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Dont be fooled By Media Of a Strong Us Dollar

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 06:44 PM

you might wanna think twice on why the us dollar is a bit well rising?
Its the claim before the storm, notice how ever news network is forced to say “If the economy continues to recover"

This means they know to that dollar will crumble and fall and also note how the media loves when gold goes down, and are forced to say (dont worry the economy is fine but the recovery could years)

So why are in the media telling the people lies then? is it maybe they want a riot to happen sometime after the new years? or in 2010.

I think the media and whole elites have a plan in mind for us, some of there plan would be a riot then maybe a civil war, maybe they want a civil war to happen.

But they are wanting for the right moment they wont do it in front of 2010 winter games, so after the games are over in march or April thats when we can expect the worst to happen.

Thats at least from my point of view.

Remember dont buy into a strong usa dollar, the media newtworks are paid to say that.

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