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Hello, Finally washed ashore...

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 06:03 PM
Well, it seems that an introduction is the way to go in this little world so Hello from the DeepBlueSeas! (Before anyone asks me about USO's, I'm just a fisherman-hence the name) I've been swimming around a few lagoons here and finally decided to register.

I really don't talk much as I won't open my mouth unless I have something constructive and useful to say. It's IMHO a much lost trait in the modern world. I've been lurking around and will usually stay to the shadows unless it's for a good reason but wanted to be able to contribute.

I came across ATS through randomly searching for info about a just as random conspiracy topic. I'm not local to any conspiracies that I believe and so I don't go researching things but I do enjoy reading about history and conspiracy which often intertwine. I also enjoy scrolling across GE and checking things out, and what could be more fun than the geography of conspiracy.

Random Thoughts: My favorite thing to read about is the Montauk/Philadelphia Experiment stories, mainly as a fisherman. Montauk is one of the meccas in the fishing world, one of the classic best spots from striped bass along the rocks to Frank Mundus bringing a real life Jaws sized shark to the dock and inventing shark fishing. ........I'm not sure if there's a god but I fear his wrath enough not to discount his existence all-together. My shared disbelief's are non-denominational though cause I'd hate to kinda believe in the wrong god. ......I know people who died and others who crawled from the WTC wreckage on 9/11 so I hate the conspiracy theories, admittedly not because I have proof that they're wrong but because the thought of it creates such rage I can't handle it any other way. ........I'm not sure if aliens have made it to earth let alone begun colonizing or working for governments or powerful NWO sects. I bow to science and odds which say that somewhere out there is intelligent life, even if it takes a form we can't even conceive or at a distance that cannot be traveled. ........I'm not sure who killed Kennedy, wasn't even a twinkle in my daddy's eye but there are certainly questions and answers. The only thing that is likely to be completely true though is that we'll never really know the truth........

Hope that makes fora provocative intro for a guy who's gonna slip back into the shadows. Or at least an interesting ramble for y'all to read.

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:36 PM
Hi Deepblueseas, and welcome to ATS. A fisherman, huh? Cool. I hope you will come out "from the shadows" from time to time and give us some perspectives from the deep blue sea (and I always enjoy an interesting ramble)!

Nice to meet you. Hope you have a good stay.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:47 PM
You're a fisherman?

That's really exciting. I was totally looking for a fisherman around here a couple months ago...

I live in a fishing community =)

In addition, I study marine biology and collect sea glass.

I'm glad that you found us. See you in the Cryptozoology forum (we have some cool marine cryptid threads going on, and a few Montauk threads in there, although you'll find more in-depth Montauk threads elsewhere on the site).


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