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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 08:14 AM
So I went to bed early last night and couldn’t fall asleep… Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was the face of  an angel. Her beautiful silky brown hair flowing as if it were dancing in a soft breeze. Her soft emerald loving eyes were draw ing me in closer and closer with each blink of her long beautiful luscious eyelashes. A smile that that could warm your soul on  a bitter cold night. Her neck exposed and alluring. I realized that this must be a dream, I must have drifted into the uncons cious because this angel was the love of my life. She couldn’t possibly be standing, nay, floating in front of me! I looked a round and saw fields filled with beautiful flowers glowing in the pale moon light. Above us was a pure sky filled with more sta rs than even imaginable. I stood there frozen by her beauty and in awe of what could only be perceived as perfection around us.  But then a strong wind picked up and began to pull us apart so I reached for her and she reached back, but to no avail…  I fought the strong current of air leaning into the wind digging my feet deep into the ground pushing stronger and stronger with  each stride. I stretched as far as my body would allow for her as her face turned to a panic. The flowers that surrounded me  began to wrap around my ankles and their thorns dug deep into my skin until I could feel the warm blood dripping down my leg s. The stars started falling from the sky around us. The more we wanted to be together, the harder we tried and struggled to f ight the world around us and the harder we fought the world, the harder the world fought back. We finally realized that fighting  the world around us only caused us to be pulled farther apart. The fear made us weak and fighting the current seemed impossibl e! We didn’t take our eyes off of each other but we relaxed and as we did so the flowers loosened and the stars stopped fal ling. The wind didn’t stop but it seemed to shift and instead of pulling us apart it starting pushing us together. Before we  knew it our fingers were touching, then our hands, and then we held each other tight in the arms of one another. 

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 11:06 AM
Sparda, very poetic.

If you're of the male persuasion, then you might want to search anima dream jung. If not, then swap in positive shadow instead of anima.

As to the specific theme, the most famous telling of what you dreamt is a story of Gautama, the Buddha. He unsuccessfully sought enlightened through strenuous effort, from which he was roused by encountering his anima, or if you prefer to think it was a real-life incident, a nubile girl who offered him a meal.

Shortly thereafter, having put aside his striving after it, Gautama attained enlightenment. He simply sat quietly under a tree, and it happened.

Hope that helps. Nicely dreamt.


Disclaimer: I don't interpret other people's dreams, but some dream motifs and characters are dreamt by many, many people, and I sometimes recognize those motifs and characters. I can tell you what several of the people who have dreamt dreams like yours have thought about their dreams, but only you can decide whether that has anything to do with your personal dream.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by eight bits

Yes, I am a dude... and thank you!
On the surface level the dream was actually about somebody I know... But I'm sure there is also deeper meaning to be had!


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