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Man arrested with daughter for allegedly praying on Temple Mount

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 11:45 AM
Do you know why this is such a no no? The Muslims will not allow a non Muslim access to the Holiest site on the planet. Even though there were two Jewish Temples prior to the Dome that is there now. Aren't they the tolerant ones?

Police on Wednesday detained an Israeli man and his daughter for a few hours after they ascended the Temple Mount and began to pray at the contested holy site, the Jerusalem police spokesperson reported. David Kirschenbaum told The Jerusalem Post he went up to the mount with his daughter on the day before her wedding, in order to take in the holiest site in Judaism. Kirschenbaum denied he prayed at the site, but said that he was pointing at sites on the horizon and police mistook his daughter's nodding for Jewish prayer. Kirschenbaum said he was then led away from the Mount by police and taken for an investigation at a Jerusalem police station. He said police told them he was being provocative and when he disputed the arrest, they told him they "don't want to get into a discussion over politics." Kirschenbaum, who has no criminal record, was not charged with any crime and said he was not handcuffed during his arrest, though he was fingerprinted and made to sign an affidavit vowing he would not disturb the peace again.

The above is the article in full. You could do a google search and find other sources that are not from a Jewish newspaper though.


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