UFO Pyramid Over Kremlin in Moskow?

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:14 AM

Originally posted by downisreallyup
I have taken the time to analyze this video frame by frame, accounting for all anomalies mentioned:

The car is driving towards the left, the driver is in the left seat, the man using the camera is in the right seat, shooting out the left window in front of the driver's face.

As they drive along, the object is clearly behind the power line. The first apparent anomaly occurs at:

Time 00:11 - the object appears to jump in front of the wire. At this point, the car has hit a bump as evidenced from the jostle in the background that is from the camera bouncing with the car. When blowing the picture up and watching this point carefully, it is clear that the wire is quite distorted from the video compression (which is common with thin video portions), and at the precise location where the wire appears to jump behind the object, the wire is actually distorting downwards, blending in with the black background.

Time 00:12 - the driver begins to make what appears to be a U turn, so the camera operator aims the camera out the front windshield, since the car is now heading towards the Kremlin building.

Time 00:14 - the camera operator zooms out. The object's change in size and position are exactly consistent with the surrounding objects, indicating either a true recording, or a very good fake.

Time 00:15 - because the car is still turning, the camera operator continues to keep the object in the view finder, but because the windshield is quite dirty outside the windshield-wiper sweep area, the object disappears as it goes behind the grime on the windshield. By comparing the luminescence of the object to a similarly bright object (the top portion of the tower in the bottom-middle of the image), this is valid, since both the object and the top of the tower disappear behind the dirty windshield area. During this same second, the car continues to make the U-turn, and the camera operator points the camera out his own side window, which is obviously tinted, since the light levels coming through that glass is much less than what was coming from the front windshield or the driver's side _ This means either the driver's window is not tinted, and indeed it is not as dirt on the window can be seen in later portions of the video. Perhaps tinting the driver's window is not permitted for safety reasons.

Time 00:16 - before they go under the bridge there is a brief moment where the object seems to disappear. A possible explanation for this is that a very hard-to-see tree (pure black in the image) moves across the field of view, in front of the spot where the object should be in the sky. Since this is the first time we would see the object through the side window, it is hard to say for sure where the object should be. Plus, because the side window is tinted, it has reduced the light levels passing through the glass. Given the tinted glass and tree, this does not appear to be a flaw in the video. Only by simulating the actual car trajectory and speed in relation to the floating object, could we be sure of where the object should be, and only then could we determine if the tree explains the obscured object. What IS apparent from this portion is that the driver has both hands on the wheel, and the camera is a nice video camera, since it's large lens can be seen in the glass reflection.

Time 00:23 - after going under the bridge, they emerge into a well lit area, and the object is there, behind the lights in the foreground. The reflection of the camera is also quite clear.

Time 00:26 - the object is clearly behind the light poles protruding out from the building. Throughout the entire preceding 3 seconds, the object maintained correct lighting, angle, and relationship with all the other parts of the image, and is QUITE clearly not something inside the car.

Time 00:31 - after going under another bridge, they continued to drive straight, while the camera operator moved the camera to look out the front windshield again. At this point, he turned the camera off while the driver drove the car back towards the Kremlin for another pass.

Time 00:36 - heading back for another pass by the Kremlin, the camera operator is shooting out the front windshield. The object first becomes visible as a very small blob floating in the air.

Time 00:37 - the camera operator zooms in to maximum, introducing digital zoom artifacts. These same artifacts appear in all the objects of the image, including the floating object and the buildings. This indicates that the object pixelation is consistent with the entire image. These artifacts are primarily caused by the low-light conditions. Under low-light conditions the CCDs used in home cams can't pull in enough light, so software is used to boost the values, which in turn reduces the number of possible color shades. So on something like a windshield, where there is reflecting light, and lots of gradient shades, you get that blotching effect.

1:14 - As the car passes by the object, there is a light pole shining it's bright light, with a blooming effect towards the left side of the object. As the car continues past, the light from the light pole moves past where the object is. Now, if you know how the video camera works, you will see that the bright light shining in front of and towards the left side of the object will cause the low-light software in the camera to try and turn down the brightness in that area, thereby causing the left side of the floating object to go black. Plus, the object is rotating on 2 or 3 axis, causing the light to hit different surfaces.

1:17 - as soon as the bright light leaves the frame of the image, the left side of the floating object shows up again briefly before it gets obscured by the driver's sun visor.

1:23 - as they pass by the Kremlin, the camera operator moves the camera down and practically in front of the driver in order to get one final shot of the object, which does appear at the top of the side _ No increasing of light is needed to see the object.

After making this careful analysis of this video, I can state with almost certainty that the object was indeed filmed live. If a fake were to be made, it would have been MUCH simpler to do it from a fixed position. The fact that they were driving gives credence to its authenticity, since the effort to create this would be much more difficult.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:25 AM
As the thread is pretty old now, and as people can't remember what has been said in the previous pages, I felt important to quote downisreallyup (see above), which IMO gave us the best analysis of the video, frame by frame, very carefully.

I hope this will prevent new posts saying "obviously fake" or "easy CGI to do".

Let me remind you all that in all the pages of the topic no indubitable explanation has been brought.

This case is still a mystery.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 04:34 PM

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by DAMOo

Its the only video of the event and no pictures. That alone is a huge red flag. The rest of moskau seems to go on about its merry buisness. I am not saying it has to be like in the movies, that everyone comes to a halt, but a good chunk of people would park and stare...

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 12:30 PM
This is a good clip that might show correlation

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 04:58 AM
So is it real or fake?

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by DAMOo

Well, if an object that big and immediately visible had physically been present over the Kremlin, don't you think that there would be more than one person to take video or pictures or even report the damn thing to the press or authorities? How come no reports or other documentation exists?

Furthermore, the object seems to exhibit tell-tale poor shake matching, the hallmark of footage that has been superimposed onto the film through later video editing.

You can look at this and say it's unexplained, but to the open-minded, the solution should be obvious.

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