured by relativism and selfishness.

Project paperclip, found making multiples was not easy, so they think inducing psychosis is genius.

"Anonymous Coward 748395": Don't help the poor, kill them. They cost too much. This is what abortion, euthanasia and sterilization are about. It costs less to do that then to feed everyone.

Puppet masters are bribed or, like the wreckage, ostracized.

"personanongrata": "Women are psychotic, men are assholes." Groucho Marx

Easy to control a shock trauma bonded, consensually abuse addicted psychosis, with arbitrary power.

Romania building *black ops sites* torture kamps for Halliburton, as quickly as they did for Hitler

EU worried about torture

Canaan is relieved to finally have their railroad baron sol Irishman colonization of Indians, invictus,

condoned by Ceausescu's Uranus.

Unlike the mutilated helots in Ceausescu's sewers, *Alpha Female* likes to look in her mirror.

"Alpha Female 512197":Re: Let's Get Serious: I Think It's Time To Talk SNIPER RIFLES.

i would make sure if laws of "intent to harm" are protected by the right of free speech. remember simply saying that you wanted a president or other high ranking government official to accept a high velocity projectile will land you in federal jail. talking about deer and armadillos will fool no one. i am not condoning nor objecting to the subject at hand. i am simply adding my two cents in hope that people don't screw themselves.

Vlad the Impaler and Hitler, had a competitor.

The hyperbolic gender warfare of Ceausescu's lawyer's misogynist genocide.

Borat's mother fled from cannibals.

Maury Povich divorce, every day in the courts.

Murder leads the cause of death for pregnant women, because "daddy loves his 2 yrs old."

The theory is not supported by the APA, but due to the lack of ethics, profiteering, and tacit acceptance of pro-pedophilia ideas, the APA has done nothing to help these victimized children.

Slave traders masquerading as crusaders.

Free speech, will demoralize, America is broke, not Ceausescu's "purifiers."

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 06:57 PM
Free speech, will demoralize, America is broke, not Ceausescu's "purifiers."

Angela's ashes catharsis befuddles.

Native alien:
Purification is the process of rendering something pure, i.e. clean of foreign elements and/or pollution. Hitler considered the Jews pollution..Jesus the pharisees

So did Ceausescu's lawyer, borat's mother, that is why, in Israel, the princes are "retarded"

not only because their Uranus parliamentary wing was a war crime

Bruno is putting hits on 'progressive' residential school survivors.

Borat is best at stoning "retards" as rapists. A bit Texas.

Broken LP's graffiti for clubfoot's scapegoated 11 yrs old.

The population embraced Ceausescu's degraded demoralization, a hostage slave, habituated to emulating privilege, imprinted with Stockholm syndrome. Exorcising the subconscious firewall conflict with Angela's Ashes catharsis.

The Securitate formed a rape club

like the one in Japan and suspected of operating in Picton. Now there are lotus feet off the tran ky ky, *BM's* "cannibal lottery." Cowudder Taliban T'hug Stadium executions for raped *Teen Brittneys*

Sgro bro pious child bride as family, slave trading.

Another hook and hammer in

Barnum's dancin png trough kapo's double bind.

missingallen: And it deals with a more universal topic: How well do we really know those who are close to us, can we really understand what is going on in those who we seem to know so well?

After Picton's png farming made martin canon's excavating, not obsolete, the tran ky ky disgorged his lotus feet, into a shark feeding frenzy, like a witch burning or internet dogpile.

Dead Peasant Clause, borat must have bought insurance.

klepto's made Ceausescu, their newest quickest death logos

with miraculous canon's of martinette's

digging through familiar terrain only to unearth Gomorrah....excavations may have disgorged a solution

"Sodom and Gomorrah", graffiti.

Profit on the slave trade money

Double bind thefts in garnished wage degree security and life long death sentence of sabotage and terror.

Mercurial strummed strumpet png snort pinnacles, in lieu of fatherhood.

All of the most loyal members of the Securitate Victoreia wing were "bastardized" rape products, the state had slavering like six yrs old, for their daddies.

A flurry of vicious sycophancy, more vicious than red guard, more loyal than mutaween.

It is a great evil to conduct a genocide of rape.

Inflate the birth bond treasury, and then exterminate.

markusmaximus: It IS scientifically proven that deer DO communicate. Maybe they'd learn to stop eating the oats once a few are processed.

Coathanger revolutionary outlawing of abortion, in favor of cathartic abandoned epidemics of orphans

and raped psychotic murdered women, living in sewers. under a birth bond palace.

History repeats itself

Why hasn't the Securitate's pee pee built him a big big castle? Stipends for "retardation" contagions, coat hanger, and otherwise.

"No great loss" Volk entitles corporate peacock. It's not like a steroid addiction almost killed a rapist.

A malignant narcissistic celebrity, rewarded for his malevolent profits on illegal drug use.

Arduous' "retarded" graffiti vandal kapo, now a "pharisee",

anethiculling her embarrassing mommy, over and over and over again,

throwing them to the whatever slave traders bro imported thorugh Sgro.

Sympathetic to Ceausescu's graffiti.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:56 PM
"Give the aliens, American women" Art Bell

Every one in the Philippines, sells sex, the cab driver, the butler, the bell hop, it's a consequence of poverty

birth bond culture. Where slave owners, are the death decree patria potestas.

NAU sold to slave traders for Turkish hymen.

American brains are worth more than their vagina,

providing they are paid for, have a proper owner or a career.

Female labor is slavery, never compensated, when slave traded.

Doctors, don't mind slave trading, if it's their Olympian, selling Ceuasescu's hatred to them.

native alien: i've got five words for ya tigger... Canadian Olympic Thread Tag Team

you're the Maurice 'Rocket" Richard of Thread tagging...

Doctards scapegoat summits and png troughs when stymied by their own

malevolent profits on biological slavery. Why extend oneself with service when a maid who loves too much, will apologize for the shortcoming.

Corporations neither want to compensate the cost of female procreative labor.

Nor lift it above the barnyard.

Price of a piglet in Kanuckistan, now that the IMF is dismantling disability payments to

Bush is only batty's vets.

Tax burden epithets, the lowest common denominator, easiest victim helot,

genocidal markers of "useless eaters", a price of liberty,

like democrazy's price of citizenry, is to be informed and responsible.

Silence implies consent, and takes the subconscious, hostile hostage.

[Government slave trading] invisible to the rational minds of most Americans...aware on a subliminal level

That is why, the cleptocracy controls the media.

MK Ultra's specialty, when not advancing torture for a Munchausen's industry.

The "best minds of the century" imported with the Marshall plan to continue mind control investigations.

"The best minds" following mass murder, an apotheosis of abuse addiction pinnacles

Vlad the Impaler's most successful kapos.

Spartacus was crucified, only the best kapos, 'not only survived, but thrived.'

Teaching is a profession that attracts pedophiles

and doctors, Munchausen's to Vlad's abattoir.

Ceausescu is paying for Ottawa's torture industry with a slave trade, in Sgro.

Allied with the "family's" pious Bountiful Utah.

The Kleptocrat's hate America. Skewed sense of entitlement for their sweatshop Epsilon.

They like China.

C'avlov's starving fattie's purifying skinnies, will need Turkish hymen.

Pearl Harbor

Those levees were not reckless endangerment, it was premeditated murder.

Walt Disney cleaned, the torture president's bankruptcy.

Pearl Harbor, terminators in the Tigris,

get over it.

China is harvesting organs from live Falun Gong prisoners without consent and destroying their remains, says a report from a former Liberal MP and a Canadian human rights lawyer.

That is the sideline for Sgro's slave traders, trafficking in human body parts.

Not only Taliban's illegal contraband, that pays for espionage.

sometimes they start plasticizing them alive

in front of the other prisoners

Romania is building torture sites for Haliburton

as quickly as they did for Hitler

You are the terrorist

the kleptocrazy

wants to enslave.

Ceausescu conducted a misogynist genocide by outlawing abortion, encouraging rape, and justifying the neglect with absentee dramatized hate:

"Retarded graffiti."

"Securitate ...wooden language the [Kanadian] regimes used to give a veneer of legitimacy to their most atrocious human rights violations."

Palace built on rape product birth bonds.

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:06 PM
Hostile hostage saboteur hospital. Mengele Munchausens, flies to Vlad's abattoir. Abuse addiction epithets, the best minds following Pol Pot.

Kleptocrat's big pharma snake in the grass. Pocahantas went missing, like Allen.

At Walt Disney World, MK Ultra's playground "Grateful", while shock trauma bonded

Png's big pharma's costa nostra, in Africa, where the "family" is wiping out all the Brunos who put hits on

Lady MacBeth.

"He's queer, he's crazy, he put a hit on me, he took his clothes off." Ron Paul, leaving Bruno's hotel room. Reciting a spin doctard's mantra.

Turkey is a capital of human trafficking. Where Ceausescu's princes, spent their 20's, the Eastern bloc countries

Child soldier from Sierra Leone needn't worry of being sent home for execution at the hands of his childhood "family". Unlike the teacher in St Joe's sanctuary

Brunhilda's graffiti in Uganda, " Secret securitate Sunday

joint abuse, passing of alleged victims, and possibly passive knowledge of abuse," Glaude wrote.

11 yrs old, like WS in Thinking XXX, canon's connexx to Securitate trophies

when broken LP's graffiti avenged an overheard snippet. Ceausescu's fiscal vendetta is global economic objective

C'avlov's starving obesity hates cutting losses

U of P a global birth bond treasury, on a terrorist watch list.

Sierra Leone, slave traded execution, for Ceausescu's Ottawa. Sgro bro didn't even have to send that teacher in sanctuary at St Joes back to Sierra Leone, for execution at the hands of slave traders

he could have phoned in post scripts for broken LP's graffiti.

Last year, a prank caller believed to be a former student called the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, MA, in the middle of the night. Posing as an administrator, the caller told school officials to administer electric shock treatments to two students, one 16 and one 19, for infractions that had allegedly happened more than five hours before. In response to the call, the two students were awakened; one was shocked 22 times, and the other was shocked 77 times.

Borat and his bro, got rid of every rat, under the Stasi.

Banality of human trafficking, exterminating Ceausescu's own sub human helot, broken LP's of graffiti, that never got old, Png's snorting execution, cognitive dissonance, bribed puppetmasters and ostracized pariah

When Borat kidnaps infants, their mothers become, "child molesters" When abandoned, their kidnapped infants become "juvenile delinquents" Garnished wages for a scholarship that would have otherwise been denied,

Ceausescu is alienated, from global birth bond treasury. Big money in Sgro's slave trade

Projecting predation with wooden legalese, graffiti. Mercenaries, bastardized rape products and usurped parental authority

Red Guard Mutaween , Securitate

"Securitate ...wooden language the [Kanadian] regimes used to give a veneer of legitimacy to their most atrocious human rights violations

Six farsi duplicates, gold metallurgy

dismiss the victims without any compassion or justice as if they were subhuman farm animals...

A "Modest Proposal" invisible slavery. Banal, dogpiling Borat's mutilated helot.

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by mikellmikell
It's code

Now to find the key!!

Turkey is the key. Ceausescu's intelligentsia's home away from their palatial Uranus systemization

As straight forward as is this quote from rainfall,

Originally posted by rainfall
The occupied government of Afghanistan and the United Nations have both concluded that U.S.-led troops recently dragged eight sleeping children out of their beds, handcuffed some of them, and shot them all dead.

While this apparently constitutes an everyday act of kindness, far less intriguing than the vicious singeing of his pubic hairs by Captain Underpants, it is at least a variation on the ordinary American technique of murdering men, women, and children by the dozens with unmanned drones.

(read full article here)

(more links)

Canada is trading slaves through Sgro. Ceausescu's runaway "retarded", their word, in Israel

intelligentsia, is kidnapping babies, perjuring themselves and using doctored PhD's to call themselves doctor, to add legitimacy to their fake retardation contagions

and Securitate misogynist genocide's divorce court's draconian reign of male terror.

Dan works for Sgro and U of P is on a terrorist watch list, for garnishing uncle addy's falsified result's

birth bond treasury, so his only child could benefit from a scholarship, he would have other wise denied,

in his dramatized Turkish refugee kamp kapo halo

Turkey, where Borat and his bro, spent their twenties.

In a refugee kamp toilet, successful kapos who then went on to become the "retarded" survivors of the sewers, their mother designed for misogynist mass murder.

The raping graffiti.

Turkey, the kapital of slave trade through Sgro, from the Eastern block of Kanuckistan's

Jihad Epsilon

sales of biological urinal. "Sub human farm animals" Sub farm animal, urinals.

That is the treatment Ottawa's doctors give to people, Ceausescu calls every vile name in the book

a misogynist reign of terror, that enables a slave trade through Sgro.
just dismiss the victims without any compassion or justice as if they were subhuman farm animals...I have nothing but praise and admiration for the creators of this program and encourage them to continue with their revealing documentations of the ongoing horrors and plights of the real world...

Sub farm animal, urinals. Psy ops seeks to normalize human trafficking, because it degrades standards of living

to the lowest common most vicious element of criminality in each country.

The number of slaves in the world, is increasing daily. In fact, the quad i worked for

is a Romanian, he asked a Cuban to come up. Then took his passport and told him he had to stay outside all day.

He tried to order a slave.

Banal, but it is a direct assault on democracy. Sgro's slave trade is a cleptocratic jihad of epsilon, birth bond.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 05:29 PM

"We get more complaints about Canada than any other western country. Of course, it is not every country which climbs into bed with organized crime as a human resource partner."

Slave traders operate with impunity and absolute power

Barbaric 'Honour Killings' Become The Weapon To Subjugate Women in Iraq
Body mutilated and dumped like rubbish.

Executing their chattel as "sub farm animal urinals", in Canada, Sierra Leone and Iraq.

We also fail to provide adequate justice when aboriginal people are harmed . a 12 yr. old Tisdale First Nations child is sexually assaulted by 3 adult white men - 2 of whom go free . A 28 yr. old Regina First Nations woman is beaten , raped , driven over with a car leading to her death ... the 2 white male perpetrators were sentenced to a term of 3 yrs.

Who educated a woman? Who wasted an education on a tax burden epithet.

It IS scientifically proven that deer DO communicate. Maybe they'd learn to stop eating the oats once a few are processed.

Get rich, a proper male owner, don't get sick, or one is disposed of as mutilated rubbish.

She was sexually assaulted and brutally killed. The identities of those involved were widely known but it took 16 years for just one of them to be convicted.

That teacher, from Sierra Leone, who sought sanctuary, at St Joe's, was sent home, by borat's bro in Danada's sewer migration, to execution from the slave traders who had killed her colleagues. Stroke of a pen.

“Inflation has a negative effect on everyone. But its impacts are particularly grim for women, who face increased tension within their homes.”

She had a job and was not a burden, unless she witnessed Borat's mass murder in Croatia or was the wrong kind of immigrant for slave traders.

Child soldiers, full grown and well paid, to co opt Ceausescu's broken LP retarded graffiti genocide in Ottawa.

American are usually gentle kind souls. Usually it is government entities who run around sniping people, not the citizens.

Those are Canada's slave traders.

Systemic gender terrorism.
How does one defeat Gender Terrorism?
Men are in charge of the military so don't count on their support
And Men are in charge of the World Courts so don't expect justice anytime soon.
whats there to think about?... Evil or Very Mad

Executed to the sound guffaw

Examples of gender-related violence:
1. Women often suffer harms which are either unique to their gender, such as female genital mutilation or forcible abortion.
2. Sexual violence, including rape, often accompanies warfare or ethnic cleansing, as in the case of Janjawid militia attacks in Darfur, Sudan.
3. Women often suffer domestic violence at the hands of private individuals, such as family members who threaten them with honor killings.

Tax burden epithet, garnished the falsified officiously titled doctorate of Ceausescu's pious hatred's birth bond treasury's fiscal forecast for a schizophrenic.

Where do slave traded Canadians go for refugee status.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 12:18 PM
"Pedophiles are expert at projecting their predation", WS, who is 11 yrs old in his portrait for Thinking XXX

In cultures where there is less stigma, attached to childhood trauma, healing is faster, muses WS.

Both Princes Uranus are "retarded" in Israel.

Two years, they spent, masquerading as idiots

getting sympathy, for the sewers they raped with graffiti. Raped and murdered with neglect, birth bonds, they

built a palace with.

Or murdered and raped with a Securitate of bastardized orphans

more loyal than the Red Guard.

Hitler's Quickest Death Logos, Ceausescu's lawyers

Pathological liars, kapos
What is psychosis?

That is Borat's stipend in Israel for being a "retarded" survivor of the sewers his mother designed for Ceausescu

and his death decree in Ottawa, for infecting his only child's sibling with his Israeli state of retardation

as a response to parental's application to support his only absentee joint custody birth bond

garnished wage scholarship

Purification is the process of rendering something pure, i.e. clean of foreign elements and/or pollution. Hitler considered the Jews pollution..Jesus the pharisees

purification is a good thing...when it frees you of the foreign elements and pollution that stops you from performing at your optimum...picture your life tigger without the contamination of all the foreign elements and pollution that you openly despise in your posts...thats the kind of purification I'm talkin about.

Jews were "alienated natives," at Auschwitz, where Nazi's murdered Jews who fought the 1st WW for Germany

Garnished wage epitaph from the Securitate

Fifteen absentee years later

Sgro bro's ex wife is a "child molester", when they kidnap her infant

to urinate in retarded Romanian Solomon's court

A bit like block eleven

Ceausescu's favorite finger, a broken LP of graffiti hatemonger

and his abandoned infant a "juvenile delinquent"

when he learnt to pick the locks on his grandparent kapo's refrigerator

Ceausescu's Sgro bro's securitate

is more than Psychotic

it's Psychopathic.

A bit like block 10
< br />
Quickest death logos.

Ceausescu's retarded graffiti built a palace

on a rape inflated bastardized populace of 'whored' psychotic retards

Prince Uranus is such a retard, himself, when in Israel.

Idi is building a diamond mine.

Princes Uranus are retards when in Israel, and Zionist bankers, when kidnapping, perjurers.

Kapos are profiting.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 08:12 AM
Ceausescu's "retardation" fraud in Israel, and Canada

is also a fake heart miracle, kidnapping, child abandonment, entrapment, perjury, assassination.

It's simply easier for Ottawa's "vicious sycophants" to mutilate/murder "sub farm animals"

at their barnyard Ishii's way station for modest proposals

than to stand up to png snort's corporate stealth psy ops

embracing the profits of Ceausescu's biological cannibalism.

"Skinning and mutilating" and criminalizing Ceausescu's abandoned and brutalized by graffiti rape products

will not stem his genocide of birth bond treasury. Corporate stealth, knows Borat's heart miracle is a pathological liar, they want his witch burning


Placating his absentee dramatized whining for psy snort's fake heart miracle, isn't going to stem Ceausescu's epidemic of raped psychotic orphans.

Psy snort's corporate stealth Taliban also likes to fill a stadium

Milgram's schoolyard bullying are the subconscious tabula raza firewalls of global mind control

untreated in profiting kapos. Slave traded kidnapping, perjury, graffiti - rape product abandonment to death sentence by

long distance graffiti invitation to degradation, rationalizing borat's graffiti neglect and sabotage garnished wage scholarships "wasted on'

sub farm animal urinals.

Ceausescu's "retarded" intelligentsia has a way, of manifesting the double binds of an unhealthy abuse cycle.

Building a palace on the abuse of women.

Not only a slave traded, rape inflated treasury, with extermination by neglect

for the subsequent coat hanger revolutionary fervor population explosion

justified with graffiti.

Psy snort's corporate stealth, taliban also likes to fill a stadium to eliminate the threat of compensating female labor, for corporations

and other railroad barons.

Ceausescu is not really "retarded" in Israel. Two years, they spent, masquerading a idiots, vetting sympathy for their Securitate sewers

My son is neither retarded, contrary to Ceausescu's infecting him, as his response to parental's application

that he contribute something other than graffiti death sentence to his only absentee joint custody child, now, then, a teenager.

He is taller than his mother and paternal grandmother, still that resemblance to broken LP's graffiti is in Ceausescu's Mengele

Ottawa's history of alcohol colonization is a ready made sewer of abuse cycles for Angela's ashes catharsis witch burning

Gays in Uganda, Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda, broken LP's graffiti for Ishii's barnyard in Ottawa.

After all, borat's only garnished wage birth bond's scholarship was "wasted on" a schizophrenic, almost like an epidemic of psychotic orphans in Romania, abandoned to reign of pariah by a homicidal divorce court hyperbole of male reign of terror.

Or absentee dramatized Turkish refugee kamp, stamp sales, kapo halo in Israel and Canada, Ceausescu's vagabond gypsy systemization

Pastor Neimholler's implicit markers. PTSD is only batty, garnished U of P, next on the terrorist watch list of Pol Pot's list of non retardo intelligentsia

who won't "skin and mutilate" women for Ceausescu.

Ceausescu's mass murder's successful misogynist slave trading rapists and war criminals

not only Ceausescu's Turkish refugee Kamp, resemblance to broken LP's graffiti, offering a transference of the incorruptibility of an elder bro's abuser on

Mount Olympus

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 02:11 PM
the master of the universe

is a woman hater

he had me "skinned and mutilated"

not only because Ceausescu will lie about anything

or the slave trade profits, but for the irony

of snorting at me 35 years ago

due to a raging neighbor's revenge at an unintentional insult

missing allen's train ride

is the pinnacle of png snort now

like my eldest's brother's priest, when scapegoated for the transference

at five years old, he is an incorruptible

Dogpiled, blind sided

normalizing the slave trade in Sgro

he's got a job to do

corporate stealth

they are not democratic

Buyer beware, Ceausescu is not

a happy advertisement

Pinnacle is nuclear

ironic, considering Borat's is a rape birth

bond treasury misogynist genocide

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 02:29 PM

That's why there are despots, Darshini. Not because people don't know the truth, but because....they don't care to know.

Ceausescu's flurry of png idolatry were enthusiastically self righteous about possible slave trading, when the costa nostra got to murder and rape me for it.

Callaghan assaults half his patients, corporate stealth. Practicing shock trauma bonding with subliminal palls.

Pooor Pooor 'retards."

The suicide bombing that killed seven CIA operatives and one Jordanian intelligence official in Afghanistan last week has shed new light on some of the partnerships the United States has come to rely on in its shadow war against Al Qaeda.

Hitler wasn't kidding, when he said, "quickest death logos". Mercs get the flack, and paid enough, to never apologize for being eaten by rats in a resurrected civil war hospital, as an amputee protecting a prison flack jacket manufacturing contract.

But I'm only beating the hay out of a dead horse... Tigger's far more eloquent in elucidating the mechanisms of apathy's conjoined twin, mass disenfranchisement.

Half the time, i expect cowudder will appear from around the corner, with syringe and an ice pick. Basements off limits when the slave traders snorting with Ch'olympians. Don't really go 'outside'

Course, there was a time when people naturally assumed their emotions meant something, that if you felt depressed/unhappy/alienated/despondent/hopeless/disillusioned/despair, maybe (just maybe!) it could have an external source.

Nowaday's it's all buried under a mountain of denial, psychobabble and psyopsy-turvy normalization.

Just ask Tigger...

hence the persistence of the illusion of the internet offering a solution to an overwhelming, problem in the real world. NOT only the ritual alchemical impact for each email

Target Teen Brittney's psychosis under an internet dogpile, is slummie's party

Well OF COURSE it is always much more about control than helping! You think the medical establishment manages people with a veritable pharmacopia out of concern for the individual?

Most couldn't give a speck of dog spittle for fixing broken lives and minds. It's about fostering docile, pliant sheep.

The biggest laugh is that it isn't even for the "good of society"! :twisted:

That diagnosis, was not "inaccurate", it was Png's luckiest of proctologist's inside track.

Psy ops agents investigating mind control on the net, would be unaware of that stat, like a doctard in Ottawa.

Ottawa doesn't have to listen to psycho babble or indulge their vicarious sadism, taking pot shots at cowudder's mutilated women.

Ceausescu's retardation, in Israel, is a fact. Ten years prior, Turkish refugee kamp. Their history of kidnapping, perjury, child abandonment, assassination with entrapment is court record.

Child abandonment, abusive garnished wage scholarship has a trail of homicidal bankrolls, Borat contributed nothing, to his only child, following being divorced but his absentee dramatized Turkish refugee kamp hyperbole

of Ceausescu's misogynist mass murdering divorce court, designed by his mommy. Had they stayed in Romania, they might have been shot.

Borat's graffiti fatwa fans testify they have all listened to Borat feel very sorry for himself. His wages were garnished, threatening the sanctity of Ceausescu's palace with a birth bond profit.

Borat feels very sorry for himself, that he has not yet, successfully extended his retardation frauds in Israel and Romania, to Kanada, for money.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 03:08 PM
Wow, way to fill up two pages with unreadable gibberish.

I hope english is not your first language. I do not really understand what you are driving at here.

Can you sum it up in 2-3 sentences?

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:02 PM
Five years ago, the internet was all new to me. I did my BA on a typewriter.

A car and credit card, I've never owned, a child bride fistula, when i divorced Ceausescu's 35 yrs old genocide's kapo

Four years on the boards before being coincidentally "skinned and mutilated" under a dogpile, and by a Munchausen's

surgeon aggregate like with Borat's trail of child women, victim, must be a sub farm animal

disposal for Sgro, not only stealth psy ops for snort

having all my email posted threatened with murder and accused likewise,

four years profiled before they made their move for Ceuasescu's slave trading heart miracle

Four years on the boards, but graffiti by broken LP since 11 yrs old

Broken LP likes Ceausescu, the misogynist genocide, baby kidnapping, child abandoning perjurer,

the graffiti makes png snort

"Throughout this inquiry I have heard evidence that suggested that there were cases of joint abuse, passing of alleged victims, and possibly passive knowledge of abuse," Glaude wrote.

Hitler's propaganda machine was "The Big Lie"

Marshall plan employed it.

Callaghan upstaged the Taliban.

OSR says "All monarch are Mossad agents"

"Mossad agents" or co refrigerators.

A mirror of "congenitally vicious sycophants".

Their "family" is hiring a tour bus

so they can arrive hurling epithets

from Ceausescu's Uranus lexicon of quickest logos death.

"Retarded" Romanian Solomon's kidnapping, perjury

rape inflated, slave traded, birth bond treasury, misogynist mass murdering fiscal policies,

their miraculous kardiognoste.

MK Ultra's other scapegoat is poisoning the vaccine wells

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:14 PM
Legal action is required to prevent a kidnapping from Ceausescu's kapos
and subsequent abandonment. Pavlovian cage grave, reinforced, a slave owner's rag doll.

"The goal of the New World Order: "Normalize" Massive Child Trafficking through Psychological Warfare making it invisible"

Tink's Pete

< br />
Thinks the masses are brainwashed. Carted Borat's scat away in a Hello Kitty refrigerator caddy.

Broken LP and Idi are molesting tweens so they can "purify" them with Ceausescu's graffiti.

The theory is not supported by the APA, but due to the lack of ethics, profiteering, and tacit acceptance of pro-pedophilia

Kapos don't need treatment for their vagabond gypsies. Pays to graffiti vandalize them as 11 yrs old, exploiting the familial role of scapegoat, 35 years murder by graffiti, for an unintentional jeer, never accepting an explanation or apology, that would have interfered with her identification with Mengele and all the times she had wanted to kill her embarrassing mommy, herself

Favoritism is a form of abuse, Mengele cigarette, arduous never needed treatment, for having a scapegoat, she only needed a replacement, reminded her of Uncle Hero, who never needed treatment for being degraded while blotto, favored by untreated familial dysfunction, only member of arduous' incorruptible altar, to seek treatment was their "idiot."

Besides, made png snort.

"Throughout this inquiry I have heard evidence that suggested that there were cases of joint abuse, passing of alleged victims, and possibly passive knowledge of abuse," Glaude wrote.

Ran away from broken LP's appropriation of my abuse at home, after tween jetsetting elevated her graffiti, and corrected most diligent survival of png snort. Out of the pan and into the composite fire of Ceausescu's misogynist genocide's divorce court.

Pays to bastardize them at divorce court. Rich and incorruptible, Ceausescu's palace. Some people get fathers, summa got Securitate fiscal firewall torture, garnished wage brain tumor loan for a saboteur hero, pity poop party pathological liar springs her out of her first hospitalization in favor of death decree for his kapo halo

Summa gave him cash, in exchange for being abandoned, while still dangerously psychotic, for a week in a hotel room, on his expense account

Interpreting schizophrenia, like aunts on both sides of her family as "conspiracy ch'o" Pastor Neimholler's unmentionable. Tax relief whet borat's appetite, and he is still trying to cheat his only child the schizophrenic, into paying some of his taxes.

Bro has a dad, not a pathological liar for a kapo. So borat claims his Turkish refugee kamp stamp business, still causes him sorrow.

I was falsely accused of being a cult leader. In fact, the groups were operating as an alternative to a very nasty little cult run by people so startlingly ignorant, of what they are doing that they do not even understand that they are brainwashing their victims.
Whitley Strieber

Png's strummed puppet pawn pile led all the way to Sgro's pious child bride as slaves services from Sierra Leone to Ceausescu's misogynist mass murder throne

MK Ultra's Walt Disney, "cleans" New Orleans, Ottawa is "purified" by Ceausescu's retarded war criminals slave trade dilemma graffiti

Borat's graffiti fatwa testify Borat feels very sorry for himself.

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 10:26 PM
What the hell are you talking about, dude?

Yeah, Canada has a slave trade but in case you haven't noticed, slavery is a major business all over the world. It's not a secret that people get plucked off the street to never be seen again. For a place like British Columbia, there are many people who suddenly disappear.

Slave trade usually revolves around the drug trade since slaves need to be constantly hopped up on drugs (like heroin) to keep them under control. Most are used for sex, some are used just for killing. But you know what? This is the sick reality of the world. The difference in Canada is that we have many, many immigrants who are easy targets for this and not many immigrants who are new to Canada would be missed easily. It's a sad reality but reality isn't pretty.

Mind you that if I ever met a human trafficker, I'd kill them on the spot. Our government does not have anything to do with this tough, if that's what you're trying to imply.

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