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What was your luckiest shot? And other miscellaneous things

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 08:07 PM
When I was roughly 12 years old, I took a .22 Rifle and placed 15 Shots within a dime-sized area downrange. I ripped the bulls-eye out of the target, and I actually kept it, & still have it. The rifle was set to single-action (Bolt-action minus the Magazine), so I had to take it off target each time, re-load it, then reacquire my target.

I am a natural Marksman, and I actually shocked my father (He has 30 years of Navy SpecOps experience). He said "Boy, I wouldn't want to try to be running away from you" lol.

I fired my first Pistol when I was 20 I believe (Which is not long ago), and I stitched 30 rounds all center-mass on a silhouette target (With a DA/SA Revolver). The next time I went to the same range (With a Pistol again, for my second time only), I managed to rip the center ring in half with 30 shots (On a 25' Silhouette placed at 8-10 Yards, with my grandma's original Colt Woodsman (From the early 1900's) ).

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 08:10 PM
Playing sand-lot baseball back home in Brooklyn, I was 12/13 at the time, playing with my brothers friends, all 16-17 year olds. Knocked the longest shot of my life til then, anyway, and took out a 3rd floor window in a neighboring apartment building.
As was the custom, everybody hauled ass and left me standing there to
"take the heat".
After paying for the window, 2 weeks later, I was playing again and dammit, same friggin' window.
Having one of those days?
I have one of those lives.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 10:03 PM
I had a friend many years ago when I was 11 Yrs. old and we both had daisy BB guns or rifles. He said look at that crow flying I will knock him out of the air with a single shot, and I said no way. He drew aim and knocked him out of the sky by hitting the bird in the eye. The crow was about 50 ft. away and I could not believe my eyes.

I had permission to keep sparrows out of my grandfathers corn field years ago. There was a sparrow setting on a power line above the corn field about 200 feet away. This was maximum range and I aimed and shot the BB gun approx. 2 feet above the birds head and as the BB was descending it hit the bird on the head and knocked him to the ground. This was the luckiest shot I ever made.

My grandfather would take me squirrel hunting with his dogs and this tree had to be close to a hundred feet tall and it was a huge old tree in Michigan. He had a 22 single shot rifle and he said, you see that squirrel at the top of the tree and I could not see the squirrel to save my life I was about 7 years old at the time. My grandpa said, he would shoot the squirrel in the right eye and I did not believe that he could do it. He took careful aim and bang and what seemed forever you could hear the squirrel hit limb to limb and finally hit the ground. Yes you guessed it the right eye of the squirrel was shot out as it hit the ground. I never doubted Grandpa again and we had squirrel for dinner.

My cousin set up bottles to shoot at with a 22 pistol on the farm and he said I will bet you can not hit those 2 bottles spaced about a foot apart. So I aimed and hit the bottle to the right and he said what a great shot and I said, but I was aiming at the other bottle and he said, I would of kept my mouth shut and who would of ever known the difference. True story LOL ^Y^

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 10:26 PM
Fun thread.

Five rails, eight ball in the corner pocket to win a tournament. Called the shot, but did not think I had a chance in h**l of making it. Oh, you mean with a gun

I never saw it as luck. I saw it as practice, practice, practice since the age of 12.

6 point Muley (12 point to you Easterners) in Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah from over 300 yards with a 7mm Mauser, Fabrique Nationale WW2 sniper rifle built by Browning for the Italians. Peep sights, no scope. Perfect heart lung shot. I was 14 and hunting with my Father. The gun was my first rifle and was nearly worn out. My Brother picked it up in Italy when he was there with his Navy Seal unit. It was my first attempt at a live target on my first deer hunt. I had shot thousands of rounds on a target range but I thought it was pretty cool I did not acquire Buck Fever as all the Adults said I would.

Likely the luckiest though was in fact luck. I was with a champion marksman, a Blackfoot Indian I knew. He had just had his scope on a 22 bore sighted and zeroed it in. He stuck a cigarette in the ground about 20 yards out and actually hit it. You all know that kind of accuracy with a 22 short is pretty much impossible. He handed it to me bragging and said I'll bet you a Cold Case you can't do the same. I picked it up, aimed really fast and squeezed knowing I'd never hit it and had just got stuck with paying for the Beer. Hit it dead center, cut it in half. That was some really great Beer.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 10:41 PM
Hehehe luckiest shot (as a relative gun newb) was on the back of a moving pickup with a .22 mag, got a nice plump thumper in the neck with one shot from a good 30m.

Unluckiest was the terminator possum of doom which took about 8 shots to bring down.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 10:42 PM
Luckiest shot I can think of was my basic training qual. I'm right handed but left eye dominant. So I fire rifles from the left shoulder. Don't know how many people have had the "joy" of firing an M16 lefthanded, but the gas blowback goes straight into your eyes. So the fact that I made sharpshooter while having combat love potion sprayed in my eyes is nothing short of miraculous. For the record, I purchased shooting glasses for my future quals.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Luckiest shot for me was my first and only hunting trip. Shot a cow elk (yeah, big target) on the run at 300 yards. I'm sure there are some hunters out there that do that all the time, but for a city boy like me it was pure luck.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 11:26 PM
I love threads like this. Heres some of my best shots and miscellaneous things.

So I grew up in a log cabin litteraly in the middle of nowhere. Also my friends lived in the middle of nowhere. So we tended to get into a lot of trouble with nothing to do and having high powered rifles with no parental oversite.

I remember when i was 8 years old my dad came up to me with a large heavy 22 caliber marlin while i was playing outside with my redrider bb gun. My dad was a big man and strict as all get out. But when it came to guns he was the nightmare of gun activests lol. Anyway he came up to me with it and i was thinking, "oh geeze hes going to make me shoot another gun thats going to hurt my arm" but to my suprise the 22 was a joy to shoot. My dad handed it to me, took a box of ammo out of his pocket and said, "here, go out and shoot some birds" then turned around and went back to his shed he always worked in. After that I spent most of my days after school traipsing around the country side shooting everything from birds to trees to rocks you name it. My best friend at the time would come over and my dad had a whole slew of guns and he would give him a over and under 22 short on top and a 410 on bottom single shot to shoot. The funny thing about that gun is you had to break it like a shotgun to load it after each shot. We both hated that gun so we would switch off every now and then.

Now to the shots. My best friend and I were 11 years old, my dad had just given me a 22 revolver ruger pistol. We were out back in the lumber land as we called it because the edge of my dads property sat next to 10 thousand acres of a lumber companys property. We would go back there and do all sorts of nefarious things kids do. Anyway we were walking down one of the many roads that went along the property. The roads were over grown and the trees were immense, it was very eeire because we would always start talking about mountain lions and what not. Well we were walking and saw a squirrel at the top of this massive pine tree. He was sitting on a branch eating something and I told my friend, "bet you i can hit the branch the squirrel is sitting on". I then proceeded to aim my pistol and shot the branch. The branch broke and the squirrel fell hitting every branch on the way down then fell about 100 feet straight were the branches ended dead on impact. My friend was accustomed to me doing all sorts of crazy shots and said, "wow that was probably your best shot". We then skinned the squirrel (i know total redneck thing to do lol) and fed the dogs the meat. All you pro animal rights people can kiss my ass we were kids.

Heres another misc. Me and the same best friend were bored one day and he had a bag of c02 canisters for his pellet gun we never used. We decided it would be a good idea to go out and shoot them. Me being the dumbass I can be sometimes threw the c02 a few feet in front of me and shot it. I had about 5 peices of metal in my right eye and 3 in the left eye. I had to go to a eye doctor and get them removed surgectly.

Another misc. The first day i got my redrider bbgun I shot a balloon. The god damned balloon must of been made with kevlar because the bb went into the balloon enter more than halfway(i saw all this) then bounced back out of the balloon and hit me in the freakin eye. I then grabbed the gun by the barrel and procceed to beat the balloon until it popped.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 11:55 PM
Had two incredibly lucky shots in my life. First was when I was a kid I had sat my 10/22 up against a tree to releave myself. I got done and bent over to pick up the weapon, to this day I don't know how or why but my finger or some thing hit the trigger as I was picking it up and a little sparrow that was in the tree above me fell to earth dead. I was deaf and scared to death. the barrel was very close to my head and it could have been me instead of the bird very easily.

Second one was when I was a teen shortly before I joined the service. I was out squirrel hunting. I heard a lot Russelling from the left and started looking into the woods expecting to see a few squirrels chasing each other in the leaves. instead I see a huge 8 point buck standing there proud as could be with two doe trailing him.

Like any dum kid I raised my gun and fired. The deer was about 50 to 60 yards into the woods and all I had was my trusty 10/22. I hit the deer under the left eye and it dropped on the spot. To some of you this may not seem like a big deal but it is never wise In My Opinion to shoot any thing larger then a rabbit at 50 yards with a 22LR they are great for small game but in my state it is illegal to hunt deer with them simply because they are very weak firearms at distence.

I know there will be those on here who will say oh the 22 can shoot 400 plus yards, and the specialty ones can but this was just a plain old stock 22 with really cheap wildcat ammo.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 12:30 AM
My luckiest shot was about 5,550m, using a L23A1, ammunition was HE, shooting as the Crew Commander semi indirectly. I guesstimated the range, checked range table to allow for drift, applied correction, gave order to fire, reloaded and was watching through binoculars for fall of shot when the 44 gallon drums used as the target went everywhere. I was about to follow up with 2 more rounds when I was stopped by the DS on the top of the vehicle. He could not believe it (neither could I) It really made my day

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 04:59 AM
I wouldn't say it was lucky but it was a great shot, I was paintballing with my brother, he was on the other team, and he got knocked out before me.
As I was sneaking up on the flank of the opposing team, my brother from the side lines shouted " He's here" pointing at me, so I got shot out.
I went and had a right go at my brother about terms of play , sportmanship and all that , and then without looking, I pointed my marker at his foot from 6 foot away and pulled the trigger, it hit home , I didn't aim , I just wanted to hit his foot, I felt better after that

Another good shot was with an airgun back in late 80's, I was in my back yard , and I saw an ant disappear into a hole from 12 foot away ( god knows how coz my eyesight was bad) I fired the airgun and shot the pellet straight into the hole...

The LUCKIEST SHOT for me though wasn't even mine, it was my uncles, lucky for both of us I suppose , but it was the same back yard as above, my uncle used to target shoot down the backyard lane, I went through the backyard door at the end of the lane , only to hear a 'bang' then see a grey blur whizz past my eyes. He fired as I stepped through and I actually saw the bullet miss me by inches, he never shot there at that time ever again.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 05:18 AM
About 12 years old on the dairy farm.

My dad next to me, rounding up the cattle to milk. Had the crossman pellet gun and at about 75-100 yards, said watch this pops. Plink, right in the bull's nuts.
May not have been lucky. I use to be able to plink sitting flies at about 25 feet with that air gun.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by anotherdad
Picked off a canadian goose with a rock from about 50 yards out. Nailed it right in the neck breaking it. Thing flopped over nerves firing and girls crying. All i could say was "I didn't think i'd hit it in the neck".

Something similar happened to me. A friend and myself were skipping stones across this pond about 40 yards across just messing around. I picked up a piece of flat slate that was a perfect skipping stone, and chucked it across the water.

The only problem was it hit at an angle that made it take a looping hard left turn off the water right into a gooses neck. The goose was flapping around with it's head in the water and it was a horrible sight to say the least, I felt terrible about the whole thing. (I don't like seeing animals hurt or killed unless it's for food, I even remove live mice from sticky traps with vegetable oil and release them lol)

after I hit the goose a woman who saw the rock hit the goose said she was calling the cops so we ran like any kid would do haha.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:02 AM
I think the luckiest 'shot' in my life was killing a pigeon by throwing my hunting knife at it from around 5-6meters, it seemed very movie-esque

When it comes to real shots however i think my best was when i knocked down a crow from a distance of roughly 70 meters on a very windy day with my scoped .177
I can honestly say it was 100% luck as opposed to the knife throwing (I have been practicing for the longer part of my life now

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:13 AM
i killed a wasp with a dust pan at 8 feet away and cut it clean in half, complete pure luck , i couldnt repeat it if i tried

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:23 AM
I headshotted some nub who was at mid running through double doors. Did it with a scout, unscoped, while jumping in the air from t-spawn.

reply to post by butcherguy

Well then the only obvious conclusion is the weasel was being wasteful. We not weasels either.

"A weasel did it so I can".

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 07:38 AM

Originally posted by sligtlyskeptical

Originally posted by HappilyEverAfter
My luckiest shot ever, would have to be 200+ yards, Marlin 22 open sight, crows head.
The most bizzare shot/launch I've witnessed was with a lawn dart thrown from the top of a steep cliff and sticking a rabbit at the bottom, and yes he ate the rabbit.

The luckiest thing that most of you have had happen is that the animals didn't have guns to fight back. At least one guy ate the rabbit he killed. I'm sure the rest of you just engaged in senseless killing. Kiling helpless animals for sport is not a sport at all. That said I am ok with it if the animal is consumed, otherwise you all are no better than common murderers.

Agreed..I have nothing at all against hunting.. FOR FOOD..I was brought up with the belief that you eat what you kill and if you arent going to eat it, dont aim for it..

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 08:11 AM
My Grandmothers living room...faces hole # 7 at the local golfing course.
Take the screen out of her window, and set up my tri-pod on the dinning table. The golfers are more than 100 yards away, this is safe!
They are also perpindicualr to my line of shooting.


My Grandfather left me a 1972 Anschutzs .177 recoiless pellet rifle, accuracey factory guaranty is .03" @ 50 meters. paid around $500 back then for it, in Germany.

I have the 24x Lyman scope on it still.

Long story short is , it is 73 paces to the green "thats what I'm zeroed @"
From G-ma's dinner table , that is.

Par 3 hole.....the guys that land within 2-5 feet of the hole, while celebrating and talking amongest their group, its the re-actions they have when their ball, miracuracy, jumps off the green.

Better yet when it happens to the second guy too.

My other favorite hobby is shooting bumble bees off the tulip tree at about 30 yards away, .......I limit myself to no more than one bee-kill per week!
I kinda like the critters, and don't like to just mass murder them.

Taking the nut out of a squirrells hands is a bit amusing , and I'm sure suprising to him.

But as far as lucky shot a was walking with a pal,heading out to do some squirrell hunting remington model 510 bolt action single shot
He jokinglysaid"I don't think you can hit a crow in flight"

....flying awaay from us....I did n ot answer, raised my gun aimed really high, lead it bunches....shot and 3-5 seconds later it dropped.
NO I'm not that good!
We steped it off it was close to 125 yrds away, but I shot it in flight, IT WILL NEVER happen again!

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 08:27 AM
On a sad/funnier note ....i noticed one of our bulls going absolutely nuts, kicking jumping freaking out.
After getting the binoculars out and looking he had one of those big snapping turtles attached to his ...uh....unit....underside!
He had been in the pond, after some time pasted, and he calmed enough for me to get off a .222 round and 3600 FPS HP...turtle popped liked a melon, he was still in pain, but never gets near the pond, for some reason now. Yes I applied anticeptic ....later....
Not so much a lucky shot, just lucky I hit the turtle do to laughter.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 09:18 AM
Mine I guess would have to be a bush turkey in flight around 200 metres or more away using a bolt action .243 rifle. Dropped dead from the sky with the first shot, to my friends amazement and mine also as it was a rush shot after parking the car and running around to it's rear to shoot.

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