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For feds, more get 6-figure salaries

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 08:03 AM
Now if this don't frost you I don't know what will.

For feds, more get 6-figure salaries
Average pay $30,000 over private sector
By Dennis Cauchon

The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal salary data.

Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession's first 18 months — and that's before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.

Federal workers are enjoying an extraordinary boom time — in pay and hiring — during a recession that has cost 7.3 million jobs in the private sector.

The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.

The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.

"There's no way to justify this to the American people. It's ridiculous," says Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a first-term lawmaker who is on the House's federal workforce subcommittee.

Jessica Klement, government affairs director for the Federal Managers Association, says the federal workforce is highly paid because the government employs skilled people such as scientists, physicians and lawyers. She says federal employees make 26% less than private workers for comparable jobs.

USA TODAY analyzed the Office of Personnel Management's database that tracks salaries of more than 2 million federal workers. Excluded from OPM's data: the White House, Congress, the Postal Service, intelligence agencies and uniformed military personnel.

The growth in six-figure salaries has pushed the average federal worker's pay to $71,206, compared with $40,331 in the private sector.

Key reasons for the boom in six-figure salaries:

•Pay hikes. Then-president Bush recommended — and Congress approved — across-the-board raises of 3% in January 2008 and 3.9% in January 2009. President Obama has recommended 2% pay raises in January 2010, the smallest since 1975. Most federal workers also get longevity pay hikes — called steps — that average 1.5% per year.

•New pay system. Congress created a new National Security Personnel System for the Defense Department to reward merit, in addition to the across-the-board increases. The merit raises, which started in January 2008, were larger than expected and rewarded high-ranking employees. In October, Congress voted to end the new pay scale by 2012.

•Pay caps eased. Many top civil servants are prohibited from making more than an agency's leader. But if Congress lifts the boss' salary, others get raises, too. When the Federal Aviation Administration chief's salary rose, nearly 1,700 employees' had their salaries lifted above $170,000, too.

USA Today

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by Boomer1941

I am a federal Employee, I work at the VA. There are many different payscales, the two most common our WG (wage grade) and GS (General Scale) 85 % of Federal Employees are on these two scales. The G.S scale tops out at GS-15 around 129,000 dollars. In order to make it this high you need to be a facility boss.

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientist make anywhere from 150,000 to 275,000 plus incentive pay, they are paid this way because they are trying to attract the best and brightest. I am a lowly GS-5.

Also I should not contractors make twice the amount of money that Military and Civilian employees make.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 03:42 AM
The obvious reason that government salaries are going up and private salaries are going down is the Obama Stimulus, government borrowing, Health Care, Cap and Trade bill and everything the POTUS has done pours tremendous wealth into GOVERNMENT! Naturally government salaries go up.

Government production hasn't gone up, government never produced anything anyway! They just say they do!

Note to Obama: Only Private Sector Creates Wealth, Jobs

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