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Free Health Care is Awful!!!

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Free Health Care is Awful!!!

I have seen a number of threads/tv shows/magazine articles etc recentlyl because of the u.s health care bill saying that free health care is a horrible idea. A lot of these articles paint a picture of Canadian health care as an epic failure. Well, i've lived in Canada for 14 years and I am a very fortunate to still be alive as a result of this nightmare system.

Health care is not free, instead it simply results in stealing money from one person's wallet to give to another. As a Christain and a moral person, I know that it is utterly immoral to thieve from other people.

For some time, my girlfriend has been paying into this expensive medical insurance scheme at work that was supposed to insure both of us. As I have no option but to refuse the creepy health card as it is wrong to steal from others, we believed that this would give me coverage. However, because the health care systems exists, the insurance company refused to allow ANY claim point blank unless I scrounged off the public system every nickel that I could, something that is utterly immoral. As a result, despite having paid thousands and thousands into this medical insurance system, we say not a penny back, thanks to this wretch, filthy #ty health care system. And we were hosed for a thousand bucks, way over the market rate, buy the monopoly suupplier, the state.

Furthermore, knowing that I was not claiming public health care seems to have annoyed some of the doctors and when my cast finally came off, my left arm is extremely badly set - a real bodge job. The two bones on the lower arm are welded together, leaving me with an arm that goes intermittently numb, a meagre 30 degrees at best in rotation of my wrist and the ability to pick up nothing heavier than a half filled coffee cup.

I have tried to find another private clinic, but none of them want to to do ordinary coverage. They only want big flashy heart transplant cases not workaday health care like mending bones as the existence of this wicked and evil health scam that bleeds the taxpayer white exists like a cancer in the nation.

Additionally, It is well known in the Gartineau region that the Hull Hospital is an absolute killing ground. My girlfriend was obnce coughing up blodd and was very sick. As she was English speaking, eshe was just ignored for 11 hours, left in the waiting room while others who came in were seen in minutes. Since they have a guaranteed income, the nurses and doctors can be as prejudice and racist as they like and take almost pride when English-speakers die in the waiting room.


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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 05:04 PM
Well I'm glad you are a sensible person who uses an approach of logic instead of emotion. America as you may know has a tradition of freedom, capitalism, and taxation with representation. It is wrong for me to have to pay for someone elses healthcare. Besides all of this it is not free!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right now you pay about 30% in taxes and you pay for healthcare separately and for yourself. If you were to stop paying for your own, and it went to a single payer system it would be about 55-60% taxes. That is very bad. Not only all of this, here is another point on why it is not free. It would be paid for by the gov't, but guess what? You pay for the gov't!!! Every cent the gov't "has" and "uses" is paid for by the people.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 05:09 PM
Sorry there is already a number of topics on this,

Please feel free to add your thoughts to one of the following,

Free Healthcare costs you plenty
Free Health Care is Awesome!!!

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