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Guerrilla Job Searching: Tactics and weaponry

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 12:10 PM
There are lots of people out there without jobs. The unemployment rate goes up, and these poor souls keep searching. Polls show that 100% of people believe money is important, unless you watch FOX news, in which case the figure is somewhere around 100andeleventeen%.

Maybe you arent using the right tactics?
Perhaps, you need to declare war against unemployment, and start a revolution.
The easiest way, obviously, is to sleep with Tiger Woods. That will get you money, and maybe a book deal. But for everyone else?

"Guerrilla Job Searching". Mary Berman declared war.

Mary Berman, from Farmington Hills, Michigan, had been looking for work since February 2009 before starting what she dubbed a "Guerrilla Job Search", in mid-September. Up to that point, 20 weeks of job hunting had produced zero job interviews. That's right - nothing!
How did she use Guerrilla job hunting tactics to find work 65% faster?

"I started with the Coffee Cup Caper. I sent a paper Starbucks coffee cup with my cover letter and Guerrilla Resume. I heard back from them a couple days later to get my first interview," says Berman.

This sounds crazy, but she landed a job with her tactics. If you are unemployed, you probably have time on your hands. After you get your character to level 1000 on World of Warcraft, you most likely have some spare time.
Why not get creative with it?

After her first interview, which went well, Berman followed up with panache.

"It was Halloween time, so I decided to send them a chocolate covered apple with my hand-written thank-you note attached. A friend of mine, who was off work that day, played delivery person and took it to (the employer). That was a big hit - they were thrilled - and I got the second interview out of it."

Now obviously, you want to you some discretion when doing this. You dont want to send a Christmas ham to the jewish bakery that you applied to. That would be offensive, and the employer would probably think you are insane.

Mary had a winning follow-up also:

Mary did this in spades after her second interview, when she sent a written plan of action for her first 3 months on the job. A 30-60-90 day plan is a way of proving you can do the work -- before you're even on the payroll -- by describing how you would learn the job, build rapport with employees/customers, and contribute to the bottom line.

This is where her tactics start to border a pollitical campaign. Make promises, address issues. Show this potential employer that you are the right person for the job. Unlike a politician, you may actually have to follow through, so dont make promises you cant keep.
Be careful not to mention any of your personal issues, however. Like the fact that you have 67 cats, and you would like to bring them with you to the office.Or that you dont need a lunchbreak, because you like to eat toothpaste at your desk and play internet poker. This kind of stuff should be saved for later, and be a complete surprise for your new boss.

In closing..
How far would you go to get a job? How bad do you want it? Would you go this far for yourself or your family?

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