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the shrine of the Black Madona

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posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 09:00 PM
"" whites were brainwashing blacks that they were nothing ""

very true.. back then.

and those same whites will pay dearly for not living by gods commands. but where the falsehood comes into play is here..

while most whites were indeed biggots, many of them truly loved all souls, many of them were great christians of the lord.

and so when you start thinking all whites were brainwashing you start assuming which is what the kkk does.

and finally, (no) it does not matter which race was first.

i know what race it was.

the one with ears, blood, bones, and flesh, all creatures of god. those who are blinded by pride are blinded by race.

plain and simple.


posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 09:11 PM

i feel sorry they were brainwashed into
thinking all whites were evil.

ummmmmm, no.. did you read anything what I said... he didnt die believing that. is that so hard to believe? didnt jesus say he forgives?

malcom x taught and it is true that the blacks were (superior), they were first, while whites on the other hand are all blinded by their color
unless they convert to allah.

truth, listen, dont tell me what he taught and didnt teach, i know everything about the man, okay?
see what happens, malcolm x was blamed for preaching black supremacy.. IMPOSSIBLE.. he taught black INTELLIGENCE... but when white people practice white supremacy, which they's all fair, love, and war..

you say, i told you so, we are superior?

jesus was black.. no blacks are not superior because i tell you today the black race has so much problems within our community

if this entire world knew jesus was black, i wouldnt be rubbing it in, "jesus was black, na na..."

i'm just saying the TRUTH

oh and before i end... jesus was not God.. sorry

posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 09:42 PM
Well, tell that to the chinese, mexicans, spanish.

they all have there own portray of jesus in their churches. and you emailed me this question a while back and i
told you what i thought.

If the picture is ment to be in rememberence of the christ and only that it does not matter that all different races have their
own pictures.

god takes no such thing into consideration, infact he told us to not imagine what he looks like.

the truth was, he was a jewish hebrew israelite, he was not white, go trace back what hebrews look like, they are niether african american or white or mexican or chinese.

But im seriously tired of talking about this, i fear condemnation is hanging over you and me and all of us for talking about such nonsense as what race he was.

"" He did not go to the grave believing this ""

i actually felt so much love for this soul when i seen this movie on him that satan would literally blind a soul
inbto believing that theology. if he (truly) in his heart went to his death bed releasing that hate than atleast god has revealed to him
to not hate all creatures.

But, for his whole life, he denied christ as god, and went to his death bed for a cause against the son of god.

at the judgement seat his life will be shown in review, as will mine, and you will see at the seat the son
of god the judge of his people the very ones who denied him. it will be a great moment for his believers.

"" didnt jesus say he forgives ""

yes. he also said. nobody comes to the father except through me. ""i am the way the truth and the light ""
"" Unless a man be born again of water and the spirit he (cannot) enter into the kingdom of god ""

he forgives, but does not forget.

"" when white people practice white supremacy its all good ""

No its not at all. its just as evil as any other kind of race agenda.

"" because today blacks have so much problems in our community ""

yes i know this, my brothers girl friend is black nd lives in the city.

rap music is horrible, the hiphop culture has turned into a sinful way of living just like all music.

its all out of control, and when we think atlast aatlast we are free atlast, infact we are bound by sin and are
slaves to sin, and while we seem free we are really slaves.

and this is what has become today, and i cant stand satan for this cultural hell in the land of pop culture which we live in.

"" btw, jesus was not god ""

and pride told this to you?

i have witnessed miracles in his name, ive dreamt of this man in a white robe in blood, the shroud of turon, all the stigmatas of the church, all
the saints baring his passion, fatima which converted many..

Mary calling jesus her lord in john.

jesus saying hes the lord, the messiah.

do you want to believe?

sadly enough the whole world will be given a sign of christ in the sky and this will be the last chance to believe.

remember before i got this internet, man did not reveal this to me..

neither did books, or writings, but literally god in heaven.


posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 11:10 PM

Originally posted by Illmatic67 no hope in sight, peace.... Jesus was indeed BLACK... the same reason why they cut off the nose off the spinx is the same reason why they portray Jesus was a white man... RACISM

Actually, the Sphinx's nose wasn't *cut* off...It was *shot* off. Naploean's infantry were shooting target practice. It's not an issue of racism, as you claim, it's more an issue of boredom (or training that was ordered by some officer) and/or random vandalism. Why do you put the issue of racism into *everything* you write about? Obsession is an unhealthy mental instability too.

Originally posted by Illmatic67
the madonna was BLACK...adam and eve.. BLACK..
black is the foundation for all colored people, blacks were on this earth first and it's a fact that the african man is the oldest race on this earth.

Again, how many *shades* of color are you including when you use the term "black". Even after all of the research done, no one has really ever been able to accurately pinpoint the location of the Garden of Eden when it existed...Some researchers also have been theorizing that Eden was not a specific *place*, but was actually a period of *time* during which the first true humans appeared in history. So without knowing the *exact* location, how can anyone say that Adam & Eve's skin was *any* particular color?
Why would Jesus *have* to be black? Considering the geographical area where he was said to have been born & also accounting for (at least the human side) of his parentage, the *logical* conclusion would be that Jesus was bronzed by the Middle Eastern environment...But not truly black in color.
Perhaps the first humans appeared in Africa, perhaps not. Current archeological evidence seems to support that concept...But there's also so much that archeologists have *not* uncovered (Or even been *able* to uncover). In the earliest days of archeological science, it was presumed that the uncovered tools of the stone age were all made & used by men...So they presumed that women had neither the brains nor the need to create tools for their needs. Yet, as more evidence has been uncovered, those "gender-biased" scientists had to conclude that women's tools were more than likely to have been made of softer stuff than the *stone* tools men used...Such as wood & hides made into simple containers to carry gathered berries & such. Who's to say that more evidence lies buried that hasn't been yet found that might indicate a different place of origin for the human race...My answer to avoid unprecidented biases coming from the science communities is "Wait & see what turns up next".

Who're the authors of *your* history books, Ilmatic? How much actual scholarship has been lost by such biased & racist authors, twisting history to fit their viewpoints? You seem to be so hung up on evident racism that appears in "mainstream society" that you can't even seem to recognize when a white guy (yes, I'm white) tries to tell you that not *all* people follow such negativity, even when it is threaded thoughout society. Not all white guys are prejudiced...To tell you the truth, I've met plenty of black guys (yes, *real* black guys; Also bronze, yellow, red & other colors too) who've displayed more prejudice than any white guy I've ever met or heard of. You are personally displaying very disgusting levels of prejudice in yourself. Whether I see prejudice coming from *any* race of person, that's a person I refuse to associate with...This is why I will no longer (after this post) address any post of yours that continues to show such prejudice. I've attempted to help you reason through it, but prejudice is an *unreasoning* hatred that appears in human beings. It's not a person's race or color that I judge a person by...It's the *individual* & his/her attitude I go by. After all, rats come in all colors.

Originally posted by Illmatic67 yes , he did call whites the devil, why? because of the white man's history toward non-whites.. yea you might not think the white man is the devil, but his acts in history surely are devilish... look it up in history.

But it seems that Malcom X is also leaving out the fact that African tribes (blacks) would war with neighboring tribes & sell the captives to the *very same slavers* that he condemned...I've noticed that *you* left out this fact too. See, rats *do* come in all colors.

Real people don't let their own personal research get colored (to coin a phrase) by such authors...Why should you let them influence you in such a way? Or perhaps you have access to "secret tomes of knowledge"? If you're willing to spout off evidence from such tomes, then why not share your sources for the enlightenment of all humankind? The longer you keep your sources hidden behind the shadows of secrecy, the harder it will be for *all* people to slough off racist behaviors. To continue hiding behind racist behavior, you're unwittingly defeating your own purpose.

For instance, you're letting *history* interfere with the modern day. Yes, prejudice still exists. It's not a problem that society can get rid of overnight. However, it's a *lot* less of a problem today than it was even 20 years ago. You seem to be stuck *decades* behind the times.

For a personal example, I'd like you to read through the thread in the General Discussion topic that I started, named American Petition...Yeah, I admit that it still needs some work done on it, but it's still in the beginning stages. However, it's a call for Americans to band together into a States United once again against the corrupt government...Note that I'm talking about *citizens*...Not white citizens, not black citizens, nor only red or yellow or whatever; *All* American citizens must join as a group to put these States United back on the track that should've never been strayed from. I realize that we shouldn't try to go *backwards* in time to the point where we originally left that track, but merely to take a path that will led us back to the American way of life, at the point where we *should be now* as if we'd never gotten derailed.

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 09:29 AM
I can assure everyone here that I am in no way anti-black or full of hatred towards people of any colour. I am an objective person who does unbiased research to present relevant facts concerning any issue I'm interested in.

I would have considered Jesus to be of Mesopotamian ancestry, because Abraham was Mesopotamian (possibly modern day Iraq). By most account Jesus' is considered a Semite from the tribe of Judah, a descendant of David. If anyone cares to look it up, in the Works of Josephus the Jewish historian, there is an eye witness description of Jesus Christ. From what I recall, he was tall, slender with dark hair and beard (Semitic in appearance). I've gathered some information below regarding this question of Jesus' earthly origins and race:

Jesus was and still is many things to many people. To Christians he is a part of the Godhead, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Prince of Peace, the Word made flesh, the messiah of Jewish expectations. Hence, through his trials, sufferings, temptations, death and resurrection, He provides for the remission of sins, redemption and life eternal for those who follow his teachings and accept him as their personal savoir.

He is one of the world's 16 crucified saviours - the last of them, I might add - whose lives fit an almost identical pattern from the time of Horus in 4100 B.C. (according to the most ancient beliefs, he was the first crucified savoir) to the time of Judas Christas (Christ the anointed) in the pre-Christian era.

In essence, the life that Jesus purportedly led, the activities in which he engaged, his teachings, his trials and sufferings and eventual death and resurrection, are identical to those of Horus and Osiris (two ancient Egyptian gods) and the other 14 crucified saviours. This point of view or revelation, though potentially shocking to the mass of believers, is nevertheless common knowledge to scholars.

So Jesus and the belief system that he represents are thus a reappearance of one of the most beautiful ideas of the ancient black Africans of Ta-Merry - now called Egypt - which represented the eternal Father by the ever- coming Son, as in the Child Horus. This was the child of a mother who was the eternal virgin. The doctrines of the Incarnation, i.e., the word made flesh: the virgin birth, the resurrection, the Father-God who is identical to his own son and other doctrines (believed to be specifically Christian) were Egyptian long before there was even the concept of Adam and Eve, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Jesus' male ancestors trace a line from Shem. However, ethnically and racially, they were mixed Semitic and Hamitic from the times spent in captivity in Egypt and Babylon. His lineage from Noah through Abraham is shown in Genesis 11:10-27 and Luke 3:34-38: Noah, Shem, Arphaxad, Cainan, Salah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abram a.k.a Abraham.

Rahab and probably Tamar were Canaanites. Although Canaanites spoke a Semitic language, they were descendants of Ham through his son Canaan. Bathsheba, who had been the wife of Uriah the Hittite, probably was a Hamitic Hittite herself.

In his book, The Early Church in Africa, Dr. John Mbiti outlines the fact that the message of Jesus penetrated Africa before it ever reached Europe. "Christianity in Africa is so old that it can be rightly described as an indigenous, traditional and African religion," says Dr. Mbiti. The conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch described in the Book of Acts predates the Apostle Paul's first missionary journey into Europe by a number of years. There is clear, historical documentation of the church in Africa by the third century. Christianity was the dominant religion in North Africa and most notably Egypt.

Egyptian and North African scholars such as Clement, Origen, Tertullian, and Athanasius are widely recognized as fathers of the church. By the year 300, Egypt had more than a million Christians. In the sixth century, Christianity spread to the Nubian Kingdoms, soon becoming the dominant religion. The Christian Nubian Kingdoms survived for 700 years, resisting attempted domination by Muslim conquerors for 600 of those years.

The Egyptian Coptic Church in the Sudan and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church still exist today. Though persecuted, their presence is testimony to the historicity of Christianity in Africa. There is growing evidence that the long-standing presence of Christianity in the Nile Valley and in present-day Ethiopia provided a base for the introduction of Christianity in Southern and Western Africa. In summary, the assertion that Christianity is the "white man's religion" is neither historically accurate nor currently true. The first African Christians were not American slaves. The Christian heritage in Africa goes all the way back to the days of the Bible itself.


Generally most people see and believe whatever fits their personal beliefs, biases and agendas:

Proofs about Jesus' Origin

1. He went into his father's business.
2. He lived at home until the age of 33.
3. He was sure his mother was a virgin and his mother was sure he was God.

1. He never got married.
2. He was always telling stories.
3. His last request was a drink.

1. His first name was Jesus.
2. He was bilingual.
3. He was always being harassed by the authorities.

1. He talked with his hands.
2. He had wine with every meal.
3. He worked in the building trades.

1. He called everybody brother.
2. He liked Gospel.
3. He couldn't get a fair trial.

1. He never cut his hair.
2. He walked around barefoot.
3. He invented a new religion.

1. He never changed his clothes.
2. He only washed his feet.
3. He didn't speak English.


1. He survived on miracles
2. He was harassed by the government and politicians
3. He never had any money

But the most compelling evidence were "Three Statements" that would prove that Jesus was a woman.

1. He had to feed a crowd at a moment's notice when there was no food.

2. He kept trying to get the message across to a bunch of men who just didn't get it.

3. Even when He was dead, He had to get up because there was more work for Him to do.

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 09:51 AM
Note the similiarities between Jesus and the others:


Horus and the Father are one
Horus is the Father seen in the Son
Horus, light of the world, represented by the symbolical eye, the sign of salvation.
Horus was the way, the truth, the life by name and in person
Horus baptized with water by Anup (Jesus baptized with water by John)
Horus the Good Shepherd
Horus as the Lamb (Jesus as the Lamb)
Horus as the Lion (Jesus as the Lion)
Horus identified with the Tat Cross (Jesus with the cross)
The trinity of Atum the Father, Horus the Son, Ra the Holy Spirit
Horus the avenger (Jesus who brings the sword)
Horus the afflicted one
Horus as life eternal
Twelve followers of Hours as Har-Khutti (Jesus' 12 disciples)


Here are some relations for you with the mythical god of the Egyptian/Greek godman Osiris-Dionysus (combined merely for the similarities of the 3)
*Osiris-dionysus is god made flesh, the savior 'son of god'
*his father is god and his mother is a mortal virgin
*he is born in a cave or humble cowshed on December 25 before 3 shepherds
*he offers his followers a chance to be born again through the rites of baptism
*he miraculously turns water to win in a marriage ceremony
*he rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while people wave palm leaves to honor him
*he dies at eastertime as a sacrifice for the sins of the world
*after his death he descends to hell, then on the third day he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven in glory
*his followers await his return as the judge during the last days
*his death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine, which symbolizes his body and blood


an incarnation of the hindu deity Vishnu
* was killed to atone for the sins of mankind
* was also the "full measure of the god-head" according to the Ramayana, ~300 years BCE
* was born miraculously by a virgin, his birth attended by shepherds and angels, according to the Bhagavad Gita and in accord with prophecy
* at birth was presented with frankincense and myrrh
* survived a command by Cansa, who ordered all the first born children to be put to death
* wrought many astounding miracles, including healing the sick, restoring the sight of the blind, casting out devils, raising the dead to life
* was baptised (ablution) in the river Ganges
* enabled his disciples to net large amounts of fish
* "transfigured" at a place called Madura
* spoke in parables
* taught that you should forgive your enemies, avoid sexual thoughts, love your neighbor, and condemn material wealth
* ascended back to Heaven in the sight of all men


According to the Book of Origins, the Canon of the Mithrasic faith, "the universe was created through Mithras, and Mithras was born into the world to save humanity from the attacks of the evil one, Ahriman, who was opposed to human beings. Mithras released the goodness Ahriman had stolen from humanity, and then died to the world, going to the underworld to destroy the servants of Ahriman and bind Ahriman there forever. Then He returned to the earth to teach humanity His commandments and begin Mysteries and Rites which would help humans remember His acts on our behalf. Because of His actions, we can choose good without the overwhelming power of evil, even though evil's influence can still seem powerful because our minds believe it is. Because of His teachings, we know that the purpose of our lives is to serve others in the name of Mithras."

He was:

* allegedly born on December 25th
* was born of the Sun God and a virgin mother
* created all life by slaying a bull, whose blood gave life to all useful things, hence the song, "Thou hast redeemed us by shedding the eternal blood." from an Avestan Hymn to Mithras
* considered the saviour of humankind, and stories abound of His healing the sick, raising the dead, and performing miracles (making the blind see and the lame walk)
* protector of human souls, a mediator between "heaven" and "earth" and was even associated with a "holy trinity"
* keeper of the covenant with mankind
* put to death on a cross and buried in a cave (some legends have Him held up in a cave to be reborn once a year)
* took part in a last supper with his 12 disciples (often associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac)
* ascended to the heavens to watch over His "flock" from above.
* was known as "The Way," "The Truth," "The Light," "The Life," "The Word," "The Son of God," and "The Good Shepherd"
* often pictured carrying a lamb on his shoulders
Mithraists believe:
* On judgement day, the faithful dead would be resurrected and light would triumph over darkness. They took part in ritual purification or baptism, held Sundays sacred, drank wine and ate bread as a symbol of the body and blood and even took part in ritualistic purging (purification rites such as flagellation).
* there is a "celestial heaven" and hell

Link -

interesting, isnt it?

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 10:20 AM
***"it does matter

it shouldnt matter, but because of whitewashing of history books it DOES matter

whenever the truth has been tainted by falsehood, the truth needs to come out and reveal itself

in this case, people see white portraits of adam and eve and think whites were here first, which is a .... lie.... "**

why should it matter? and where do you get your idea that history has been "tainted"? I do not know what color any of them were and as far as I know history doesent say they are any particular color because it does not matter. It really only would matter to someone that was so concerned about the color because they simply hated other races. it was a long time ago and *no one* has proof of what color any of them were. this is just ridiculous. I really dont like it when I see people going around with shirts that say "jesus was a white, black, hispanic man" because it totally doesent even matter and they do not know what he was.


posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 11:22 AM
I think jesus was egyptian/arabic. On his mother's side certainly he was descended from the people who inhabitated that part of the world, so I would guess it stands to reason he would resemble them in the colour of his skin.

I also think that had he been a golden haired man, then it might just have been noted in the bible due to his distinctiveness.

Deepwater - yet again inserting commonsense back into a thread. As well as some great humour

however I'm not sure about the description of Jesus by Josephus. I have read something slightly different that came from his 'Capture of Jerusalam' document, a fragment of which survived in a Slavomic text and came to light last century:

'a man of simple appearance, mature age, dark skin, small stature, three cubits high, hunchbacked with a long face, long nose and meeting eyebrows, so that they who see him might be affrighted, with scanty hair with a parting in the middle of his head, after the manner of the Nazarites, and with an undeveloped beard'

also in the 'Acts of John' which was apparently excluded from the new testament he was also described:

'I was afraid and cried out, and he, turning about, appeared as a man of small stature, and caught hold of my beard and pulled it and said to me : 'John, be not faithless but believing, and not curious''

If anyone wishes to argue that Jesus was of modern european appearance, using the turin shroud as evidence, I would recommend they read the Second Messiah by Lomas & Knight, which gives some hard scientific evidence as to how the shroud was made, at what period of time and just whose face it does feature. They conclude that it is in fact the face of Jacques de Molay, the last leader of the the Templar Knights, who was crucified under the orders of the french king, as a method of torture. The King needed the wealth of the Knights to pay for his own debts and misrule of france, so he arrested and then discredited the knights by twisting their rituals and beliefs involving living ressurection. Therefore he accused de Molay of thinking himself Christ and crucified him in the exact same manner

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 01:02 PM

"You and Illmatic take it the wrong way, maybe its because you are "race sensitised" and expect discrimination, or maybe its a victim culture that you maybe subconsciously are a part of - "why pick on me all white dudes picks on me".

It's not a race issue if Jesus was black its a issue TRUTH.

So far I have seen no indication to show that Jesus was black, apart from a few selected and twisted bible verses which I quickly disproved. Get over it guys and see your obsession with it for the ego enhancing self esteem raising crutch it is.

The world does not revolve around the black man, nor the white man, as the world is defined by the cultural group you belong to.

So a chinese person in china would laugh himself silly at your comments about black being the heart of man etc, you are taking something from your own black ethnicity(truth irrelevent) and expecting people from a white ethnicity to believe it. What do you expect, open arms and kisses, for what I personally consider to be an ethnic myth?

Insread of reciting trite black political slogans as above instead try rising above the victim mentality that sees this and every topic or person who disagrees as an "oppress the downtrodden blacks" issue because in my case I don't accept it."

First of all dude you dont know me or what I have experienced is the short 23 years of my life. I have experience hate from every level of this society. Form the hood to the suburbs. I moved around a lot and have meet all kinds of people.
Second the issue of race is a sensitive one yes. But let me ask you a question Did you think that racism just popped up over night. No !!!! We know one thing Jesus wasnt White. He was a person of color just by the geographical area alone. Its clear that he lived and traveled within the African Diaspora. Yet when we came over here we were forced to accept this religion that was foreign to us. Judaism has origins in Africa. The oldest sect of Jews live in Ethiopia.

So a chinese person in china would laugh himself silly at your comments about black being the heart of man

Buddha was also Black. I have a friend whos dad was in Vietnam. Het told me that the people of there would say go home Black man this is not your fight. Him and his unit got captured by the Vietcong they said that and I quote You, You, look like budda you go They let him and the other black man in the unit go then they killed the white officers.

Our struggle over here is know world wide. Why do you think jazz, blues, rock n roll and hip-his have been so influential not only in America but all over the world. Are music was the only things we werent striped of. Yes other nations had slaves but America had the worst type of slavery. For 500 years People lost there since of who they were. There names, religion, family. The women were rapped and forced to have the babies. I am a product of this. I have traced my own roots back to this awful crime. (This is the main reason I dont believe in abortion except in the case of a father impregnating his daughter). Do you think 50 years of slight progress can reverse half a Melina of oppression? Why do you think that Arabs are called sand 'n-word's(even thought there considered whit on the census), native people called prairie 'n-word's, east Indians called jungle 'n-word's. Black people didnt make these words up. The hate runs deep you can tell in the language and you can tell in the culture.

Besides if Jesus was black why didn't he convert Africa to Christianity ?

Mohammad came about 500 to 600 years after Christ. He converted all of Africa to Islam and even as far up as Spain. Spin was occupied for 800 years. They rarely talk about that though. Why do you think Italian and Spanish people are of a darker sin and hair color than Anglo-Saxons.

You have no proof that it's a lie, just inuendo and straight out bull#.

You definately have a complex about white people. Which is a shame because it is only going to hold you back.

Besides do you really think it makes a difference to God ?

No I dont but the Jews have been Gods chosen people and are a part of his plan.
Judaism was the main religion at Christ time. When he died he started the biggest revolution known to man at that time.

The American culture is a direct is just like the ancient times. Im living in D.C the area the buildings have characteristics of Roman and Egyptian culture. Why do you think there are Secret Societies in this culture?(Bush skull& bones a.k.a brotherhood of death) Where do you think they came from? They had a direct influence on bringing us over here. I could go on and on but Im going to stop. I dont think of my self as racist because Im trying to find out the truth that is clearly being with held by the powers that be.

Knowledge is power and I bet any of you if you were to find out one of these secret societies secrets they wouldnt waste no time to kill you just like they did the man on the cross.(Im not saying skull and bones did it Im just saying that theses societies and there ideasa.k.a new world order are not new)

[Edited on 26-2-2003 by N0_hope_in_sight]

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posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 01:32 PM
...I'm speechless...I'm actually speechless.

After reading this I can't get over it...I...UHH!

You people make me sick, I mean I actually want to throw up...right here on my keyboard.

You take this discussion, on whether Jesus was black or white, and smash it, crumple it, and destroy it.

Discussions like this turn into the-I'm right, no you're not, your dumb, no I'm not-kind. You religious people are too busy trying to prove that this was true and that was true, IN YOUR OWN RELIGION, that you're to busy to even see that there is NO ACTUAL PROOF that there is a god.

How can you prove which religion is right, when you can't even prove that there is a god, the basis of your religion?!?!?

I'm completely discusted now, I think I'll just go.

(fooz-bawl's the devil Bobby!)

posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 08:57 PM

What a thread.

Maybe I'll have to add on later.

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 02:10 AM
i think all these people are retarded. good night.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by Truth

Hmmmm... interesting. So God punishes you if you mislead many people as opposed to just a few. There are levels of sinning??? There are ok sins and punishable by death sins? Plz explain.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by deepwaters

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 01:50 AM
although there's plenty of evidence, scientists, archeologists OF ALL RACES who agree the oldest bones found were of what today is called Africans and that they may have fact possibly been the first created to me they would have to be otherwise if white was put on earth first pigmentation in the skin would've never existed, see the matter is solved.

so now that we know white was not the first man created, so what? all tribes and different races egyptians,israelites,assyrians,etc were all judged for their wrong doings and whether or not black was the first created Adam and Eve both got kicked out of the Garden of Eden and God still had love for his Creations in the end so race REALLY doesn't matter..of course it's good to know these kinds of things but lets not try and bash other people in knowing it, if they want to know who the original man/woman's race were they will find out on now on their own or later when we meet with the most high in his Kingdom.

I should know none of this matters because I'm Half-black, I too was glad to know this when I first found out but I ain't go all crazy thinking im superior all of a sudden because I knew of the tribulations of the first created and of the ones that followed.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 01:56 AM
hm and we always have someone that has to throw in the idea of "there is no god"

well if thats the case I doubt we'd have planets,a solar system, humans, technology, and things beyond that nature.

If there is a deity known as Satan, one I like to call the antagonist :-D

of course there exists one he is working to defy! The only reason you have no proof is because the antagonist has taken away your proof. He was here before Adam and Eve so you can assume he already knows about the next topic your thinking about reading does he know? Simple, he had something to do with it.

If there is no God, a Superior Being if you may, then how would you explain ANCIENT MAN without telescopes just seeing a moon and stars knew about planets besides Earth?

These are the workings of a Architect. Hint, notice your parents would tell you in your spare time 'do something constructive' well in this case when God had spare time he used the 7 days to create what you see before you now.

Believe it or not I really don't care it's your salvation who's at stake.

Theres definitely a supreme being and alternate realms considering theres 5 dimensions and the fact ghosts or whatever people claim to see and experience in the paranormal section fo the board exists in our world surely points an example that there are GREATER POWERS THAT BE.

So your 'there is no god' theory is dismissed considering you have no proof that there is proof of No God!

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